Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking forward to mastering the Combat Medic Lifeline in Apex Legends mobile and using her to the fullest? Well, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything that you need to know about Lifeline in our “Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide”. So Let’s begin,

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide with Tips and Tricks

Apex legends Mobile is the mobile version of the widely popular PC Game “Apex legends”, and it is developed by “Respawn Entertainment” in collaboration with “Lightspeed and Quantum studios”, which is a sub-studio of gaming giant “Tencent”. The game was globally released on May 17, and since the release, the game has seen massive growth in the player base. 

Let’s start with Lifeline’s Backstory so you can understand the Legend better. 

Lifeline Backstory

Lifeline’s real name is Ajay Che, and she comes from a planet called Psamathe. She’s the child of wealthy war profiteers, but she left her house and joined the Frontier Corps after she learned about the damage her family has caused in the Outlands. She’s devoted to helping others and joined the apex games to fund the frontier corps with her winnings.

Let’s talk about Lifeline’s playstyle and how you can play her effectively in Apex Legends Mobile.

Lifeline’s Playstyle

Lifeline in the apex legends mobile plays the role of a support legend, but don’t get fooled by her title as a medic as she can be used very offensively as well. Lifeline is a very resourceful legend in the current Apex Legends Mobile Meta, and according to us, she’s a very underrated legend. Still, she certainly earns an A tier in our tier list based on her ability and playstyle.

lifeline playstyle

This Legend is the best for those players who like to stay at the back and want to give support to their teammates, but it should be someone who has good game knowledge and doesn’t get knocked first.

As your team’s medic, you must give healing and support to your teammates. However, you should also know when to fight aggressively and take charge of the battlefield. 

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Now let’s talk about Lifeline’s playstyle and how to play her effectively.

Lifeline’s Abilities

1. Passive- Combat Revive

When your teammate is knocked, pressing the revive button will deploy a DOC drone which can revive a knocked teammate, while Lifeline can be free to fight and defend. The drone also casts a shield that can block off any incoming projectiles.

2. Tactical- DOC Healing Drone

lifeline tactical

When used, Lifeline deploys DOC (Drone of Compassion), which heals everyone around it for 20 seconds. Each second it can heal 8 HP for a total of 150 HP and has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

3. Ultimate- Care Package

lifeline ult

Lifeline calls in a Drop loot care package that has higher quality loot than your team’s current loot. Right now, in the apex legends mobile, the care package always brings an Evo shield, and it will be of a higher tier than your team’s current Evo shields. The care package also brings in a barrel stabilizer or magazine.

Now let’s talk about Lifeline’s overall kit to help you understand her even more.

Tips and Tricks for Lifeline

  1. Use her passive as soon as possible on your teammate to get him back on his feet.
  2. Use her heal drone in conjunction to shield batteries or shells to get to full health in no time.
  3. Drop your tactical ability near a knocked teammate to help them to heal up faster after they get revived.
  4. Use the ultimate ability after all your teammates have Blue shields, as the next shield the drop care package will bring would be a purple shield.

It’s time to look at the Best Loadout for Lifeline so that you can be unstoppable on the battlefield,

Best Loadout for Lifeline

The best gun we recommend for Lifeline would be a combination of Short and medium-range guns. The best gun combination for Lifeline would be R-99 and Wingman or Any AR + Peacekeeper. 

Now let’s talk about the overall loadout that should be best for Lifeline under any circumstances; we recommend you to carry thermite grenades as they can be used to block off some entrances and places so that you can revive your teammate. We also recommend you to get a golden backpack as you will be reviving your teammates often, and the extra health and shield that the golden backpack gives will be huge.

At Last, we have crafted some amazing tips and tricks for you. These tips and tricks will help you master the Lifeline more quickly,

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Lifeline

lifeline advance tips

  1. Try to face the opponents while reviving your teammates as the shield that DOC drone provides when healing can block any incoming damage.
  2. Always try to get your team to blue Evo shield before calling in the care package, as the next care package will bring a purple Evo shield.
  3. Keep using your Care Package whenever it’s charged, as it will provide you with extra shields, heals, and even Evo body shields if necessary.
  4. Try using your heal drone while using a shield battery to get to full HP in half of the time.

That is all for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you needed to know to master Lifeline in Apex legends Mobile. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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