Apex Legends Mobile Loba Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking forward to mastering the translocating thief Loba in Apex Legends Mobile? Well, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything that you need to know about the “Apex Legends Mobile Loba Guide”. So, Let’s begin,

Apex Legends Mobile Loba Guide with Tips and Tricks

Apex legends Mobile is the mobile version of the widely popular PC Game “Apex legends”, and it is developed by “Respawn Entertainment” in collaboration with “Lightspeed and Quantum studios”, which is a sub-studio of gaming giant “Tencent”. The game was globally released on May 17, and since the release, the game has seen massive growth in the player base. 

Let’s start with Loba’s Backstory so you can understand the Legend better. 

Loba Backstory

Loba’s real name is Loba Andrade, and no one really knows about her home planet. After the infamous hitman Revenant killed her whole family in front of her eyes when she was just 9 years old, she was left with nothing. Loba survived by picking pockets, and when her skills improved, she started trying her luck in different high-security vaults. Everything changed when she got her hands-on jump drive tech, and after that, she joined apex games to take revenge on the revenant and kill him for good.

Now, Let’s look at Loba’s playstyle so that you can understand him better. 

Loba Playstyle

As you know from her backstory, Loba is a master in lotting, and when she gets in the hand of a skilled player, she becomes impossible to stop.

Loba is a support legend but doesn’t get fooled by her status as Loba is also a very agile legend with her tactical ability. Every team should at least have one Loba, as it will help you find loot and collect it much faster so you can focus on your next move. 

When playing as Loba, you should try to stay with your teammates as the ultimate is best used when you are with your team so that they can also get loot from it. In Apex Legends Mobile, Loba also can be used to gather information about other players and scout the area if you know how to use her ability perfectly. 

Now let’s look at all of Loba’s abilities for apex legends mobile in detail with tips and tricks.

Loba Abilities

1. Passive- Eye For Quality

Loba passive highlights all the legendary and epic loot nearby, even though the walls and this skill have a range same as the ultimate skill, which is about 175 meters. This skill gives Loba great looting potential and helps her get high-value loot before anyone on the map. 

Loba passive

If you are in direct sight of the loot of high-tier loot, then it won’t get highlighted, so it’s important to get behind walls and try to look around while looting; who knows, you might find yourself a purple Evo shield.

2. Tactical- Burglar’s Best Friend

Loba Tactical

When used, Loba throws her jump drive bracelet and then teleports to it in a flash. This skill should be used to reach hard-to-reach places and escape to safety when in danger. You can use this skill in fights to take the high ground to get an edge on the battlefield. This skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds and can be used to travel large distances with ease. If your throw the bracelet out of the map mistakenly, then don’t worry, as it will teleport itself back to you, and that is why it is important that you let your bracelet touch the ground first and then teleport to it.

3. Ultimate- Black Market Boutique

When used, Loba places a device on the ground which has a radius of 175 meters, and this device can teleport any chosen loot directly into your inventory in the given radius can. Anyone, including your enemies, can only withdraw up to 2 items at max from one black market device. This skill has a cooldown of 2 minutes or 120 seconds and should be used whenever possible in good loot areas. 

Loba ultimate

Just make sure that no one is nearby, as when activated, the Black Market notifies nearby enemies in the area. You can also use this knowledge to lure them into an ambush as Gunplay and strategy help you win the game; always remember that when playing Loba.

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Tips And Tricks For Loba

  1. You should utilize Loba’s passive as much as possible, as it allows you to scout loot way faster. So, this skill is to get good loot as soon as you land on the battlefield.
  2. The tactical is not just an escape tool, as it can be also used as an engagement tool to get behind enemy lines and shoot them from behind.
  3. Loba’s black market only allows you to take 2 loot/items, so be careful when choosing the items.
  4. Try to place Loba’s ultimate near loot boxes or even care package drops, as you can pick a loot from them from a safe distance. 

It’s time to look at the Best Loadout for Loba so that you can be unstoppable on the battlefield,

Best Loadout For Loba

The best loadout we recommend for Loba would be a combination of short-range and mid-range weapons, as Loba will be constantly engaging in short to medium-range gun fights. The best gun combination that we recommend would be R-301 and 30-30/Flatline.

Now let’s discuss the overall loadout that should be best for Loba under any situation. Well, as Loba, you don’t really need to worry about loot as your black market will help you with that; you just need to play smart and pick items that will really help you in the battles. In the mid to late game, you should be looking forward to upgrading your current loadout to the best possible one with the help of your abilities. 

Now, Let’s look at the Best Team Composition you can pick with the Loba,

Best Team Composition For Loba

Some legends require specific team combinations to work optimally, and Loba is one of those champions. The best team combination that we recommend for Loba are:

1. First Team Composition: Gibraltar+Loba+Caustic

Caustic is a very good legend when it comes to defensive plays and when combined with Loba’s ultimate, this can be very powerful as you can use their ultimates to set up a trap for your enemies. And Gibraltar, in this team composition, provides excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. This composition is best played when playing passive and lettings teams come to you. 

2. Second Team Composition: Octane+Loba+Wraith

This composition, if used properly, can be very powerful, but at the same time, it requires a high skill cap from each team player. As you can already feel, this team will be very agile, and you must play aggressively to make this team comp work. Wraith, Octane, and Loba all have their escape skills, and they are great at aggressive and quick plays. 

It’s time to look at the best perks you can use with the Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile,

Best Perks For Loba

The perk system allows you to enhance your Legends by giving them some upgrades like cooldown reduction, health regeneration, faster reload rate, and many more. Basically, Perk System gives you certain buffs, which will give you an edge on the battlefield. The perk system only works in normal matches, so keep that in mind.

Loba perks

1. Heiress- This perk is very useful as it lets you see death boxes with high-tier loot through walls. This can be useful to gain that extra loot or to know that the enemies are nearby.

2. Deadly Momentum- This skill is very powerful for Loba as it reduces the cooldown of your skills by 30% whenever you kill an enemy using a finisher.

3. Ilegal Trade- This is a legend-exclusive perk that allows you to pick up the banner of your killed teammate from the black market, and this perk has the potential to change games if used properly.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Loba

Apex Legends Mobile Loba

Let’s begin with advanced tips and tricks for Loba,

  1. You can throw your bracelet out of windows or even gates to make sudden escapes that will leave your enemies confused.
  2. Always try to place your Black Market behind a cover as your black market can be destroyed by enemies.
  3. It is recommended to destroy your Black Markets after you, and your teammates are done looting so that other teams cant take advantage of it.
  4. Your ultimate has a fairly low cooldown, and we recommend you to use it whenever possible as it will allow you to get better loot in the mid to early games, sometimes even in the late game.

That is all for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you needed to know to master Loba in Apex legends Mobile. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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