Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking forward to mastering the professional soldiers and playing her to the fullest on the battlefield? Then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know to master Bangalore in our “Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide”.

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide with Tips and Tricks

Apex legends Mobile is the mobile version of the widely popular PC Game “Apex legends”, and it is developed by “Respawn Entertainment” in collaboration with “Lightspeed and Quantum studios”, which is a sub-studio of gaming giant “Tencent”. The game was globally released on May 17, and since the release, the game has seen massive growth in the player base. 

Let’s start with Bangalore’s Backstory so you can understand the Legend better.

Bangalore Backstory

Bangalore’s real name is Anita Williams, and her home planet is Gridiron. She was born into a military family, and all her siblings served in the IMC (Military of the Empire). She’s always been an exceptional soldier able to disassemble and assemble a peacekeeper in 20 seconds- Blindfolded. She started fighting in the apex games in hopes of raising funds and buying a spaceship and a pilot who could take her back to her family. Now let’s talk about Bangalore’s playstyle and how to play her effectively.

Bangalore’s Playstyle

Banglore in the game apex legends mobile is an offensive legend based on her kit. With her tactical ability, Bangalore is very useful for both offensive and sometimes defensive plays. 

Bangalore Playstyle

She’s a very flexible legend who can perform exceptionally well in the hands of a skilled player. She can be played as an ace of all champions as she has everything in her kits like speed, defence, and offence. We can’t define how you should play Bangalore as she has the potential to shine in every situation, but as she is an aggressive and attack type, we recommend you to play her like she’s meant to be. Now let’s talk about Bangalore’s overall kit to help you understand her even more.

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Bangalore’s Abilities

1. Passive- Double Time

Bangalore passive

Bangalore gets a 30% increased movement speed whenever she gets shot or an enemy fires at her. This skill is very good as it allows you to escape using your increased movement speed or flank enemies in battle with increased movement speed.

2. Tactical- Smoke Grenade

Bangalore tactical

Bangalore fires a high-velocity canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact with the surface. This skill has many uses, giving Bangalore her identity in the game. This skill has a cooldown of 33 seconds, and Bangalore can have two smoke bombs at a time.

3. Ultimate- Rolling Thunder

Bangalore ultimate

When used, Bangalore calls in an artillery strike that spreads throughout the land, and after that, the shells blast off to do even more damage. This skill is very useful for many situations like distracting enemies, damaging them or just blocking them off from rotating.

Now let’s have a look at the best tips and tricks for Bangalore in apex legends mobile.

Tips and Tricks for Bangalore

  1. Use his Grapple and then try to press jump to gain maximum momentum to travel long distances easily.
  2. Try to scan zone beacons whenever possible, as it will reduce the cooldown of your ultimate ability.
  3. You can use your ultimate ability to quickly get in or out of the battles with your whole team.
  4. Pathfinder is a very agile hero so use it to attack your enemies from different angles.

It’s time to look at the Best Loadout for Pathfinder so that you can be unstoppable on the battlefield,

Best Loadout For Bangalore

The best guns we recommend for Bangalore would be medium-range or sniper rifles. Bangalore has a good gap closing passive, which could be very useful on the battlefield. We recommend you use a DMR or any mid to long-range weapon to deal damage to the enemy from a safe distance, and when you get a knock, immediately close in and use your AR to finish them off. The best gun combination would be Longbow + R-301.

Now let’s talk about the overall loadout that should be best for Bangalore under any circumstances. The ideal loadout for the Bangalore would be 3-4 grenades with 2-3 heald, and the rest should be your ammo and pick up the golden armor whenever possible. 

At Last, we have crafted some amazing tips and tricks for you. These tips and tricks will help you master the Bangalore more quickly,

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Bangalore

bangalore advance tips


  1. Use smoke to confuse enemies. You can use 2 smoke canisters in 2 different directions and confuse the enemies about where you are actually heading.
  2. Pickup digital threat optics as it will help you see through your smoke because digital threat reads the enemy’s body heat.
  3. If you are looking for an aggressive push with your ultimate, we recommend you to wait and count to 8 seconds after throwing the ultimate, then engage.
  4. Your Smoke Grenade does 5 HP damage, so you can use this tip if you are ever out of ammo. 

That is all for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you needed to know to master Bangalore in Apex legends Mobile. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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