Tips on How You Can Level Up Your Customer Service Game

No matter how much one tries to get to know the psychology of their consumers, you will get to a point where your services will not feel enough. If you have a business, keeping up with good customer service skills is a must for you.

Good customer service holds the key to greatness for any business. However, it is not an easy task to keep up with, and not all companies can do it with vigor and resilience as the likes of Xfinity, with the most responsive customer service. You can explore Xfinity Customer Service and their impeccable support 24/7 and take some notes for your business. Furthermore, it is vital to understand, that there are some skills to unlock and implement to get to a point where your customers will find you reliable. After years of research the qualities needed for effective customer support provision – customer service touchpoints are now clearer than ever.

The following tips are your roadway to having top-notch customer service right now!


1. Using Positive and Persuasive Speaking

Being able to communicate persuasively can help you get your work done more easily than others. Persuasive speaking is not something gifted. Rather, it is a skill that can be developed and can be used to your advantage. When a customer approaches you, it is obvious that they are having an issue. Being able to solve their issues positively will make them satisfied. Use positive language, persuade the customer, and bring them to potential positive outcomes.

2. Being Adaptive

The ones you hire for your customer service should be adaptable to every kind of customer and every kind of situation. A person’s style of inquiry may differ by each channel that they are using. Be it in person, via text, via phone, or by email. Customer service representatives must be flexible enough to handle every kind of situation and make sure the customer is provided with the information they may need and is satisfied.

3. Self-Control

Dealing with customers is no joke. Every customer has their temperament, attitude, and patience with the inquiry. A customer service representative has to come across all kinds of people; be it confused, criticizing, or overconfident. However, to handle your customer and offer them satisfaction, service reps must have self-control. Even if you are being attacked with criticism or dealing with a customer getting personal, customer service reps need to stay calm and positive, even in highly stressful situations.

4. Take up Responsibility

Once a customer shows up with a query, you must be responsible enough to provide a solution to the issue. Multiple reps tend to transfer the queries to others, thus making the customer frustrated. To satisfy the customers, reps should be responsible and tackle queries with dedication.

5. Be an Effective Listener

No one likes a person who seems uninterested in listening to them and shows no understanding at all. If you want to satisfy your customers, you must train your customer service representatives to become effective listeners. It includes paying attention to them when they are speaking and making them feel like they are being understood and their concern is being acknowledged.

6. Problem-solving Skills

Customers do not always know how to proceed when an issue occurs, which is why customer support should be able to help customers with an initiation response. This will help people gain trust in the company and build a longer-lasting relationship. Good customer service is proactive in making changes and as we mentioned above, listening to the customer is important. A pro with a solution-oriented approach can give advice and solutions, which will help persuade the customer to change perceptions and even be loyal to the company in the longer run.

7. Patience

Dealing with customers is no calm job. Since this is how you are going to keep your valuable customers, you cannot risk losing you temper. Thus, patience is a big yes for a customer service rep. One  maintain a patient demeanor, listen to the queries, be positive, and offer potential solutions to issues.

8. Managing Time

Time is a limited resource. Though one must be frustrated sometimes and don’t feel like replying, this could be a bad decision if one works as a customer service representative. There aren’t any customers that like being held for long. Reps should manage their time and solve the queries as soon as they can. Customers feel wanted and valued when they are given quick responses.

9. Good Knowledge of the Company

Having good knowledge about the company and the products is a must when it comes to sales or dealing with customers in any aspect. If one isn’t equipped with knowledge about the company, its rules and regulations, policies, and any information about the product, customer queries cannot be satisfied entirely.

10. Be Empathetic

Being empathetic means listening to others’ feelings and emotions and understanding them. When you are dealing with customers, you must ensure to show empathy to them to build lasting customer-rep relationships.


These are some tips that one can incorporate in their customer service to earn loyal and long-term customers! Using unclear language, and not focusing or understanding can make a customer dissatisfied. Thus, show the customers that they are valued!

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