Top 13 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks To Progress Faster in Clash of Clans

Tips and Tricks To Progress Faster in Clash of Clans

Are you just starting out in Clash Of Clans and looking for tips and tricks to help you improve faster in the game? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell all about “Top 13 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks To Progress Faster in Clash of Clans”.

When you are starting your journey in a clash of clans, the contents and Strategies can be overwhelming sometimes for a new player. But wait, you don’t need to worry as we are going to give some amazing tips and tricks which you can use to get a great start in clash of clans. When a new player joins a clash of clans, they often make some small mistakes at the beginning, which they regret later, but in this article, we are going to give you some do’s and don’t’s so you don’t make this mistake in your journey. So, Let’s begin, 

Top 13 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks To Progress Faster in Clash of Clans

We usually tend to avoid many small things while playing the game, and these small things can matter a lot in the long run, especially in a strategic town-building game like the Clash Of Clans. By following the tips and tricks given in this article, you will be able to learn what are the things that you should do and the things that you should completely avoid. So, Let’s begin, 

1. Save Up Gems

clash of clans top save up gems

When you are just starting out in a Clash Of Clans, your priority should be to collect and save up on the gems. The reason why we are asking you to save up and not spend the gems on the time skips or any other thing in the game is that you should try to get 5 builders as quickly as possible in the game. Now the builders can be bought for gems only, and having more builders will result in you progressing faster in the game.

2. Plan Your Village Layout

In the beginning, we all just randomly throw the buildings in whichever place we wanted, which works for the town hall’s lower levels. But, as you keep progressing in the game, having a good layout, design, and strategy for your defence should be your top priority.

There are mainly 2 types of village layouts players use in clash of clans, Farm Focus Villages, and Trophy Focus Villages. Each village type is designed to give you the outcome that you want in the end for your village. This is the reason why having an overall goal for your village and planning a layout is very important.

If you need little help or assistance, then you can also use town planner apps which you can download from the play store or Appstore. One of the apps that I have personally used is “Clash Base Layout with Link”. 

3. Don’t Rush Your Base

If you are just starting out in Clash Of Clash, rushing through the town halls is the worst thing you can do. Not only it looks bad on the aesthetic side of the game, but your village will also be very weak in overall strength. This seems like a long process but trusts us, as this is how the game is supposed to be played. The town hall has a good correlation with your trophies. Think about the more trophies you have, the more resources you will be able to earn in attacks, and the faster you will be able to upgrade and level up your village.

clash of clans dont rush your base

So, if you have a good base, no one will dare to attack you in your trophy and town hall levels. On the other hand, as you have a maxed-out army for that particular town hall taking your opponent’s base in an attack will be a piece of cake.

4. Keep Your Builders Busy

clash of clans keep builders busy

Builders are most important in Clash of Clans as they are the only way you can upgrade and make new buildings in your village. So we recommend you to keep them busy as much as you can so that your village can be upgraded in the least time possible. You will also need to plan out the upgrades and the builds that you will be given to the builders depending on the resources that you have or might have in the future; remember, planning is the key!

5. Placing Your Town Hall In the Wrong Place

In Clash of Clash, many new players place their town hall at the end of their village or at a point where few defensive units are available to protect their village. In Clash of Clans, when the enemy attacks your village, and if they are available to destroy your town hall alone, then they will get a one-star for their attack, and their attack will be successful.

clash of clans town hall in the middle (1)

So, if you want to secure your village from the attacker and save your trophies and loot which you have gathered, then always build your village while keeping your town hall at the center or at a palace where you have deployed most of the defensive. Remember that your town hall holds a great percentage of your total village loot, so protect it with everything that you have.

6. Upgrade your Collectors and Mines

clash of clans upgrade collectors (1)

The elixir collectors and the gold mines are the backbones of your village, as without them, it would be very hard to get a good amount of resources or even progress in the game. So as you level up your town halls, make sure that you are at least upgrading the elixir collectors and the gold mines to the max before rushing to the next town hall level.

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7. Upgrade Your Troops

clash of clans upgrade troops (1)

Troops are used to attack in clan wars, and they are also used in normal raids or attacks to earn resources which you will use to upgrade buildings and other things in your village. Upgrading troops is very important as you need them to get the resources required in bigger quantities to upgrade other buildings and even town halls. If you are not able to upgrade all of the troops, you should at least upgrade the troops that you currently use in your army.

8. Upgrade Your Walls

Walls cost tons of gold to upgrade, and there is no doubt about it, but they are an important part of your village’s defence. No matter how strong your x-bows or inferno towers are, it does not matter if you cannot hold the enemy troop at bay long enough for the defensive buildings to actually work. Remember dealing with walls is super irritating in the game, especially if your wall breakers die without doing their work; this does not apply to players who use air troops. 

Upgrading the walls also add the overall aesthetic to your village and, at the same time, increases the strength of your village. So, always upgrade your walls to the max level for that specific Town hall. 

9. Use Shield Smartly

clash of clans use shield smartly

A shield is a function in the game given to a player after an opponent attacks them. If you have a shield that is around 24 hours, don’t waste it. The shield makes your village completely invisible in the target search, but remember, each attack costs some shield. So instead of mindlessly attacking other villages, use the shield to upgrade your defences.

10. Join A Clan

clash of clans join a clan

The game’s name is Clash Of Clans, so it is obvious that you will need to join a clan. Joining a clan has many merits first, you can ask for stronger backup troops from your clan mates, which will help you in defence or offence. Secondly, you can participate in clan battles with your clan mates, as these attacks are fun as they help you bond better with your clan and give a lot of elixirs, gold, and dark elixir. So yes, join a clan as soon as possible, as this will make your game more Fun.

11. Use The Optimal Army Formation

Using the optimal army formation for each specific town hall is important. With each level upgrade of the town hall, players unlock different powerful troops and different types of defensive buildings. So it is crucial that you have a set strategy for the army which you are taking in battle with you.

clash of clans army combination

There are different army combinations for each town style, and you can make the combination based on the troops available and your play style. You can check the army combination for each town hall at any given website or app; just search it!

12. Be Patient

As the game progresses, the upgrade time for each building, troops, and other things will rise. Some players get frustrated by this and quit in the middle of their Clash of clans journey, but try to remember that it is all just part of the game. As you keep progressing in the levels, things will get hard and will take more time, and this is what makes Clash of Clans challenging to play, so be patient.

13. Have Fun

Games like Clash Of Clans are there for you to have fun and enjoy with friends and teammates. Some players get too competitive, overreact to certain losses, or get tilted at their clan mates for losing a match, but remember, it does not matter. Losing and winning are just part of the game, so don’t forget to have fun out there!

Tips and tricks are there to make your life easy in the game, and we hope that we have achieved just that with all the information given to you about the game Clash of Clans. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.  

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