How to Increase Ability Points in The Spike Volleyball Story?

Are you always losing your matches and want to get stronger in the game? Well then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about “How to increase ability points in The Spike Volleyball Story”. So, Let’s begin, 

How to Increase Ability Points in The Spike Volleyball Story?

The Spike Volleyball Story is a fantastic volleyball game made by high school students in Korea, and then it was published by the South Korean Based Company DAERISOFT. The game is exciting and fun, even for non-volleyball fans. 

The Spike Volleyball Story features a simplistic design, retro-style graphics, and easy controls, which is why it is loved by a huge number of players worldwide. Currently, the game has over 5+ million downloads on the google play store, with an average rating of 4.5. The game closely resembles with the very famous volleyball anime series Haikyuu!! So if you are an anime fan, then we highly recommend you to check this game out.

Players in The Spike Volleyball Game

Currently, in the game, the players are ranked in 4 categories: S, A, B, and C, where S Category has the best players and C Category has the worst players. The higher the rank, the higher his stats will be in the game.

the spike players new

You should save the volleyball and always try to get players of A or S rank players in your team. I would like to remind you that you can only have 100 players on your team simultaneously. So, if your team is full, then you have to remove some players from your team to recruit a new one. To remove a player from your team, just click on manage players and then click on the player profile you want to remove. After that, you should see an option to delete them. 

We also recommend you to always equip the highest-ranking Player in your inventory as the main character as it will help you win more games and tournaments. To equip the highest-ranking Player, simply click on manage players and then press on the star option on your screen, as this will arrange the players from the best to the worst in order (from left to right). Click on your best and then press on set as a key player to change it to your main.

How To Upgrade Player’s Stats in The Spike Volleyball Story?

There are 4 stats that you can upgrade in the game for the individual Player, and each position in the game benefits from different stats. But first, let us have a look at each skill, and then we will tell you which role benefits from what stats upgrade.

the spike ability power upgrade

Attack- Attack usually is the best weapon for wing spikers. This stat gives the players good attack power, which is needed in order to spike harder and with more power. To break the enemy’s defence you need to get your attack points more than the enemy defender’s defence.

Defence- This stat is needed and is very important for the middle defenders or the Libro. The higher your defence stats the harder it is for your opponent to take points through spikes and attack. 

Jump- The jump stat is important for the role of spikers as the higher your points in the jump, the higher your players can jump in the game. Now it’s important as your opponents will try to jump block or body block the ball, and in that scenario, the Player with a higher vertical jump usually wins.

Speed- The speed stat is important for almost every role in the game as the higher your speed, the more time the spiker will get in the air to spike and be more precise. This stat is important as volleyball is a very fast-paced game, and it requires speed.

Now, as you know which stat is important for which player, let’s look at the “How you can upgrade player’s ability in The Spike Volleyball Story”,

Steps to upgrade Player Stats:

  1. Open the game and go to the manage player option. 
  2. After that, tap on the Player you want to upgrade. 
  3. A new tab will open up where you can upgrade the Player’sPlayer’s skills. 
  4. Now, You can upgrade the Player’sPlayer’s skills using the gold.
  5. You can upgrade different ability stats of the Player like Jump, Speed, Attack, and defense. 

Note: The Skill upgrade cost is different for every Player, and it can go much higher when upgrading the S-tier player’s stats. So, always check your gold before upgrading the Player’sPlayer’s abilities. 

If you are upgrading lower-tier players like the B or C tier, then we recommend you save to your gold and recruit the A or S tier player. The A or S tier will give much better ability stats by default, and when you upgrade their ability, they become unstoppable.  

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Now, let’s look at “How you can recruit players to your team”,

How to Recruit Players in The Spike Volleyball Story?

You can recruit 3 types of players in the game right now. They are Libro/ defence, Setter, and Spiker/ Attacker. To recruit new players, just follow the steps given below.

the spike recruit players using coins

Steps to recruit a Player:

  1. Open the game and click on the store option given on the bottom left side of the screen.
  2. Now the first option should be to recruit players. If not, just click on the T-shirt-like option.
  3. On the recruitment option, you should see the five types of recruitment options.
  4. You can select any recruitment option from “Recruit a player”, “Recruit Wing Spiker”, “Recruit Middle Blocker”, “Recruit Setter”, and “Recruit Special Position”.
  5. Now, click on the options tab, and then tap on the purchase. 
  6. After that, a tab will open up asking you what type of recruitment do you want? One time or ten times. Now choose this based on how many volleyball tokens you have in the game.
  7. After clicking on the final recruit option, the Player will be recruited to your team, and the rank of the upcoming Player will depend on your level.

Note: You have to spend volleyball to recruit a new player in The Spike Volleyball Stroy. There are multiple ways to earn volleyballs in The Spike Volleyball Story, like competing in the Tournament, clearing the Story Mode, Training, and redeeming the Coupon Codes.

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That is all for this article. I hope that you were able to learn everything about the Increasing abilities of players in The Spike Volleyball Batlle game. If you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below! 

Download: The Spike Volleyball Story (Play Store)

Download: The Spike Volleyball Story (App Store)

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