TWD Survivors Town Hall Upgrade Requirement

The survivors of the apocalypse in “The Walking Dead” have faced many challenges and hardships since the outbreak began. One of the most important tasks they have had to undertake is upgrading their town hall to meet the changing needs of their community. In this article, we will explore the reasons why upgrading the town hall is necessary, the requirements for doing so, and the benefits it brings to the survivors.

As the number of survivors in the town grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a well-functioning and organized community. The town hall serves as the central hub for decision-making, resource allocation, and community events. Without a properly upgraded town hall, the survivors may find themselves unable to effectively manage their resources and protect themselves from threats.

The requirements for upgrading the town hall in TWD Survivors are relatively straightforward. First and foremost, the survivors must have a sufficient amount of resources, such as food, water, and materials. These resources can be gathered from various sources, such as scavenging, farming, and trading with other communities. Once the necessary resources have been gathered, the survivors must also have a sufficient number of skilled workers to carry out the upgrade.

TWD Survivors Town Hall Upgrade Requirement

Levels Requirement
2 Townhall Lv 1
3 Wall Lv 2
4 Wall Lv 3
5 Wall Lv 4
6 Wall Lv 5, Fire Station Lv 4
7 Wall Lv 6, Veggie Barn Lv 3
8 Wall Lv 7, Hospital Lv 5
9 Wall Lv8, Lumber Storage Lv 6
10 Wall Lv 9, Water Tower Lv 7
11 Wall Lv 10, Gun Shop Lv 10
12 Wall Lv 11, Hospital Lv 11, and Butcher Shop Lv 11
13  Wall Lv 12, Square Lv 12, and House Lv 12
14 Wall Lv 13, Lookout Tower Lv 13, and Police Station Lv 13
15 Wall Lv 14, Square Lv 14, and Hospital Lv 14
16  Wall Lv 15, Square Lv 15, and Scavenge Centre Lv 15
17 Wall Lv 16, Square Lv 16, and Stable Lv 16
18  Wall Lv 17, Square Lv 17, and Bar Lv 17
19 Wall Lv 18, Square Lv 18, and Broadcast Station Lv 18
20  Wall Lv 19, Square Lv 19, and Hospital Lv 19
21 Wall Lv 20, Square Lv 20, and Fire Station Lv 20
22 Wall Lv 21, Square Lv 21, and Police Station Lv 21
23 Wall Lv 22, Square Lv 22, and Stable Lv 22
24 Wall Lv 23, Square Lv 23, and Hospital Lv 23
25 Wall Lv 24, Square Lv 24, and Broadcast Station Lv 24

The benefits of upgrading the town hall in TWD Survivors are numerous. First and foremost, it allows the survivors to better manage their resources and protect themselves from threats. With a well-functioning town hall, the survivors can coordinate their efforts and make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and defend against walkers and other dangers.

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Additionally, an upgraded town hall provides the survivors with access to new facilities and services, such as medical care, education, and entertainment. Furthermore, upgrading the town hall can also help the survivors to establish and maintain connections with other communities. This is especially important in the world of “The Walking Dead,” where isolation can be deadly. By upgrading their town hall, the survivors can more easily trade with other communities and form alliances, which can provide them with valuable resources and support.


In conclusion, upgrading the town hall in “The Walking Dead” is a critical task for the survivors. It allows them to better manage their resources, protect themselves from threats, and improve their quality of life. While it requires a significant investment of resources and labour, the benefits it brings make it well worth the effort.

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