Tips for Sunglasses Shopping Online Using Technology

Sunglasses have been a hot product for decades, and they’re only growing in demand. The sunglasses market is set to grow at a rate of 6.2% from 2023 to 2030, but the online segment is expected to grow at 7.6% over the same period.

Now that more people know the harmful effects of UV rays and the acceptance of sunglasses as modern lifestyle accessories, consumers are seeking more accessible ways of buying them, such as purchasing from online retailers. However, there are some areas where e-commerce pales compared to physical stores, especially in terms of trying and searching for styles. However, tech solutions have made it much easier to find sunglasses online. Here are some tips and tools for sunglasses shopping online using technology:

Virtual try-on

Trying on sunglasses is an integral part of eyewear shopping, which is a significant hurdle when it comes to buying a pair of shades online. In a physical store, you can try on various frames to see how they fit and flatter the face. Though you can’t get the same experience online, many eyewear retailers offer virtual try-on tools to allow consumers to simulate the fitting process.

When buying luxury sunglasses, these tools make it easier to make smart decisions because a consumer can see how the shades can look on their face. Since designer frames from brands like Prada, Versace, and Ray-Ban are pricier than typical sunglasses, consumers can use a virtual try-on tool to ensure they’re making a worthwhile purchase or investment. This minimizes returns and refunds, saving time and costs for the customer and the retailer.

Sunglasses Shopping Online Using Technology

To use a virtual try-on, sunglasses retailers like Sunglass Hut will usually indicate if a product is available for try-on. You can then click on the virtual try-on button on the product page or browse through the virtual try-on selection. You’ll then be able to use an augmented reality filter through your device’s camera that will simulate how the frames will look on you so you can get an accurate idea of their fit. Make sure you use the virtual try-on tool in a well-lit environment and use your camera at a proper angle for the best results.

Precise fitting through AI

Though virtual try-ons provide a helpful idea of how sunglasses can look on your face, other tech solutions help elevate the try-on process even further. Advanced AI and computer-vision technology software, such as Veero Eyesize can be used to measure a user’s face accurately, optimizing try-on. The program can recognize hundreds of points on a customer’s face to generate precise distances between facial features, including pupillary distance. Consumers then get frame recommendations with the best fit and comfort.

Similar to a virtual try-on tool, a user can use their device’s camera to capture their face. After following a few short prompts, measurements are automatically uploaded, or the software will instruct you to hold an object like a card for scale. Datapoints like your nose bridge, temple arm length, face width, and pupillary distance are calculated, and the retailer provides recommendations based on these measurements.

Image search tools

It can be challenging to find a pair of sunglasses when there are so many different styles available across brands and retailers. It’s even more frustrating when you have a specific style in mind but aren’t sure where to start looking to find it. Technology makes this step of the shopping experience much easier by providing tools that can narrow down the search for the perfect sunglasses.

An AI-powered image search tool, such as the one offered by eyewear retailer Zenni, allows consumers to upload an image of sunglasses to find a similar pair. This makes it easier to find the exact model or one that closely resembles the one in the image so you can have a varied selection of choices for a specific pair of sunglasses.

Using the image search tool, you can upload a picture of a pair of sunglasses, whether it’s your own photo, shots from movies and shows, social media, or other sources. The AI and machine learning technology can then search through a retailer’s selection of frames and find similar options available. This is helpful if you’re looking for a specific style but want to see various prices or offerings from different brands before purchasing.

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