Vampire Survivors Collection List – All Items (July 2024)

Vampire Survivors, a game that has been around for quite some time, continues to receive new content updates. The game’s developer, poncle, is dedicated to keeping the experience fresh, whether through main game patches or paid DLC. Prima Games is here to present you with an extensive and current guide for the Vampire Survivors Collection. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to achieve a 100% Collection in August 2023 in Vampire Survivors!

Vampire Survivors Collection List – All Items

Our commitment to providing you with the latest content for Vampire Survivors is unwavering, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. We’ve included full screenshots of all the Collection items, along with explanations for each one. To make it even more convenient for you, we’ve organized them into rows. If we have a specific guide on how to unlock an item, we’ll provide a direct link. If not, we’ll give you clear instructions on what you need to do.

With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the Vampire Survivors Collection and enjoy all the content the game has to offer.

Item Description
Whip This weapon is available from the beginning of the game.
Bloody Tear A mysterious item with no specific unlock conditions.
Magic Wand Unlocked and accessible right from the start of your adventure.
Holy Wand An item of great power, the method of acquiring it remains undisclosed.
Knife Readily available from the beginning of your quest.
Thousand Edge
Axe Accessible right from the start, no special conditions are needed.
Death Spiral The means of obtaining this item are still shrouded in mystery.
Heaven Sword
King Bible
Unholy Vespers
Fire Wand
Soul Eater
Santa Water Available from the beginning of the game.
La Borra
Lightning Ring
Thunder Loop
Gorgeous Moon
Ebony Wings
Phiera Der Tuphello
Eight the Sparrow
Gatti Amari
Vicious Hunger
Song of Mana
Shadow Pinion To acquire, locate the Coffin in Gallo Tower and play Concetta Caciotta. Survive for 15 minutes on any level.
Valkyrie Turner
Clock Lancet
Infinite Corridor
Laurel Unlocked right from the beginning of your journey.
Crimson Shroud
Vento Sacro
Cherry Bomb Unlockable through Yatta Cavallo.
Carrello Unlockable through Bianca Ramba.
Celestial Dusting
La Robba
Greatest Jubilee
Super Candybox II Turbo
Victory Sword
Sole Solution
Flames of Misspell
Ashes of Musspell
Spinach Available from the very start of the game.
Armor Accessible from the beginning of your adventure.
Hollow Heart Unlocked by surviving for 1 minute with any character.
Pummarola Survive for 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese (Available from the beginning).
Empty Tome
Bracer Attainable by upgrading King Bible to Level 4.
Wings Achieve Level 5 with any character to unlock.
Attractorb Find the Vacuum from a Light Source drop.
Clover Find the Little Clover from a Light Source drop.
Crown Reach Level 10 with any character to acquire.
Stone Mask Find it within the Inlaid Library, to the far right.
Skull O’Maniac
Tiragisu Unlock Krochi by defeating 100,000 enemies and survive for 20 minutes with him.
Torrona’s Box
Zhar Ptytsia
Red Muscle
Twice Upon a Time
Flock Destroyer
Silver Ring
Gold Ring
Metaglio Left
Metaglio Right
Silver Wind
Festive Winds
Four Seasons
Godai Shuffle
Summon Night
Echo Night
Mirage Robe
Night Sword
Mille Bolle Blu
Boo Roo Boolle
108 Bocce
Experience Gem Collectable from defeated monsters.
Gold Coin Random drop from a Light Source.
Coin Bag Random drop from a Light Source.
Rich Coin Bag Random drop from a Light Source (with drop chance influenced by Luck).
Treasure Chest Obtained as a drop from mini-bosses.
Rosary Random drop from a Light Source after your character reaches Level 8.
NFT (Nduja Fritta) Random drop from a Light Source.
Orologion Random drop from a Light Source after your character reaches Level 4.
Vacuum Random drop from a Light Source after your character reaches Level 12.
Floor chicken Random drop from a Light Source.
Gilded Clover Random drop from a Light Source after your character reaches…
Little Clover Random drop from a Light Source after your character reaches…
Gold Finger A guaranteed drop from the Astral Stair Stage, with later availability elsewhere.
Friendship Amulet Exclusive to Co-op mode.
Grim Grimoire
Ars Gouda
Milky Way Map
Magic Banger
Sorceress’ Tears Located in Gallo Tower, follow the green arrow south to find it, but be cautious as enemies guard its path.
Glass Vizard
Golden Egg
Yellow Sign
Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
Great Gospel
Gracia’s Mirror
Seventh Trumpet
Chaos Malachite
Chaos Rosalia
Trisection Found in conjunction with Chaos Rosalia.
Astral Stair Map Found in conjunction with Chaos Rosalia.
Mt. Moonspell Map
Lake Foscari Map
Arcana 0
Arcana I
Arcana II
Arcana III
Arcana IV Achieve Level 50 with Krochi (Unlock Krochi by defeating 100,000 enemies).
Arcana V Achieve Level 50 with Giovanna.
Arcana VI
Arcana VII Achieve Level 50 with Gennaro Belpaese.
Arcana VIII
Arcana IX
Arcana X
Arcana XI Achieve Level 50 with Imelda Belpaese.
Arcana XII
Arcana XIII
Arcana XIV
Arcana XV
Arcana XVI Achieve Level 50 with Lama (Survive for at least 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse active).
Arcana XVII Achieve Level 50 with Poppea (Find her Coffin in the Dairy Plant map).
Arcana XVIII
Arcana XIX Achieve Level 50 with Arca (Unlock by reaching Level 4 with the Fire Wand).
Arcana XX
Arcana XXI

In the ever-evolving world of Vampire Survivors, the quest for a complete Collection is an ongoing adventure. With our comprehensive guide, you now have the tools and knowledge to navigate this challenging journey. As poncle continues to inject fresh content into the game, you can stay ahead of the curve, collecting every item and mastering every challenge.

Remember, the Vampire Survivors Collection is a testament to your dedication and skill as a player. Each item tells a story, and by collecting them all, you become a true expert in the game’s world. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or just embarking on your journey, this guide equips you with the insights and strategies needed to conquer this collection.

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