Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – Best Legends (Season 2)

Are you looking for the best legends to grind in the game apex legends mobile, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will tell where each legend ranks the highest in the game in the current meta. So, Let’s begin with our article on “Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List”,

Let’s start with understanding who are the legends in Apex Legends Mobile,

Who are Legends in Apex Legends Mobile?

Unlike other battle royale games like Pubg Mobile and COD Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile has some characters with unique skills. Which, when used correctly, can change the game’s tide in your favour.

Currently, the game has four types of legends: Support, Recon, Offensive, and Defensive. Some legends can offer you more flexible gameplay than others based on your playstyle and mechanics. 

Now, Let’s Begin with the Tier List,

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – Best Legends

We have divided the characters into four tiers to create Apex Legends Mobile Tier List. The Tiers are S, A, B, and C Tier. Where the S are the strongest and the C tier is the weakest. We are not saying that any legend is terrible, as any legend can perform well in the hands of a skilled player.

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List:

Tier Legends
S Bloodhound, Gibraltar
A Fade, Wraith, Lifeline
B Octane, Caustic, Pathfinder
C Mirage, Bangalore

Let’s start with Legends info,

C- Tier

1. Mirage- The Bamboozler 

Mirage is an offensive legend whose kit is based around misleading and fooling his opponents. He is one of the few legends who are very fun to play in Normal matches, but that’s it as his kit does not give you much flexibility. He is good and very fun to play, but in terms of utility, we had to put him in the C tier.


Mirage’s passive is called Now You See Me which makes him invincible when using revival beacons or when reviving a teammate. The tactical skill of Mirage is called Psyche Out, and this skill creates a transparent clone of Mirage, which can be linked with original mirages to follow their movements. 

Finally, the Mirage’s ultimate is called Life of the party. This skill, when used, creates 6 additional mirage clones, which can be frustrating to fight against.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage:

  1. When playing as Mirage, you can revive your teammates whenever you are out of the sight of the enemy, as when reviving, you will be invisible, and the enemies will get confused about your location.
  2. Use his ultimate to escape as his ultimate cooldown is very low, so you should try to escape out of the battlefield when you are low.
  3. Use his tactical ability in locked mode and make it walk before you. This will make your clone run in front of you in sync with your abilities which can confuse enemies who are aiming at you from long ranges.

2. Bangalore- The Professional Soldier

Banglore in the game apex legends mobile is an offensive legend, which suits her kit perfectly. With her tactical ability, Bangalore is handy for both offensive and sometimes defensive plays. Although she’s a good legend, we think there are some other legends who are even better than him, so we have to put her in the C tier.


Bangalore’s passive ability is known as Double Time. Bangalore gains additional movement speed whenever enemies shoot her. Bangalore’s tactical ability is called Smoke Bomb. When used, Bangalore pulls out her smoke launcher and shoots smoke in a horizontal plane in front of her. 

Finally, the ultimate ability of Bangalore is called Rolling Thunder. Bangalore throws a beacon which calls an artillery bombardment in the area ahead.

Tips and Tricks for Bangalore:

  1. Use her passive ability, which gives her enhanced movement speed to get close to the enemies when needed.
  2. Use her tactical smoke bomb as a cover when reviving teammates.
  3. Her tactical can also be used as an escape cover for your team but be mindful when using it.
  4. Use ultimate can stop enemies from pushing into you when you are low on Health.

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B- Tier

1. Octane- The Adrenaline Junkie

Octane in the low Elo is a great pick for having fun and getting a lot of kills, but the meta quickly shifts once you reach mid to high Elo. Octane kit is purely based on offence, but it becomes difficult to play offensive all the time in high Elo and is the reason we have placed Octane in the B tier.


Octane’s passive ability is called Swift Mend. This passive restores 1 HP (Health Points) per second when the Octane is not taking any damage. The tactical ability of the Octane is called STIM, which boosts walk speed by 30% and sprint speed by 40% for 6 seconds. STIM costs Health to use. 

Finally, the ultimate ability of Octane is called Launch Pad, and when used, Octane throws a pad that can push anyone into the air. The players can again tap the jump button to double jump while in the air.

Tips and Tricks for Octane:

  1. Be mindful when using the STIM, as many players keep spamming this skill and get very low in hp, which leads to easy knocks from the enemies. Do not let your Health drop below 60.
  2. Always try to get a golden shield when playing Octane, as the double heal that it provides can be used to neglect the HP cost per stim.
  3. Try using Octane’s ultimate for escaping, and his ult launch pad can be used as an escape tool if the situation gets sticky.
  4. Using his STIM while in battle can give an edge as your increased movement speed can make it harder for your enemies to hit you.

2. Caustic- The Toxic Trapper

Caustic is a very strong legend with his toxic traps and ultimate, which deals direct health damage. This legend is the best for those players who like to take fights in closed-off areas, like buildings or bunkers. 


Caustic’s passive is called Nox Vision which gives caustic vision when fighting in his poison gas. Caustic’s active skill is his traps which he can deploy 8 at a time, don’t worry. It only has a cooldown of 25 seconds, so they actually recharge really quickly. Finally, the caustic’s ultimate is called the Nox gas grenade. He throws a grenade which explodes after hitting the ground, creating a cloud of Nox gas that can cause damage to enemies.

Tips and Tricks for Caustic:

  1. Caustic is a fortified legend, which means he takes 15% less damage from bullets and all sorts of damage in the game. So be mindful of that, as you can easily take some level of damage without being knocked.
  2. Use his traps at choke points, and we recommend you to use box traps at doors and places where you know that enemies will walk through.
  3. Use his gas as cover; you can place some traps and shoot them to get them active. The gas will provide you with decent cover to revive your teammates or for you to heal up completely.
  4. Use your Ultimate to start off the battle, this is a no-brainer, but a lot of players forget how strong their abilities can be.

3. Pathfinder- The Forward Scout

Pathfinder is a recon legend with a very limited kit that only allows him to either be aggressive or be useless in the whole game. So if you like a legend who can play aggressive and give you the feels of being a spiderman, then yes, pathfinder is the legend we recommend for you. Overall, his kit does not significantly impact the game except for his tactical ability, which is why we have decided to put him in the B tier.


Pathfinder’s passive is known as Insider Knowledge, and this passive reduces the cooldown of his ultimate by 10% every time he scans a zone beacon. The tactical ability of a pathfinder is called Grappling Hook. When used, pathfinder shoots a grappling hook which can latch onto objects or enemies and then he can pull himself to it. This is the ability which makes pathfinder very famous amongst the pro streamers, but it is very hard to learn as well. 

Pathfinder” s ultimate is Zipline Gun, and he can use it to create ziplines on the map, which anyone can access.

Tips and Tricks For Pathfinder:

  1. Use his grapple and then try to press jump to gain maximum momentum to travel long distances easily.
  2. Try to scan zone beacons whenever possible, as it will reduce the cooldown of your ultimate ability.
  3. You can use your ultimate ability to quickly get in or out of the battles with your whole team.
  4. Pathfinder is a very agile hero so use it to attack your enemies from different angles.

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A- Tier

1. Fade-Phasing Punisher

Fade is an exclusive mobile legend and has an amazing overall kit. In our opinion, Fade is a combination of Seer and Wraith and very fun to play champion, according to the whole apex legends mobile Community. We have decided to put him in the A tier cause he is very new to the meta, and things might Swift very fast.


Fade’s passive ability is called Slipstream, and this ability gives Fade 15% boosted movement speed for 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 10 seconds. The tactical ability of Fade is called Flash Back. When used, Fade can transport himself back to where he was 5 seconds ago. 

Finally, the ultimate ability of Fade is called the Phase Chamber. When used, Fade throws a disc on the ground, which causes 10 damage to all enemies in the area, and after 2 seconds, it gets activated and pulls everyone in the range into the void for 4 seconds. Enemies in the void will be highlighted for Fade but cannot be harmed in any way.

Tips and Tricks for Fade:

  1. Using his Tactical for scouting, you can simply walk in front of the enemy and pop your tactical to return to safety when they see you.
  2. Use his ultimate against an enemy Gibraltar’s dome, and you can pull in the enemies into the void or simply hit them for 10 damage to knock down a recently revived enemy.
  3. Fade can rotate really fast with his passive so keep that in mind when planning your next ring rotation.
  4. Use your tactical to confuse enemies throughout the gunfight, but also be mindful of where you want to walk.

2. Wraith- Interdimensinal Skirmiser

Wraith is the most played legend in the apex legends mobile Community, whether it be in competitive or ranked. Wraith is an offensive legend who is amazing at diving in the battle or getting out of sticky situations, and her cool kunai certainly makes it more attractive for players to grind.


Wraith’s passive is called voices from the void, and this skill warns you if an enemy or a sniper is targeting you. The tactical ability of the wraith is called into the void, and when used wraith opens up a portal and goes into the dimensional rift. In this ability, the wraith can’t heal or shoot but her enemies can’t shoot her too. 

Wraith’s ultimate ability is called Dimensional Rift, which wraith uses to connect 2 places on the map, which can be very useful for getting your teammates out of sticky situations or getting your whole team into the fight in a flash.

Tips and Tricks for Wraith:

  1. Wraith is a very fast legend, so be mindful when jumping into gunfights. 
  2. Use her abilities to get out of battles, not into them. It’s very obvious, but many players use her active ability to get into the battles, but we recommend you to use it when situations get sticky.
  3. Use her ultimate to create a path for your team to get into the battlefield, and her ult can be used up to 75 meters. 
  4. You can cancel her ultimate; if the energy bar has not dropped down from 95%, you can actually cancel her ultimate if you miss-clicked.

3. Lifeline- The Combat Medic

Lifeline in the apex legends mobile plays the role of a support legend, but don’t get fooled by her title as a medic as she can be used very offensively as well. Lifeline is a very resourceful legend in the apex legends meta, and according to us, she’s a very underrated legend.


Lifeline’s passive is called Combat Revive, and it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest passive in the game, which allows you to revive a teammate with a drone so you can keep on fighting. Lifeline’s tactical ability is called D.O.C. Heal Drone, which can heal your and your teammate’s health. But remember, it does not charge the shields. 

The ultimate ability of the lifeline is called Care Package, which brings random loot and an Evo shield to the next level. So, for example, all your teammates have a blue shield, so if you use this ability, the care package will bring a purple shield.

Tips and Tricks for Lifeline:

  1. Use her passive as soon as possible on your teammate to get him back on his feet.
  2. Use her heal drone in conjunction to shield batteries or shells to get to full health in no time.
  3. Drop your tactical ability near a knocked teammate to help them to heal up faster after they get revived.
  4. Use the ultimate ability after all your teammates have Blue shields, as the next shield the drop care package will bring would be a purple shield.


1. Bloodhound- Technological Tracker

Bloodhound is the most beginner-friendly legend in the whole game; with straightforward and simple skills and ultimate, he is very easy to use. But don’t think he is weak in the apex legends mobile meta right now as he is, without a doubt, the strongest scout legend in the game.


Bloodhound’s passive is called tracker, which allows Bloodhound to see marks on the ground which are less than 45 seconds old. The marks can be from gun fights or someone getting knocked. The tactical ability of the Bloodhound is called the Eye of the All-Father. This ability literally grants you wall hacks. When used, Bloodhound scans at an angle of 115 degrees in front of him up to 70 meters and can mark up to 10 enemies at a time. 

Bloodhound’s ultimate is called Beast Of The Hunt. This ability enhances the Bloodhound’s senses and speed on the battlefield for 45 seconds, which can be further extended by knocking down enemies. The ultimate also reduces the tactical ability’s cooldown.

Tips and Tricks for Bloodhound:

  1. Use Bloodhound’s ability when the enemies are in your range, and many players keep spamming the tactical ability, which can be a disadvantage as other players can see your scan.
  2. Bloodhound counters Bangalore and Caustic as his scans mark the enemies through smokes and gas.
  3. Use his ultimate to either engage in battle or use it to escape from the fight by using the enchanted movement speed.
  4. Don’t forget to use his tactical ability when in ultimate, as its cooldown gets reduced by a lot.

2. Gibraltar- Shielded Fortress

Gibraltar, also known as Gibby, is one of the most used legends in the game. His overall kit makes him super tanky, and he is one of the few legends who can easily fight in a 1v squad situation. He is a defensive hero in the game, but trust me, he is very good at both offensive and defensive plays, and every team should have a Gibby without a doubt.


Gibraltar’s passive is called Gun Shield, and this ability gets activated automatically when Gibraltar uses any gun in ADS mode or scope in mode. This Gun Shield absorbs 50 extra damage to the body, which can be huge in fights. 

The tactical ability of Gibraltar is called the Dome Of Protection. When used, Gibraltar throws a disc on the ground, which summons a dome that cannot be broken and blocks off all projectiles from getting inside. Finally, the Ultimate skill of Gibraltar is called Defensive Bombardment. Gibraltar throws a Grenade in an area which causes random bombardments in the area.

Tips and Tricks for Gibraltar:

  1. Use a Dome of protection for cover in open areas when needed. And to revive teammates faster.
  2. Try to take fights with your gun shield active, as the 50 extra damage it absorbs can be huge.
  3. You can use your dome of protection to protect yourself from enemy Gibraltar’s ultimate.
  4. Use your Ultimate to block off enemies from rushing into your location. This can buy you enough time to heal or revive your knocked teammate.

3. Loba


She is a very recent addition to the game, and we think that she will be either S-tier or an A-tier legend. She is very new, so it is hard to give tips and tricks for her. And she will be getting her own dedicated article with advanced tips and tricks.

That is it for this article, and I hope you liked our legend tier list for apex legends mobile. If you have any questions or any feedback that you want to give us, comment down using the comments section below.

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