Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Answers [All 111 Levels]

Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain is a renowned puzzle game created by Orangenose Studios, a developer known for their expertise in crafting challenging and mind-bending puzzle games. In this sequel to Tricky Test: Get Smart, players are challenged to solve a variety of tricky questions that range from simple elementary school logic to complex, out-of-the-box thinking. With its unique gameplay and cleverly designed puzzles, Tricky Test 2 will put your brain to the test.

Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Answers [All 111 Levels]

Before diving into the challenges that await you in Tricky Test 2, let’s take a moment to appreciate the evolution of trick question games. The original Tricky Test: Get Smart introduced players to a world of wacky and mind-boggling questions. Following its success, several clones and homages emerged, including the Tricky Challenge franchise, Crazy Tricks, and the immensely popular Brain Out, among others. Tricky Test 2 builds upon this legacy, delivering a fresh set of brain teasers and a unique gaming experience.

Tricky Test 2 will leave you stumped as you try to figure out the answers to its devious questions. To succeed, you must embrace the art of thinking outside the box. The game encourages you to explore unconventional approaches, such as manipulating your phone’s physical properties by flipping it or blowing into the microphone. Additionally, you’ll need to apply clever logic, reminiscent of a child’s perspective, to solve math problems and unravel the trickiest puzzles.

What is the Answer & Solution for Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain? 

Now, let’s delve into the answers and solutions to some of the intriguing questions you’ll encounter in Tricky Test 2. Remember, it’s essential to think creatively and take instructions as literally as possible.

Level 0: Put Everything into the Box

The question states, “Put everything into the box.” To solve this, you must interpret the instructions quite literally. Include all the elements, including the instructions themselves, inside the box. This question sets the tone for the rest of the game, reminding you to think outside the box and embrace unconventional solutions.

Level 1: Tap the Green Button

In this relatively simple question, you need to tap the green button three times. The location of the green button may change, but that doesn’t affect the solution. Follow its movement and tap it wherever it appears. After three taps, you’ll successfully pass this level.

Level 2: Counting Holes in Underwear

The question asks how many holes are in the underwear. The correct answer is three. The left leg, the right leg, and the waist represent the three holes in the underwear. By considering each opening as an individual hole, you’ll arrive at the correct solution.

Level 3: Identifying the Farthest Object

In this question, you must determine which object is farthest away from the word “us.” To answer correctly, focus on the physical distance between the objects and the word “us.” The cloud, being positioned furthest away, is the correct answer. Remember, take the question as literally as possible to reach an accurate solution.

Level 4: Stopping Moai’s Tears

Moai, also known as the Easter Island Head, is shedding tears in this question. However, you can’t stop the tears by touching the screen. The trick here is to turn your phone upside down. By doing so, Moai’s tears will flow back up into its head, putting an end to its weeping.

Tricky Test 2

Level 5: The Bear Without an Ear

The question challenges you to identify the bear that has no ear. Surprisingly, the answer is the letter “B.” The question is a play on words, as “bear minus ear” is simply the letter “B.” Think literally and consider the wordplay to solve this seemingly perplexing question.

Level 6: Waking Up the Pig

The goal is to wake up the pig, but there’s a trick to it. Block the pig’s nose with either one or two fingers. By placing your fingers over each nostril, you will stimulate the pig’s senses, causing its face to fill up with color. Once the face is completely full, you’ll triumph over this level.

Level 7: Tapping the Fruits in Order

To tap the fruits from smallest to biggest, follow these steps: tap the cherry first, then tap the pineapple. However, be aware that carrots are not fruit, so you should not tap the carrot. Take your time to read the entire question carefully and interpret it quite literally to arrive at the correct solution.

Level 8: Catching the Mice and Avoiding Mistakes

The question instructs you to catch five of the mice, but there’s a catch. Start by tapping the mouse mentioned in the question. Then, tap four of the running mice facing left. Avoid tapping any mice facing right, as doing so will cost you a heart. Remember, you should only tap the chickens that face left to successfully pass this level.

Level 9: Calculating the Weight

To find the weight of the cat, dog, and rabbit, follow these steps: Add the answers to all three of the other questions together and then divide the sum by 2. Here the combined weight of the cat, dog, and rabbit is 14 kilos. The other questions combined involve two cats, two dogs, and two rabbits, resulting in a total weight of 28 kilos. Tap on the number 14 to solve this question.

Level 10: Claiming the Reward

This level is unbeatable, quite literally. Your task is to rub the scratcher and claim the reward. Regardless of what reward you receive, you will still emerge victorious. Simply claiming the reward is all it takes to complete this level successfully.

Level 11: Identifying the 3rd Place

In this question, you need to tap the 3rd in the question itself. By overtaking the person who is in third place, you, by the magic of common sense, will become the third-place holder. Remember, all the other answers are incorrect.

Level 12: Reconciling the Fighting Pets

Your mission is to stop the two pets from fighting. To accomplish this, pull the fighting pets apart using two fingers. With a simple gesture, you can bring about a reunion, and the pets will once again show their love for each other.

Tricky Test Random 2

Level 13: Freeing the Ketchup

To win this level, you must get the ketchup out of the bottle. Turn your phone upside down and shake it vigorously, mimicking the action of emptying a real ketchup bottle. The ketchup will pour out, and you will emerge triumphant.

Level 14: Tapping Numbers in Descending Order

The question asks you to tap all the numbers in descending order, from largest to smallest. Tap the numbers in the following order: 23212, 3104, then the score displayed at the top, followed by -219 and -1222. Remember that the score at the top also counts as one of the numbers, so be sure to include it in the sequence you’re tapping from highest to lowest.

Level 15: Taking Everything Out of the Box

For this question, you need to “take everything out of the box.” To accomplish this, put the word “everything” from the question into the box, and then proceed to take it out by turning your phone upside down. By thinking creatively and literally, you’ll successfully complete this level.

Level 16: Lighting Two Candles

The question states, “I’m two years old,” so naturally, you need to light two candles. To do this, light the middle candle and then tilt your phone to make the flame ignite one of the other two candles.

Level 17: Tapping Numbered Buttons

In this question, you need to tap the numbered buttons in order. The numbers change each time you attempt the question, so there is no one single correct answer. The easiest way to tackle this is to write down the numbers as they appear before you start tapping. You can also use a note-taking app to keep track of the sequence.

Level 18: Saving Mother and Fiance

To save both your mother and fiance simultaneously, pull on both of their hands at the same time using two fingers. Make sure not to tap on just one or the other. By tapping and pulling both of them simultaneously, you will successfully save them both.

Level 19: Lighting All Bulbs

To light all the bulbs “on the screen,” swipe the right bulb to send it off the screen, and then turn on one of the switches. It doesn’t matter which switch you choose to turn on; simply flip any one of them, and you will complete the level.

Level 20: Finding X

To find X, focus on the previous answers displayed on the screen. The pattern indicates that 5 equals 1 because 1 equals 5. Disregard the other numbers and consider this specific pattern to determine the value of X.

Level 21: Counting the Apples

Before counting the apples, shake the tree vigorously to release all the apples and send them falling to the ground. The number of apples can vary depending on how many times you play the game, so make sure to count them manually to find the correct answer.

Level 22: Tapping the Boxes in Order

In this question, you need to tap the boxes in order from largest to smallest. However, remember to include the gift box in this sequence. The gift box is located in the bottom right half of the screen and is smaller than all the boxes except for the bottom one.

Level 23: Counting the Shirt Holes

The question asks how many holes are in the shirt. The shirt has six holes in total. There are two holes in the middle (front and back), two sleeve holes, one waist hole, and one neck hole. Count each of these to arrive at the correct answer.

Level 24: Zapping the Mosquito

To zap the mosquito and save yourself from its annoyance, hold your finger down on the opposite side of the screen from where the mosquito is located. The mosquito will fly toward your finger and get zapped by the bug zapper in the middle of the screen. Be careful not to touch the zapper itself.

Level 25: Tapping the Buttons

The question instructs you to tap the green button three times and the yellow button five times. Follow these steps: Tap the green button three times, then tap the yellow button repeatedly until it turns white. Once the yellow button turns white, tap it again when it turns yellow.

Level 26: Counting the Owls

The question asks you to count all the owls. Although it may not appear so at first glance, there are actually a total of nine owls. To find all the hidden owls, drag and move each owl around the screen until you have discovered all nine. That’s how you arrive at the correct count.

Level 27: Identifying the Sharpest Balloon

Your objective here is to determine which balloon is the sharpest one. To accomplish this, use one finger to grab each balloon individually and drag them toward the sharp edge near the “C” button mentioned in the clue. The balloon that doesn’t pop is the strongest and, therefore, the sharpest one.

Level 28: Finding the Microphone

In this question, split the words “micro” and “phone” apart by using your fingers. Then, pinch the phone with two fingers and drag them inward to transform the phone into a “micro” phone. This clever wordplay allows you to find the microphone.

Level 29: Creating Two Non-Touching Squares

To make two squares that do not touch each other, remove the matches that are perpendicular to the outermost matches. By doing so, you will create two squares: one smaller square inside a much larger square.

Level 30: Forming the Largest Possible Number

If you only move one of the matches, the largest possible number you can make on the screen is 909. The original number provided is 508, but by manipulating the matches, you can transform it into the larger number 909.

Level 31: Tapping the Word “Elephant”

In this question, you need to tap the word “elephant” in the question itself. Since there aren’t enough letters to form the word “elephant” in the answer key, the only option is to tap on the word within the question.

Level 32: Solving the Equation

To solve the equation 7+7/7+7×7-7=50, you can apply the order of operations known as PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction). Following this rule, perform the calculations step by step to arrive at the correct answer, which is 50.

Level 33: Completing the Sentence

To complete the sentence on the piece of paper, drop the exclamation mark from the prompt “Complete the sentence!” onto the end of the sentence “Do not touch here.” This action transforms the incomplete phrase into “Do not touch here!” as instructed.

Level 34: Following the Instruction

The paper is marked with the message “This side faces down” along with a frowny face.

 To adhere to the instructions on the paper, flip your phone screen-side down. When you do this, the frown on the paper will turn into a smiley face, indicating that you have completed the task correctly.

Level 35: Counting the Dolls

The question asks how many dolls there are. To find the answer, pull apart the matryoshka doll with two fingers. Inside, you will discover a smaller doll. The total number of dolls is only two because you cannot split the other dolls apart any further.

Level 36: Smallest Number on the Calculator

The question asks for the smallest possible number on the calculator. Pay close attention to the buttons provided. The smallest possible number on this calculator is 0. There are no negative numbers available, so 0 is the correct answer.

Level 37: Tapping the Yellow Button

To solve this question, tap the yellow button thirteen times. However, do not rely on the number displayed over the button itself. Instead, tap the button until it displays -1 because it skips a number.

Level 38: Number of Holes in the Shorts

The shorts have a minimum of six holes. This includes two leg holes, one waist hole, two holes in the front, and one hole in the back. Count each of these holes to arrive at the correct answer.

Level 39: Tapping an Orange

The question instructs you to “tap an orange,” even though there is only half an orange shown on the screen. Move the orange slice to reveal the other half, and then tap both halves simultaneously to “tap an orange.”

Level 40: Turning Off the Lamp

To “turn off the lamp again,” perform the following steps: Tilt your phone to the left to reveal the switch, and then tap the switch to shut off the lamp.

Level 41: Pretending to Whack the Fly

In this question, pretend to whack yourself in the head with the screen of your phone. Do not actually hit yourself. The action is to simulate smacking the fly with your phone as indicated in the question.

Level 42: Finding the Engagement Ring

You are getting engaged, and your fiancée has hidden the engagement ring. Only one statement is true. Evaluate the statements and determine that the third statement is true. Based on this, the ring is in box B.

Level 43: Identifying the Most Powerful Flashlight

To determine which flashlight is the most powerful, tilt your phone upside down. By doing so, you will see the entire length of all three flashlight lights. The longest flashlight is the red one, indicating that it is the most powerful.

Level 44: Closing the Window

Swipe the window shut, and then tap the X in the corner of the in-screen window to “close the window” or, more specifically, close the application window.

Level 45: Expanding the Smile

To “smile at the camera as wide as you can” as literally as possible, drag the word “smile” into the camera lens, and then use two fingers to expand it as much as possible.

Tricky Test Random 3

Level 46: Putting “Elephant” in the Fridge

In this question, put the word “elephant” from the question into the fridge. Although the actual elephant cannot fit inside a refrigerator, the word “elephant” can be placed inside.

Level 47: Waking Up Rose

To wake up Rose, simply open the curtains. Use two fingers to pull the curtains apart, allowing the light to enter the room and wake her up.

Level 48: Identifying the City

The city that has 3/7 of a chicken, 2/3 of a cat, and half of a goat in its name alone is Chicago. By taking the first letters of each animal mentioned (CHIcken CAt GOat), you form the name “Chicago.”

Level 49: Evaluating the Statements

In this question, only one out of the four statements is true, while the other three are false. Since there are four statements in total and one must be true, the statement “Three statements here are false” is the true statement.

Level 50: Filling the Dark Heart

To fulfil the task of “turning off the lamp again,” shake your phone. As you do so, the dark heart will gradually fill up with colour again.

Level 51: Opening the Doors

To open the doors and find the key to Jack’s car, turn your phone screen down. Utilizing “gravity,” the doors will open. Once you spot the key, tap on it to open Jack’s car.

Level 52: Pushing Buttons

In this question, you need to push the buttons ten times. First, push the yellow button ten times, and then push the word “Button” in the question ten times as well. Multiple button presses are required for both actions.

Level 53: Seats for Three Women and Their Daughters

To accommodate three women, each with two daughters, a minimum of 7 seats is needed. One woman is the mother of the other two women, and the other two mothers are her daughters. Thus, you have one grandmother, two mothers, and four daughters, totalling 7 seats.

Level 54: Turning Off the Lamp Again

To turn off the lamp again, swipe the lightbulb to the right repeatedly. Keep doing this to unscrew the bulb and turn off the lamp.

Level 55: Keeping the Card Hidden

To prevent anyone physically around you from seeing the card, hide the phone screen by placing the phone face down. This action ensures that the card remains hidden from everyone in your vicinity.

Level 56: Putting out the Cigarette

To adhere to the no smoking rule, place one finger over the burning end of the cigarette. Then, rub your finger back and forth to extinguish the flame and put out the cigarette.

Level 57: Squeezing the Elephant into the Trunk

To accomplish the task of squeezing the elephant into the trunk, tilt your phone upside down. This action will open the trunk, allowing you to place the elephant inside. Surprisingly, the elephant will shrink itself down to fit inside the trunk.

Level 58: Pricing the Pencil and Eraser

The pencil costs $1 more than the eraser, and the combined cost of both items is $1.10. Therefore, the eraser must cost 5 cents since the pencil costs one dollar more.

Level 59: Rotating the Phone

In this question, rotate your phone in the direction indicated by the prompt. Follow the given instructions to complete the task successfully.

Level 60: Paying for the Item

To pay for the item with the “24.50” tag, tear the tag in half to remove the 50. Then, pay $24 using any combination of the provided denominations of cash. Try to avoid using the cents, as they take longer to count and put into the register.

Level 61: Pushing the Button 121 Times

To avoid the effort of pushing the button 121 times, drag the words “121 times” from the question onto the button. This action will trigger the button without the need for multiple taps.

Level 62: Revealing the Hidden Card

To uncover the card hidden beneath the words “this card,” simply drag the words away from the card. This action will reveal the hidden card underneath.

Level 63: Tapping the Buttons

No tricks here! Just tap the buttons in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4.

Level 64: Typing Infinity on the Calculator

To input the infinity symbol into the calculator, type the number 8. Then, turn your phone sideways and hit the submit button. Sideways 8 resembles the symbol of infinity.

Level 65: Fixing the Clock

The clock in this question has a missing hand. To rectify this, drag the exclamation mark from the question into the clock. The exclamation mark will transform into a new hand for the clock, restoring its functionality.

Level 66: Rearranging the Oranges

To form a square, move the top and far-right oranges down to the bottom and left side of the formation. This rearrangement will create a square shape using the oranges.

Level 67: Identifying the Hottest Bulb

To determine which bulb is the hottest, touch each bulb and observe the text box indicating that it’s hot. Once you find the bulb with the “hot” notification, tap that bulb to identify it as the hottest one.

Level 68: Hiding the Elephant

To hide the elephant, simply turn the phone screen down. This action will conceal the elephant from view.

Level 69: Lighting the Candle

Strike the match against the top of the screen to ignite it. Once the match is lit, use it to light the candle, completing the task.

Level 70: Adjusting the Match

Move the upper-left match downward and to the right slightly. This adjustment will alter the position of the match and fulfil the requirements of the question.

Level 71: Calculating the Value of “W”

The value of “W” is 13. It is obtained by summing up the values of the three squares: the top square (1), the left square (2), and the top-left square (10).

Level 72: Placing “Me” in the Box

Drag the word “me” from the question into the square box. By doing so, you will fulfil the task of placing “me” inside the box.

Level 73: Hiding the Ace

To hide the ace, cover both the ace card and the word “ace” in the question with your finger. Make sure to cover them in both locations to complete the task.

Level 74: Splitting the Star

Use two fingers to split the six-pointed star apart, transforming it into two triangles in the sky. Once you have separated the star, tap both of the resulting triangles to complete the challenge.

Level 75: Going to the First Floor

To go to the first floor, turn the phone upside down and tap the arrow button. This action will simulate going downstairs and taking you to the first floor.

Level 76: Hiding the Elephants

To hide the elephants, swipe both the elephant image and the word “elephants” in the question off the screen. Removing them from view will fulfil the task of hiding the elephants.

Level 77: Smashing the Eggs

Smash the two eggs together using two fingers. Place one finger on each egg and bring them together to simulate the action of smashing the eggs.

Level 78: Identifying the Real Killer

The real killer is Hana. In the question, the sequence of letters “QAZSEDC” forms an “H” on the keyboard, hinting at the one person in the question whose name begins with an “H.”

Level 79: Revealing the Owl

Tilt the phone to the right to reveal the hidden owl. Once you have tilted the phone, tap on the owl to complete the task.

Level 80: Finding the Biggest Possible Number

The biggest possible number is 51,181. It is the largest value provided in the question.

Level 81: Stealing Jack’s Candy

Use one finger to cover Jack’s eyes, and with another finger, quickly swipe and steal his candy.

Level 82: Shaking the Smaller Pumpkin

Hold down with a finger on the smaller pumpkin, and then shake the phone. The smaller pumpkin will shake while your finger holds the larger one.

Level 83: Putting the Eyeball Back

Put the phone up to your face, with the screen against your face, and look up. While looking up, tap the eye to put it back in place.

Level 84: Avoiding the Ghost

To successfully complete the task, place your finger on the screen and keep it there for five seconds while avoiding the ghost. Be quick and agile to pass this challenge.

Level 85: Turning on the Lightbulb

Pull the plug downward to reveal a second outlet, then plug the lightbulb into that lower outlet to help Jack turn on the light.

Level 86: Counting the Hearts

The number of hearts on the screen is 5 (representing the 10 halves) plus the number of hearts you have left for energy. Count the hearts accordingly to find the total number.

Level 87: Identifying the Real Bat

Turn the phone upside down and shake it. The bat that doesn’t fall off is the real one.

Level 88: Helping Jack Find His Home

Tap the menu button and press the home button to help Jack find his home.

Level 89: Solving the Addition

319 + 248 = 567.

Level 90: Button Pressing

Drag the button to the right, then press the button and the small button ten times each.

Level 91: Finding the Value of Y

By using the formula “top minus left times right,” the value of y is 3.

Level 92: Transforming Poop into a Chocolate Shake

Slide the umbrella beneath the poop to transform it into a chocolate shake. Then tap it.

Level 93: Creating a Super Thick Toast

Drag one piece of toast and place it on top of the other to create a super thick toast. Then tap it.

Level 94: Tapping the Corresponding Button

Begin by tapping and holding the dot to observe the color change. Then, while still holding the dot, tap the corresponding button without releasing it.

Level 95: Combining Jelly and Fish

Jelly + Fish = Jellyfish.

Level 96: Waking Up Rose Again

Open the curtains and patiently wait for approximately 20 seconds to allow the sunlight to shine through the window, waking up Rose.

Level 97: Mixing Chemicals

Place your finger over the top of the test tube and shake the phone to mix the chemicals.

Level 98: Correcting the Equation

Turn the phone upside down and hit submit. The equation 2 + 6 = 11 will become 11 = 9 + 2. Don’t move any matches.

Level 99: Arranging Lights Alphabetically

Arrange the lights in alphabetical order based on their first digit: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow

Level 100: Writing the Title of the Stage

Write “The title of this stage” into the box and hit submit.

Level 101: Creating Three Diamond Shapes

To form three diamond shapes resembling the Mitsubishi logo, remove the middle match on each side of the triangle, followed by the middle matches of each diamond. After making these adjustments, hit the submit button.

Level 102: Completing the Equation

To complete the equation, do “Rain” + “Bow” = “Rainbow”.

Level 103: Making 13 on the Dice

In order to achieve a sum of 13 on the dice, shift the left dice to uncover an additional one, which is currently fixed at 1. Proceed by shaking the phone until you roll two sixes with the other two dice. Finally, submit your result.

Level 104: Allowing Both to Eat Donuts

To enable both of them to enjoy donuts, press and hold the donut image until the “copy” option appears. Tap on “copy,” then press and hold the donut silhouette. The option “paste” will appear. Tap on “paste” to allow both of them to indulge in donuts.

Level 105: Following the Directions

Simply follow the provided instructions and swipe either in the same direction or in the opposite direction as the arrow indicates, as instructed by the question. Continue doing so until you successfully complete the level.

Level 106: Finding the Person with the Hat

Using two fingers, perform a pinching gesture and zoom out until the individual wearing the hat becomes visible. Subsequently, tap on the identified person

Level 107: Creating a Sum of 18 on the Dice

In order to achieve a dice roll summing up to 18, continue rolling until you obtain either two sixes or a total of 12. Next, press and hold one of the dice with your finger, and select the “copy” option. Then, locate an empty space and perform a tap and hold action, followed by selecting the “paste” option to generate a third die with a value of 6.

Level 108: Making Yummy Soup

Tap on the salt and proceed to drag the spoon over to scoop some soup. Afterward, tap on the “eat” option, prompting the chef to exclaim “Yummy!” before consuming the soup.

Level 109: Beating Your Opponent

In order to defeat your opponent, tilt the phone towards the left. Then, take advantage of the distraction caused by the girl and strike the other boxer with a punch from either your left or right hand.

Level 110: Knocking Both Pool Balls into the Hole

Knock one pool ball into the hole, then drag and move the big red X to knock another one in.

Level 111: Creating an Inverted Triangle

Disregard the grey dots and reposition the three corner oranges to the spaces at either end of the triangle where there are no grey dots. Arrange the oranges in the shape of a bowling pin formation, creating an inverted triangle.


Congratulations! You have now embarked on a journey through the world of Tricky Test 2 and explored some of the answers to its perplexing questions. Remember, the key to success in this game is to think creatively, use logic, and approach each question with patience and persistence.

That’s it for this article. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the article, then feel free to use the comment section below. You can also follow our Facebook page to get all the latest gaming guides and Gift Codes.

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