Wild Rift Ahri Guide with Item Build, Runes, Skills and Spells

Ahri is a mage and assassin in League of Legends wild rift and commonly played in Mid-lane in a league of legends wild rift. In the wild rift, Ahri is considered as an S-tier mid lane pick. Ahri mostly does magic damage and has a good amount of mobility. In wild rift, Ahri is considered as moderately difficult to play. 

If you are a beginner and want to play Ahri then in this post we will look at Best build, runes and spells for Ahri including some tips and tricks we have found especially for you which will be extremely helpful for you. 

Wild Rift Ahri Guide with Item Build, Skills Runes and Spells

Let’s start with the best Runes for Ahri. In League of Legends Wild Rift Ahri is commonly played as a Mid-Laner. The best runes for Ahri are,

Best Runes for Ahri in Wild Rift:

Runes  Name 
Electrocute rune


Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities in 3s deals bonus adaptive damage.

Damage: (30-184) Damage based on level + 40% attack damage + 25% ability power

Cooldown: 25s

Brutal rune 1


AD/AP, penetration

Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration, or 14 AP and 2% armor penetration(adaptive).

Regeneration rune


Restore HP/Mana

Every 3 second, restores 2% of missing mana or health based on whichever percentage is lower.

Manaflow Band rune

Manaflow Band


Hitting an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack permanently increases your max mana by 30, up to 300 mana.

Note: If you are high on gold and XP you can use hunter genius or hunter titan in place of regeneration and manaflow band.

Hunter Titan rune 1

Hunter Titan

Hunter Genius rune 1

Hunter Genius

Best Summoners Spell for Ahri:

In Wild Rift, Ahri is an assassin and mage. So best summoner spells for Ahri are,

Spell Name
Flash 1 Flash undoubtedly the best spell for any champion you play. Flash is used to teleport your champion forward for any aimed direction.

(Cooldown: 150 seconds)

Ignite Ignites target enemy champion, dealing (60-410) true damage based on the champion level over 5 seconds and inflicting them with grievous wounds.

Grievous wounds reduce healing effects by 50%.

Now, let’s focus on the best build for Ahri. In a league of legends wild rift, you can use the various adaptive build for Ahri depending on the enemy champion you are facing.

League of Legends Wild Rift Best Ahri Item Builds

1.  Core build for Ahri (Mage and Assassin)

ludens echo

Luden’s Echo

awakened soulstealer

Awakened Soulstealer

ionian boots of lucidity

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity



rabadons deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap

void staff

Void Staff

stasis enchant

Stasis Enchant

warding totem


When you are playing Ahri as a Mage or Assassin, we recommend you to build these items for max magical damage and attack speed.

Core items for Ahri: 

ludens echo awakened soulstealer rabadons deathcap

We suggest you build the recommended core items for Ahri as early as possible. As Ahri becomes deadly in ganks and team fight after build these core items.

2. Ahri Build vs AD, AP and Assassin champion

archangels staff

Archangel’s staff

gluttonous greaves

Gluttonous Greaves 

infinity orb

Infinity Orb

rabadons deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap



void staff

Void Staff

protobelt enchant

Protobelt Enchant

warding totem


If you are playing against high AD, AP or Assassin enemy champion then this build Ahri deals high magic damage and can chase the enemy champion with help of protobelt enchant.

3. Ahri vs Tank 

archangels staff

Archangel’s staff

gluttonous greaves

Gluttonous Greaves 

liandrys torment

Liandry’s Torment

rabadons deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap



void staff

Void Staff

protobelt enchant

Protobelt Enchant

warding totem


If playing against the enemy champion which has lots of armor or health points, then we recommend you to build these items as liander’s torment provides bonus magic damage with magic penetration.

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Now, let’s move on to the Ahri’s skill guide

League of Legends Ahri Skills analysis



1. Passive Skill Essence Theft

Ahri Passive

Ahri’s Passive

Ahri gets a stack of Essence if her spell hits a target. At 3 stacks, Ahri’s next spell that hits an enemy heals her for 30(30+45% AP).

2. Orb of Deception

Ahri Q

Orb of Deception

Ahri launches an orb that deals 40 magic damage(40+ 35% AP) on the way out, and 40ture damage(40+35% AP) on the way back.

Cooldown: 7s, Mana: 65

3. Fox-Fire

Ahri W


Ahri release 3 fox-fire that seek nearby enemies and deals 40 magic damage (40+ 30% AP). Ahri gains 40% movement speed that decays over 1.5s.

Enemies that get hit by multiple fox-fire take 30% damage for each fox-fire beyond first fox-fire.

Fox-fire prioritize champion hit by charm, followed by recently attacked champion.

Cooldown: 9s Mana: 50

4. Charm

Ahri E


Ahri blows a kiss that deals 60 magic damage(60+ 50% AP) and charms the first enemy hit, causing them to walk towards Ahri for 1.4s.

Enemies hit by Ahri’s charm takes 20% more damage from Ahri’s abilities for 5s.

Cooldown: 12s Mana: 85

5. Spirit Rush

Ahri R

Spirit Rush

Ahri dashes forward and deals 60 magic damage(60+ 35% AP) to 3 nearby enemies.

It can be cast up to 3 times within 10 seconds before going on cooldown.

Dash distance increase with the rank. Bolts prioritize champions.

Cooldown: 90s, Mana: 100

Ahri is a champion which heavily relly on his combos for dealing high magic damage. Now, to master Ahri in the wild rift, you have to grasp her basic combo that you need while playing Ahri as your main.

Best Combo for Ahri:

Spirit Rush (Ultimate) > Charm (3rd ability) > Orb of Deception (1st ability) > Spirit Rush (Ultimate) > Fox Fire (Ultimate) > Spirit Rush (Ultimate)

Best order to Upgrade Ahri’s Skills:

Ahri Q 1 4 6 8
Ahri W 3 7 10 11
Ahri E 2 12 14 15
Ahri R 5 9 13

Ahri is Best Pick Against Champions:

Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 38 56 41 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 48 15 31 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 45 23 64 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 43 45 39 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Ahri is weak against Champions: 

Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 46 34 60 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 48 58 83 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Screenshot 2020 11 21 20 42 26 61 500038da5365cdd33792125a3fce7f35


Wild Ahri Gameplay tips and tricks

Ahri is commonly used as a mid-laner in a wild rift. Ahri is considered as an S-tier pick for the mid in Wild Rift. Now, let’s some gameplay tips and tricks for Ahri, 

1. Don’t use Ahri’s skills to clear minion waves in the start as it will deplete her mana quickly. Just use your basic attack to last hit minions.

2. Use Ahri’s ultimate skill spirit rush to position her in a team fight. You can also spirit rush to gank enemy but first make sure they are alone. 

 3. Use your charm if the enemy tries to run away. You can also start your combo with your charm as they will take more damage after you charm them. 

That’s it. These are the best builds and tips and tricks we have for Ahri. If you have any question or feedback then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

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