Wild Rift Master Yi Guide with Item Build, Skills, Runes and Spells

In Wild Rift Master Yi is an assassin who is mainly played as a jungler role. Master Yi is an S-tier pick as he deals massive ture damage with his skills. This champion becomes extremely powerful once you buy the primary damage items and can be lethal for opponents in mid to late game.
In this post, we will look at the best builds and runes for Master Yi, including tips and tricks we have found which will be extremely helpful for you if you want to make master Yi your main champion in the wild rift. So let’s begin,

Wild Rift Master Yi Build Guide with Item Build, Skills, Runes and Spells

Let’s start with the best runes for Master Yi. Master Yi is usually played as a jungler in Wild Rift. The recommend Runes for Master Yi are,

Best Runes for Master Yi in wild Rift:

Runes Name
conqueror wild rift 1


Staking Damage-

Basic and Abilities generates stacks of AD/AP when hits an enemy champion. Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked deals bonus damage to enemy champions.

Hunter Vampirism rune

Hunter Vampirism 

AD/AP, Penetration-

Gain AD/AP and Penetration.

Backbone rune 1



You will get bonus AR/MR based on the whatever stat you have less.

Mastermind rune MasterMind

Objectives/Gold –

Deals extra damage to epic monsters and turrets, you will get extra gold and XP when you take them down.

Note: You can Hunter titan in the place of Backbone if you ahead on the gold and hunter genius in the place of Mastermind.

Hunter Titan rune 1

Hunter Titan

Hunter Genius rune 1

Hunter Genius

Best Summoners Spell for Master Yi:

Master Yi is assassin jungler so best spells for Master Yi are,

Flash 1


Flash undoubtedly the best spell for any champion you play. Flash is used to teleport your champion forward for any aimed direction.

(Cooldown: 150 seconds)

Smite 1


Smite deals 400-1000 damage to monsters, including epic monsters and minions. When you smite a monster, it will restore 70(+10% of maximum Health).

After four smite hits, smite can be upgraded to the chilling smite and challenging smite. After upgrading, you can use smite on enemy champion also.

Hunting Licence: Earns 20% more experiences from the monsters.

Now, let’s focus on the best build for Master Yi. You can use various adaptive builds for Master Yi, depending on the enemy champion you are facing. So, let’s start,

League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Best Item Builds

1. Core Build for Master Yi (Jungle and Assassin):

blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King

phantom dancer

Phantom Dancer

infinity edge

Infinity Edge

ninja tabi

Ninja Tabi

quicksilver enchant

Quick Sliver

deaths dance

Death Dancer

guardian angel

Guardian Angel

warding totem


This build is extremely helpful when you play Master Yi as a jungler. It allows Master Yi to take down an enemy with high physical damage and faster attack speed.

The Core items for Master Yi: 

blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King

phantom dancer

Phantom Dancer

infinity edge

Infinity Edge

These core items give faster attack damage, increased critical rate, and high damage physical damage, which makes Master Yi ready for deadly ganks.

2. Master Yi build vs Ability Power(AP) Champions:

blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King

gluttonous greaves

Gluttonous Greaves

infinity edge

Infinity Edge

phantom dancer

Phantom Dancer

spirit visage

Spirit Visage

guardian angel

Guardian Angel

When you are playing against Mage champion or AP champion then building Spirit Visage can be very helpful. As it provides lots of magic resistances.

3. Master Yi build vs Ad and Assassin Champion:

blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King

gluttonous greaves

Gluttonous Greaves

infinity edge

Infinity Edge

phantom dancer

Phantom Dancer

deaths dance

Death Dance

guardian angel

Guardian Angel

You can use core item build against an assassin champion as it grants lots of physical damage with lots of attack speed.

4. Master Yi Build vs Tank Champion:

blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King

gluttonous greaves

Gluttonous Greaves

mortal reminder

Mortal Reminder

phantom dancer

Phantom Dancer

black cleaver

Black Cleaver

guardian angel

Guardian Angel

When you are playing against tank champions or with champions with lots of armor, then building a Mortal Reminder and Black cleaver will be very helpful. As Mortal Reminder item gives you lots of armor penetration, and Black Cleaver will give you armor reduction.

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Now, let’s move on the Master Yi skill guide,

Master Yi Skills analysis


1. Passive Skill

Master Yi Passive Every 4th consecutive attack of Master Yi will strike twice and deals 78 physical damage(150% attack damage).

2. Alpha Strike

Master Yi Q

CD: 25S Mana: 50

Master Yi becomes invisible and deals damage to nearby during the alpha strike. The skills can hit up to 4 enemies with 77 physical damage(25+100 damage). The skill can be cast on monsters and minions. Every consecutive basic attack reduces the cooldown of an alpha strike by 1 second.

3. Meditate

Master Yi W

CD: 25s Mana: 50

When you use this skill Master Yi will meditate for 4 seconds. During this skill, the Damage taken by Master Yi is reduced by 55%, and heals himself for 40(40+25% magic damage) per second.

4. Wuju Style

Master Yi E

CD: 17S Mana: 40

During Wuju Style, Master Yi deals 18 true damage (18+25% attack damage) for 5 seconds.

5. Highlander

Master Yi R

CD: 85S Mana: 100

When you activate the highlander, it will reduce Master Yi’s basic skill’s cooldown by 70%. During highlander, Master Yi gains 25% movement speed and 30% attack speed for seconds. Master Yi becomes immune to slows during the highlander.

Which Master Yi skills you should upgrade first?

To use Master Yi effectively, first unlock skill 1,2, and 3. Then continue leveling up skill 1 until it maxed out and unlock your ultimate skill whenever available and upgrade the ultimate skill whenever available.

Master Yi attack combo: 

In terms of the combo, Master Yi mostly relies on his attack speed and timing of his alpha strike combined with wuju style and highlander.

The Best Combo for Master Yi is: 

Highlander(ultimate)> Wuju Style> Alpha strike> Basic Attacks> Alpha Strike

Wild Rift Master Yi gameplay tips and tricks

Master Yi is an assassin champion, and the best way to play Master Yi is as a juggler. As a juggler, you have to secure objectives like Drake, monsters, and Baron Nashor. In wild rift, when the game starts map is get mirrored, so always take care of that to secure objectives. According to Master Yi gameplay, we can break it down into the three parts like the early game, mid-game, and late game.

Wild Rift Master Yi Build Guide

Early Game:

In the early game, buy hailblade or emberknife items for quick jungling. When playing Master Yi, focus on the juggling in the early game and always use smite for more effective jungling. While juggling, first prioritizes your red and blue buffs and then take rift scuttler. Taking down the rift scuttler will grant your team a temporary vision of the river. That can be very helpful for your team in the early game so always focus on taking on rift scuttler.

Mid Game (around 8-10 mins in-game): 

In mid-game, you might have got 2 of your core items. Now you can engage with the enemy and try to kill their AD Carry with your team. Master Yi is an assassin champion, so you shouldn’t target high HP and tanky heroes. As an assassin, you should always target enemy teams, AD Carry, as they have very less hp so that you can kill them quickly. When you kill enemy teams, AD Carry, an early game, they will fall behind in terms of Gold and XP. Always activate your highlander before rushing into the battle.

Late Game: 

As a jungler, you should have the highest gold in the late game. In wild rift, high gold means you have the highest items in the late game, so you can use them to eliminate the enemy’s low hp champions with your high physical damage and attack speed. In the late game, both teams deal massive damage, and their main objective is to push turrets.

Master Yi is an assassin, so in the late game, roam around the map with the tank if possible and eliminate the enemy’s AD Carry. Master Yi can also push turrets with a single minion wave. So if you got a chance, then also push turrets with the minion wave. As a jungler, your main objective in the late should be taking Baron Nashor with your team. Always your smite to secure objectives like Baron Nashor and dragon. You can use your combo to secure high priority targets like Baron Nashor.

Note: Best Combo for Master Yi: Skill 4+ Skill 3+ Skill 1

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What is the Best Skill Combo for Master Yi in Wild Rift?

The Best skill combo for Master Yi is Skill 4(ultimate )> Skill 3(Wuju style)> Skill 1(Alpha strike).

Which Champions can counter Master Yi in Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift Master Yi is weak against the Crowd control abilities. So, champions which have lots of CC can counter Master Yi easily like, Amumu, Jax and many more.

What should be your primary objective when playing Master Yi in Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift Master Yi is an assassin jungler. So, as a Master Yi your main objective should be taking an epic monster and eliminating the enemy's AD carry champions.

How powerful Master Yi in Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift Master Yi is consider as an S-tier Pick. Master Yi is an assassin jungler in the wild rift.

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