The Best GTA V Mods That You Need to Try

Every gamer can agree that GTA V is the best open-world game ever created. What if you can refresh your gaming experience with the best GTA V mods? Why not change the script, map, visuals, weapons, and cars? With the release of the latest Unreal Engine, modders have developed stunning visuals that can make the game look close to reality.

Modding GTA V is fun as its in-game physics is above par and still feels relevant. Even the latest CyberPunk 2077 couldn’t compete with the detailed mechanics of GTA V that came out a decade ago in 2013. Its visually stunning graphics, in-game physics, gameplay dynamics, player switching, mesmerizing landscapes, and slick cars are still the best in the gaming industry.

This article will mention the best GTA V mods to take your gaming experience to the next level. All you need is the proper installation of OpenIV and Script Hook V, and you are good to go.

Improve the Graphics of GTA V with These Mods

GTA V has impressive graphics, but the game has come close to realism with the release of new powerful graphics cards like RTX 4060 and RTX 4090. The beautiful lighting conditions make the game look stunning. Here are some of the Best Visual Mods for GTA V:

Project DubStepZz (Reshade Preset)


The mod is just a shade preset, and the user needs to combine it with Redux 1.8 + NVR(NaturalVision: Remastered) + VisualV + PRSA. It will add a fresh look to the cars and lighting conditions within the game.

Mai Shiranui Dead Or Alive 5 [Add-On Ped | Replace]

image2 image5

If you are a fan of the Dead or Alive game series, you would be familiar with Mai Shiranui’s character. The modder has done a fantastic job animating her facial expressions. She is not the only character that modder “alex189 & saldin93.” You can also get the following:

  • Max Caulfield & Chloe Price Life is Strange
  • Faith Connors Mirrors Edge Catalyst
  • Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy 7
  • Ronin Rogue Company
  • Gentiana Final Fantasy XV



Sometimes, game weather conditions feel unrealistic. GTA V combines two cities, New York and Los Angeles. So why not make the weather as close to these cities as possible? RealWeather will communicate through the internet and gain information about the current weather conditions of the cities. It will apply a similar atmosphere within the game. Doesn’t it feel exciting to be in the same conditions as the actual city? Give the mod a try! Add it over other mods to create a more immersive in-game experience.

Real Company Livery Pack


Gamers who stream their live sessions can give viewers a visual treat by adding actual companies. Advertisements from McDonald’s and FedEx trucks driving around the city will surely make you feel more at home.



Why not roam the city in a powerful suit that can blast you off into the air? Use the suit’s built-in features to carry out missions. Destroy enemies and cars with a powerful beam while floating halfway in the air. It’s a fun mod to try.

Add New Features and Gameplay Mechanics to GTA V

Visuals are just one thing that you can mod in the game. You can add new mechanics and features that can refresh the gameplay. Here are some of the best gameplay mods for GTA V.

Simple Zombies


Who doesn’t love firing away their ammunition at zombies? The brainless post-apocalypse species are part of every game and comic. Surviving a world overrun by the undead is more than just luck. The mod initiates a survival mode for its player.

Zombies are attracted by noise, making it critical to keep it as low as possible. You must manage and coordinate with your survivors by assigning tasks to each. Experience the scarcity of food and sleep. Remember the movie “The Legend”. Every player needs to hunt for food and scavenge resources for themselves.

Building a wall and barricade is critical to keeping the zombies at bay. Keep the survivors behind these walls within the camp while you go out hunting. Manage your weapons. Only fire if critical. Be wise to increase your chances of survival. Does it sound exciting? Start modding!

Force Field


Are you tired of all the traffic in the game? Drive at 220mph and always end up in a car crash? Well, the force field is the best GTA V mod for you. It launches every pedestrian and car within a 200m radius of your presence into the air. The force field is visible to give you an idea of its power. You can adjust the field force while playing and its color.

Add New and Exotic Cars to GTA V

GTA V features some of the most gorgeous cars, but what if you want to feature the real-life vehicle you always wanted in the game? We will list the best car mods for GTA V that are easy to install. You can install individual car mods or packages. We will mention mods with a combination of cars as they are easier to install.

Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack


If you are into muscle cars, sports cars, exotic bikes, and much more, then you will love Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack mod. It will completely transform each vehicle in the game into actual cars. Combining this mod with a powerful visual mod like NaturalVision Remastered can completely change your perspective on the game. Add new storylines and scripts to extend your gameplay.

2017 Nissan GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template | LODs]

image10 image11

If you are a streamer who uses a race wheel and drives around the city, then the Nissan GTR is the car you need. Drifting and moving across the city in a slick-looking vehicle is the best way to gather viewership. The modder has perfectly designed the vehicle in the game. Its accurate dimensions make it the most loved car mod on its website.

Explore New and Exciting Locations in GTA V

Why not add a new portion to the map? A city in the sky or a new penthouse on the mountain. Modder has modded the game inside out to make it enjoyable. Here are our top picks for the best map mods for GTA V. 

Real California Architecture


An extensive mod can transform the city into a live California replica. It adds city highlights, like Urban Outfitters, Beverly Hills Sign, Comedy Store, and AMC Theatre, mounting up to 48 pieces of architecture throughout the city. Players can roam around the city to explore new buildings and enjoy driving in the urban town of GTA V. It is one of the best GTA V mods for subtle, realistic additions.

GTA: Dubai Islands


Want to conquer the dunes and visit the Dubai Creek Tower? Fuse the architectural marvels of Dubai with the GTA V jaw-dropping city. This GTA V mod features the Palm Jumeirah and Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit replica in Abu Dhabi. The mod will take you to the heart of the Middle East, blurring the line between reality. The modder also promises to release a new version of the mod with famous new sights of Dubai.


Modding is an entertaining activity. You can enjoy adding new tracks and activities to your official GTA V account, but they differ from the mods on the list. It will change the game’s dynamics and take you to a new world of endless possibilities. Once a gamer installs mods, they can start streaming the newly discovered hobby. Viewers love watching their favorite game revamp into something visually stunning.

So download OpenIV and Script Hook V to start your modding journey. The brand-new landscapes, cars, realistic graphics, characters, and physics are just a few minutes away.

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