The Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020 [HD Graphics]

Today we are gone talk about the top 5 free android games in 2020 that you should try. There is 1000’s android game available on the playstore. Android games come in the many different categories like a puzzle, racing, RPG, action, adventure, shooting, arcade and many more. So, in this article, we have select the top 5 most popular android games that you should try in 2020. All the games we have covered in this article are available on the google playstore for free.

The Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020 [HD Graphics]

  1. Pubg Mobile
  2. Call of Duty Mobile
  3. Free Fire
  4. Township
  5. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3)

1. Pubg Mobile (Player Unkown Battle Ground Mobile)

Pubg Mobile is a currently most popular mobile game on the android platform. Pubg Mobile is a battle royale game. If you are wondering what is battle royale then let us guide you.

Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020

In the pubg mobile battle royale 100 players jump on the unknown island from the plane. Player has to collect the supplies from the house, buildings and warehouse on the island. The player can collect supplies like different guns, healings, scopes and vehicles. Now, to win the game player have to stay till the end or the player can eliminate other players by killing them. You can play pubg mobile battel royale in the different modes like solo, duo and squad.

pubg mobile

You can play battle royale on the four different maps like erangle, sanhok, Miramar and vikendi. You can also communicate with your friend in-game with the voice chat. Pubg Mobile comes with a pretty good voice chat system.

To make the game more interesting pubg mobile comes with the ranking system too. There different rank(tier) from bronze, silver, gold, diamond, crown, ace and conqueror. Every new player starts from the bronze tier and can climb up to the conqueror. The conqueror tier is awarded to the top 500 players on the server.

pubg mobile

If you are not a fan of battle royale then still you can enjoy mobile as it comes with different modes like TDM (Team Death Match), Arcade and PlayLab Mode.

So, download the pubg mobile today and play with your friends.

Download: Pubg Mobile

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2. Free Fire

Free Fire is also another battle royale game. Free fire published by the Garena studious for android and ios.

Free Fire is in the list of top 5 most downloaded game in 2019. It is available for android and ios for free. Just like pubg mobile, free fire is also a battle royale game. In Free Fire 50 players jump on the island from the plane. Players can collect supplies from the houses and buildings. To win the game player have to survive till the and have to eliminate every other player.

The Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020

The main difference between the pubg mobile and free fire is that free fire gives more quick action as average pubg mobile battle royale game last at least for 30 minutes where average free fire match last around 10 minutes. Other than battle royale the major difference between this to the game is graphics as Pubg Mobile comes with the more realistic graphic where the free fire comes with smooth graphics.

free fire

But the low graphic quality turns into the advantage for the free fire as it runs smoothly on the low-end device whereas pubg mobile runs bit laggy on the low-end device. That’s where pubg mobile lite comes into the picture but it’s a different topic we will cover it in the different article.

In Free Fire, you can play with different in-game character to make the game more interesting. You can also unlock cool skins for your weapons, vehicle and throwable.

Download: Free Fire

3. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3)

If you are a cricket lover then you should check out the work cricket championship 3. It is the third game from the franchise. World cricket championship 3 or WCC 3 is the most popular cricket game on the mobile platform.

wcc 3

The coolest thing about the game is that it comes with the live commentary. The live commentary works in the two languages English and Hindi. WCC 3 comes with the many options like quick matches, tournament and local multiplayer. In local multiplayer, you can play against your friend.

wcc 3

World Cricket Championship 3 allow you to create or developed team, team manager, player, captain and coaches too. WCC 3 is the most popular and most downloaded cricket game on the mobile platform.

Download: World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3)

4. Township

Township is the most popular arcade game on the android and ios. If you like arcade-style games then you gonna love the township. Township is the city building game.

The Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020

In the Township you can construct your dream town and harvest the crops at the farms. You can transport your goods by using different transportation. You can also exchange goods with other players to developed your town. You can construct your city with different buildings like houses, factories, school, hospital and other special buildings.


You can build your zoo and collect animals from around the world, you can explore the mines to collect the resources and artefacts. The different competition also helps in the township like racing competition that makes the game more enjoyable.

Township is available for free on android and ios. Although you can purchase some in-game items with the real money.

Download: Township

5. Call of Duty Mobile

Much awaited Call of Duty Game arrived at the mobile devices last year. Call of duty mobile is a first-person shooter game with high graphics and smooth gameplay.

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile offers multiple modes to play like battel royale, multiplayer and zombie mode. If you are not a big fan of the battle royal and you want to play an FPS game then you should check out the multiplayer mode in the call of duty mobile. In Call of duty mobile multiplayer, you play different modes like team deathmatch, search and destroy and domination. You can unlock different characters, weapons, skins and outfits as you play the game.

call of duty mobile

The battle royale mode in the call of duty mobile is quite simillar with the battel royale in other games like pubg mobile. But, in call of duty mobile battel royale, you will different weapons, different maps and different character. So, if you want to try any new battel royale game then the call of duty mobile can be a perfect choice.

The Top 5 Free Android Games in 2020

Call of duty mobile offers console-quality graphics, high-quality 3D graphics and sound and customizable controls. So, download the call of duty mobile today.

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