The Most Underrated Valorant Skins Everyone Is Ignoring

In the vibrant world of Valorant, skins are more than just visual enhancements; they’re a statement of individuality, style, and sometimes even prestige. While certain skins have garnered considerable attention, often propelled by their use by popular streamers or their flashy animations, many remain in the shadows, overlooked by the majority. These unsung heroes of design, though less hyped, bring a unique flair to the game.

The Appeal of Popular Skins

It’s undeniable: certain skins in Valorant skyrocket to popularity almost instantly. But why? Part of their allure lies in their design, which might tap into current pop culture trends or particularly appealing aesthetics. Another major factor? The bandwagon effect. When popular streamers or influencers showcase a new skin, their vast audiences often want to replicate the experience, leading to a surge in the skin’s popularity. This social validation can sometimes overshadow other equally impressive but less publicized designs.

The Gems Hidden in Plain Sight

Amidst the flashy, frequently showcased skins, several gems are waiting to be discovered. Just like finding an indie band before they hit mainstream or enjoying a book that’s not a bestseller, there’s a certain thrill in discovering and showcasing an underrated skin. It’s these hidden gems that often offer the most distinctive designs, rich backstories, and meticulous attention to detail.

The Underrated Valorant Skins List

The Underrated Valorant Skins List

1. Kohaku & Matsuba Collection Introduced in September 2022 with patch 5.05, the Kohaku & Matsuba set features skins for the Classic, Phantom, Operator, and Melee. Falling under the Deluxe tier, it offers two variants: the default Blue/Light and the Dark. The standout piece is the Equilibrium, a Japanese hand fan reminiscent of the Celestial Fan but with a more understated appearance. Though lacking kill finishers or sound effects, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable.

2. Team Ace Bundle Launched in March 2022, the Team Ace set includes skins for the Phantom, Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, and Judge. As part of the Deluxe tier, it showcases Duelists engraved on the weapon skins. A unique feature is the Agent’s eyes igniting post-kill. The Operator skin, with its sleek design, is a favourite, especially for Jett enthusiasts.

3. Luna Set Debuted in January 2023, the Luna collection comprises skins for the Ghost, Spectre, Vandal, Marshal, and Melee. This Deluxe-tier set is adorned with a crescent moon and night theme, blending Blue with hints of Gold. The Melee weapon, echoing the Ruin Dagger’s design, is a highlight, offering smooth animations and the option for VFX upgrades.

4. NO LIMITS Collection Released in June 2023 with patch 6.11, the NO LIMITS set celebrates VCT Masters Tokyo. It includes skins for the Spectre, Bulldog, Vandal, Ghost, and Melee. With a manga-inspired black & white design, the weapons transition from white to black based on the player’s surroundings. The Baseball bat Melee stands out, producing a sound akin to real bats.

5. Tilde Bundle Unveiled with the Battlepass of Episode 6 Act 2, the Tilde collection features skins for the Judge, Operator, Bulldog, Shorty, and Melee. It offers four variants: default White/Gold, Red, Purple, and Green. Despite lacking kill finishers or sound effects, its Melee weapon, shaped like a feather knife, boasts sleek animations. This collection, part of the Deluxe tier, was unfortunately overshadowed upon its release.

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The Benefits of Using Underrated Skins

Showcasing an underrated skin is more than just a visual choice; it’s a statement. In a sea of Radiant Rains and Prime Vandals, donning less common skin can make you stand out, showcasing your unique style and flair. Moreover, while popular skins can often come with a hefty price tag, many underrated skins are more wallet-friendly, providing both style and savings. Lastly, there’s the element of surprise; being a trendsetter rather than a follower can often lead to intriguing in-game conversations and compliments.


Valorant’s skin universe is vast and varied, and while it’s easy to gravitate towards the most popular choices, there’s immense value in exploring the road less travelled. So, the next time you’re browsing the store or about to buy a Valorant account with those rare skins, give those overlooked skins a second glance. They might just become your new favourite. And now, we turn the conversation over to you: what’s your favourite underrated skin, and why?

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