Argent Twilight Tier List – Best Heroes

Are you looking for a tier list guide for the Argent Twilight? Well, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we have listed all the characters in Argent Twilight and divided them into different tiers depending on how well they are doing in the current meta.

Argent twilight is a new RPG tactical battle game where you are required to make your own team and fight in epic battles. The game is developed and published by the NEXON company, famous for their works like MapleStory and Darkness Rises. 

One of the aspects that players love and enjoy about the game is the diversity of characters/ heroes that this game can offer. The game has many different characters, so tier lists are required to help players choose the best characters. Below we have created the perfect tier list for the Argent Twilight and ranked each hero based on their performance. So let’s begin,

Argent Twilight Tier List – Best Heroes

We have divided the heroes into four different tiers based on their performance. The tiers are listed below:

  • S Tier- Overpowered/ Best in The Game
  • A Tier- Good
  • B Tier- Decent in Certain Situations
  • C Tier- Below Average/ Weak

Now that you know about the game’s different tiers let us discuss each one before looking at the tier list. The S-tier heroes are the overpowered ones and possess the power to change the outcome of battles. Meanwhile, A-tier heroes have a more accessible drop rate and are decent in combat situations, so picking between A-tier and S-tier can be tricky sometimes. Meanwhile, the B-tier ones are good only in certain conditions, so they are good as substitutes. And finally, the C-tier heroes are the ones you should avoid at all costs in the game, and you should replace C- tier heroes with any other hero/ character in the game.

Remember that the tier list given below is just a representation of the meta or how certain characters are performing in the current meta; the tier list should not dictate how you should play your game. If you like certain characters, play with them, as the most important thing while playing a game is having fun. So let us first take a look at our S-tier heroes in the game Argent twilight.

1. S- Tier Heroes

S Tier- The S tier is the highest ranking that we have given. If you have any heroes which belong to this category, then you are lucky as they are the most powerful ones in the game.

Argent Twilight S Tier Heroes

Name Element Role
Honest Djur Wind Attack
Brave Aseha Fire Control
Brave Isabel  Fire Attack
Hardy Djur Light Attack
Reckless Alcy Fire Attack
Honest Phantom Wind Attack
Stern Einid Light Attack
Sweet Aseha Wind Control
Snobby Djur Dark Attack

2. A- Tier Heroes

The A tier is the second rank that we have given the Heroes that are very powerful in the game but less powerful and effective compared to the S-tier heroes. The A-tier heroes are not bad as they are just slightly less powerful when compared to the S-tier.

Argent Twilight A Tier Heroes

Name Element Role
Callous Alcy Water Attack
Brave Djur Fire Attack
Defiant Jacques Dark Control
Cryptic Alcy Dark Attack
Callous Djur Water Attack
Caring Julia Light Attack
Jolly Elektra Fire Support
Elegant Elektra Light Support
Lax Alcy Wind Attack
Pure Aseha Water Control
Serious Alcy Light Attack

3. B- Tier Heroes

The B tier is the third position on the list, and the heroes listed here are not bad in the sense that they are only powerful or useful in certain situations. This makes their use very limited.

Argent Twilight B Tier Heroes




Jolly Celestial Fire Support
Impish Cleo Wind Control
Smart Celestial Water Support
Impish Celestial Wind Support
Zealous Para Fire Defence
Lonely Cleo Water Control
Sweet Aseha Wind Control
Zealous Cleo Fire Control

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4. C- Tier Heroes

The C tier is the weakest position in the list, and it would be clever to avoid them as much as possible. 

Argent Twilight C Tier Heroes

Name Element Role
Lax Einid Wind Speed/ Assasin
Brave Einid Fire Speed/ Assasin
Aloof Jacques Water Control
Pompous Woonye Fire Attack
Touchy Einid Water Speed/ Assasin
Curious Para Wind Defence
Bold Shulo Fire Attack
Callous Shulo Water Attack
Social Bombardier Captain Wind Tank
Honest Shulo Wind Attack
Wise Para Water Defence
Wise Woonye Water Attack
Lax Woonye Wind Attack

Notice: If you don’t see certain characters not listed in the tier list, then it is probably because they are too weak or do not provide enough utility in the game.

Knowing which characters are the strongest and which ones are the weakest will help you progress immensely in the game. We hope that the tier list provided in the article has helped you in selecting the right hero based on their performance and your play style. That’s it for this article. If you have any other questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.

Download: Argent Twilight (Play Store)

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