Wild Rift Vi Guide with item build, Runes and Skills

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In League of Legends Wild Rift, Vi is a driver champion commonly played in a Jungle. Vi primarily deals physical damage with her abilities. Vi is considered as Easy to play based on her abilities and playstyle.

In Wild Rift, Vi is considered an A-tier pick for the jungle. In this post, we will look at the Best Item Builds, Runes and Summoners Spell for Vi, including some gameplay tips and tricks we have found especially for you to master Vi more quickly.

Wild Rift Vi Guide with Item Builds, Runes and Summoners Spells

Let’s begin with the Runes first, 

Best Runes for Vi in Wild Rift

Name Stats


Gain Stacks of adaptive force when hitting a champion with a separate attack or abilities. It stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, deals bonus adaptive damage to and champion.

Per Stack: (2-6) bonus AD or (4-12) AP for 8%

Fully Stacked Bonus: 10% Bonus adaptive damage to champions.


AD/AP, Penetration

Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration, or 14 AP and 2% Magic penetration (Adaptive). 



Gain 10 AR or 10 MR based on whichever stat you have less of.


Objective, Gold

Deal 10% true damage to epic monsters and turrets. Earn an extra 100 gold and 500 XP upon taking or assisting in taking these objectives.

Note: You can also pick Hunter Titan instead of Backbone if you want to pay aggressive.

Hunter Titan

Now, Let’s look at the Summoners spell for Vi,

Best Summoners Spell for Vi in Wild Rift

Name Stats


Smite deals 400-1000 damage to monsters, including epic monsters and minions. When you smite a monster, it will restore 70(+10% of maximum Health).

After four smite hits, smite can be upgraded to the chilling smite and challenging smite. After upgrading, you can use smite on enemy champion also.

Hunting License: Earns 20% more experiences from the monsters.


Flash undoubtedly the best spell for any champion you play. Flash is used to teleport your champion forward for any aimed direction. (Cooldown: 150 seconds)

Now, Let’s start with the most important part of this guide, “Best Item Builds for Vi”, 

Best Item Builds for Vi in Wild Rift

In Wild Rift, You can build different items with Vi based on the enemy champion you are facing. For example, if you’re taking too much magic damage, building an Item that provides Magic resist will be a great choice.

1. Vi Item Build (Jungle)

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Plated Steelcaps

Guardian Angel

Trinity Force

Death’s Dance


Sterak’s Gage


Ninja’s Locket

Stealth Ward

2. Vi Item Build vs AD Assassin

Trinity Force

Plated Steelcaps

Guardian Angel

Death’s Dance

Randuin’s Omen


Sterak’s Gage


Ninja’s Locket

Stealth Ward

3. Vi Item Build vs AP assassin

Trinity Force

Plated Steelcaps

Guardian Angel

Death’s Dance

Maw of Malmortius


Sterak’s Gage


Ninja’s Locket

Stealth Ward

4. Vi Item Build vs Tanks

Trinity Force

Plated Steel caps

Guardian Angel

Black Cleaver

Mortal Reminder


Sterak’s Gage


Ninja’s Locket

Stealth Ward

Now, Let’s look at Vi’s Ability analysis with Attack combos

Wild Rift Vi Ability Analysis with best Attack Combos

Let’s start with Vi’s ability analysis first,

Wild Rift Vi Ability Analysis

1. Passive (Denting Blow)

Denting Blow

Every 3rd attack on the same enemy deal 4.2% (4.2%+ 0.03% bonus AD) of their max health as bonus physical damage, reduces their armor by 20% and grants Vi 27% attack speed for 4 seconds.

Deals 300 max damage vs monsters.

2. First Ability (Vault Breaker)

Vault Breaker

Hold: Charges up a powerful punch, slowing movement speed by 15% while increasing the punch’s damage and dash distance. 

Cast: Dashes forward dealing 55 to 110 physical damage (55 + 80% bonus AD to 110 + 160% bonus AD) and applying Denting Blows to all enemies hit. Colliding with an enemy champion stops the punch and knocks them back. 

Deals 75% damage to minions and monsters. 

Cooldown: 11.7/10.7/ Seconds

Cost: 50/60/70/80

Base Damage: 55/90/125/160

3. Second Ability (Blast Shield)

Blast Shield

Passive: Hitting an enemy with an attack or ability grants a stack of blast shield, up to 5 stacks. 

Active: Generates a shield that absorbs 60 damage for 3 seconds. Each stack consumed adds 10 (1% max health) to the shield. At max stacks also a burst of 47% Movement Speed.

Cooldown: 11.7/10.7/9.8/8.8

Cost: 30/20/10/0

Shield: 60/85/110/135

4. Third Ability (Excessive Force)

Excessive Force

Empower’s Vi’s next attack to deal 19 bonus physical damage (10 + 15% AD + 70% AP ) to the target and enemies behind it. 

Vi stores a new charge every 14 seconds and can hold 2 charges at once.

Cost: 20/30/40/50

Base Damage: 10/35/60/85

Charge Time: 14/12/10/8

5. Ultimate (Assault and Battery)

Assault and Battery

Chases down an enemy champion, knocking them for 1.25 seconds, and dealing 150 physical damage (150 + 140% bonus AD). 

Vi reveals her target and cannot be stopped while chasing it down. Enemies in the way are knocked aside and take 75% of the damage. 

Cooldown: 82.9/63.4/43.9 Seconds

Base Damage: 150/300/450

Which Vi’s Ability I should upgrade first?

When upgrading Vi’s ability, first upgrade her Q (Vault Breaker) to max level. Then upgrade Vi’s E (Excessive Vault) followed by her W (Blast Shield). Don’t forget to unlock and upgrade Vi’s ultimate whenever available.

Vi’s Ability Upgradation Path

Vault Breaker

1 4 6 7

Blast Shield

3 12 14 15

Excessive Force

2 8 11 12

Assault and Battery

5 9 13

Now, Let’s look at the Best Combos for Vi, 

Best Attack Combo for Vi in Wild Rift

In Wild Rift, You can create many attack combos with Vi based on the enemy champion you are facing and your playstyle. Let’s look at the best attack combo used by many Vi’s many out there, 

ultimate (Assault Battery) > Third ability (Excessive Force) > Second Ability (Blast Shield) > Basic Attacks > First Ability (Vault Breaker) 

Wild Rift Vi’s Counter

Xin Zhao




Wild Rift Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Early Game: 

In Wild Rift, Vi’s early game is strong against other junglers like Mundo, Amumu, Yi, and Xin Zhao. So, if you are matched against these champions, then try to invade their buffs with your teammates. 

In the early game, try to farm as fast as possible and try to get one item upgrade before the first dragon fight. Vi has a strong ganking potential with his ultimate so always look for ganking opportunities. If you cannot find any good ganking potential, then do full clear of your jungle. 

Vi’s Recommended Jungle Path for Early Game (Recommended):

  1. Red Buff
  2. Raptors
  3. Wolves
  4. Blue Buff
  5. Scuttler

You can also start from your Blue side to counter jungle enemy jungler.

Mid Game:

Mid Game is when Vi becomes an assassin and can take down enemies squishy target with ease. Vi’s team fight is not very strong compared to other junglers like Olaf, Amumu, Xin Zhao, and Dr. Mundo. So, always look for solo picks (Squishy target or ADC) from the enemy team and eliminate them with your team.

Late Game:

In the Late Game, Vi can one-shot enemy squishy target. In Wild Rift, Vi’s late Game is not very strong. So, in the Late Game, try to eliminate enemies, damage dealers with your team. In the late game, always try to lock enemies AD Carry with your ultimate.

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