7 Tips for Beginners in BTS Island In the SEOM

Are you just starting in the BTS Island In the SEOM, and are you looking for ways to get better in the game? Then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will share the “7 Tips for Beginners in BTS Island In the SEOM” you can use these tips and tricks to progress faster in the game. So, Let’s begin, 

BTS Island In The SEOM is a game about the famous K-pop group BTS getting trapped on an island after their boat crash. The game was developed and published by HYBE IM Co., Ltd. With the game’s adorable character design and astonishing story, the game is likely to rise in popularity in the upcoming days. The game was released on 28th June 2022, and in just 3 days, the game already has got over 1 million-plus download on the play store.

7 Tips for Beginners in BTS Island In the SEOM

Below, we have listed the best tips and tricks for BTS Island In The SEOM. So, Let’s begin,

1. Use Infinite Hearts Properly

In BTS Island in The SEOM, you need hearts to keep playing the game, and one heart is deducted each time when you lose the puzzle game. But there is a system in the game called the infinite hearts system, which allows you to keep playing the game as long as you don’t lose in the puzzle-solving game. We recommend you to utilize this system to its fullest by keeping your winning streak up.


But if you ever get stuck on a level, do not worry, as they are filled with backups up to a maximum of 5 hearts. The hearts get filled every half an hour. But you can also buy hearts by using coins you earn in the game, and each heart costs around nine hundred (900) coins. If you ever run out of hearts in the game, then consider purchasing the hearts using coins.

To purchase hearts, simply click on the heart icon on the top left corner of your screen, and then there, you should see an option to acquire the hearts using coins, and click on buy to get the hearts.

2. Don’t Forget About Free Lucky Boxes

Lucky boxes are the free reward boxes that are given to you every 3 days, and the lucky boxes might contain decoratives, power-ups, and even coins. The free boxes are a great way of getting free loot without any cost or work. So we highly recommend you keep checking these boxes as they are given to you every 3rd day and counted from the day when you last claimed them.

lucky box

To check your free lucky box, click on the store (cart) icon on the bottom left side of your screen. You can also buy the lucky boxes from the shop. You can buy one lucky box for 100 gems and ten lucky boxes for 100 gems. And as we have discussed earlier, You can also claim them for free, as a timer should be running on the screen to notify you about how much time is left until you can claim another box.

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3. Don’t Forget To Use Power-ups

Power-up in the game helps you clear huge amounts of blocks at once, and they are essential if you want to clear the hard stages at once. There are many types of power-ups, and we are going to explain each one in brief below.


BTS Rocket- BTS Rocket is a Power-up that is created when you connect 4 blocks together. The rocket can clear all the blocks in a straight line, horizontal or vertical, depending on the blocks’ connection.

BTS Bomb- BTS Bomb can blow up 4 blocks in every direction from the origin, and it’s good to clear large chunks of blocks at once. BTS Bomb is created when you connect 6 blocks at once.

BTS Top- The BTS Top will only break 2 blocks at once, but its after effect is very good as it will destroy one block which you need to clear the level. So the top is very good for you to clear tight situations.

Energy Axe– Energy axe is an extra power-up that you get when you level up the heart level of BTS members. The Energy Axe can destroy any block of your choice, so it’s a very powerful tool if used properly.

BTS Whale- The whale is the best power-up in the game, as when doing puzzles, and when you swipe a block, it will clear all the blocks off the board of the same colour. So, for example, if you swap it with a strawberry, it will blow up all the strawberries on the board.

4. Add More Friends

BTS Island In the SEOM is a very claiming game, and in our opinion, it’s more fun to play when played with friends. So we highly recommend you add as many friends as possible to share your experiences and play with each other. The game also offers a gift system that you and your friends can utilize to gift each other reputations and even hearts as perks! So the more friends you have, the better your overall gaming experience becomes in the game.


To add friends to the game, just click on the chat-like option in the bottom left corner of your screen. Now, a new tab will open up and have the option for friends, where you can see your recommended friend list, your gifts received by friends, and the option to add new friends at the bottom of the screen.

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5. Editing The Island

To access the edit the island option or see how many decoratives you currently have in your inventory, simply click on the shovel option on the bottom left corner of your screen. It should bring an edit option on your screen where you can add new decoratives on your island or move around the existing decoratives/ buildings in the game. There are some guidelines in the game which you use as a reference point for where you can place the buildings and where you can’t on the island.

edit island

Decoratives are small buildings that are used to have fun with BTS characters. One of the examples of such buildings would be the Army Bomb, which is given to you for free at the beginning of the game. You can also interact with some buildings by picking up and dropping the BTS members on the buildings. For example, if you pick up and drop BTS members in the tent, they will just sleep and interact with you with cute dialogues.

6. Join a Club

You can join a club in the game, but this feature only unlocks after you reach level 30. Joining a club has its own perks, as you can ask for hearts when you are low on them, visit each other’s islands or even grind to be on the top of the club leaderboards. One thing to remember is that your mailbox can only hold up to 20 items at a time, so be sure to collect the items you receive from the club members before crossing this limit. 


To access your mailbox, click on the chat option on the bottom left corner of your screen, and then you should see an option for the mailbox on the right side.

7. Have Fun With BTS Members

No matter which game you play, you must have fun in it, and on BTS Island In The SEOM, you can have fun with your favourite BTS members. You can long-press on any group member to pick them up and drop them at your desired location.

having fun

You can stack them on each other to make a tower or drop them on an army bomb to see them dance and listen to songs with them, and don’t forget about the funny interactions and dialogues of the BTS members, which were taken from their journey and tours of real-life events.

That is all for this article. I hope that you liked our 7 tips and tricks for beginners for the game BTS Island In The SEOM. If you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below! 

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