Azur Lane Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide for the game Azur Lane? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything that you need to know about Azure Lane in this Beginner Guide with some amazing tips and tricks that we have found especially for you. 

In games like Azure Lane, it can be challenging for new players to understand what they should focus on, as there are many aspects of the game on which they must look simultaneously. So, keeping that in mind, we have created an amazing beginner guide with handcrafted tips and tricks to help you out on your journey in Azure Lane. 

Azur Lane Beginner’s Guide With Tips And Tricks

As a beginner, it is relatively easy to get overwhelmed by the game’s different mechanics and the number of actions that you can perform. In these desperate times, you should take the words from players who have put their time before you in mastering the game. With that said, let us have a look at the tips and tricks that we have prepared for you.

As a beginner, it is relatively easy to get overwhelmed by the game’s different mechanics and the number of actions that you can perform. In this situation, you should take a word from a player who mastered the game by putting in lots of time and effort. Fortunately, we have done that for you, So let’s begin with the beginner’s guide, 

Tip 1: Increase Your Affinity With Ships

Azur Lane has many different mechanics compared to other games; one such mechanic is the affinity system. The easiest way to understand the affinity system in the game is by taking a real-life reference, which is like treating your ships like you treat human beings. Just like humans have emotions, your ships in the game have four different emotions. Beginning from the stranger level and ending at the crush level, which is the highest, do remember that your ship’s happiness can also go in the negative zone, which is called the upset mood. 

Azure Lane Affinity

The mood of your ships is controlled by how much you use them in battles; the more you use them in action, the more they get tired. So treat your ships with kindness and let them rest from time to time to get their affinity and happiness back. The more the ship are happy, the more their efficiency increases on the battlefield, as ships get a boost in damage and reload speed when they are happy.

Tip 2: Clear Additional Tasks

Additional tasks are given to you as a subcategory within every main task, and we highly recommend you to clear them. At every level of the game, these additional tasks can seriously impact the rewards that you can receive for completing the main task.

Azur lane additional mission

An example of an additional task would be to “End the battle in 120 seconds”. Completing the additional tasks will give you bonus rewards like coins and upgrade materials which you can use to get even stronger in the game.

Tip 3: Get a 6-star Ship For Free

Azur lane 8 day login bonus

Now you might be thinking that getting even a 5- star ship is rare and can take weeks to grind, so how can you get a 6-star ship for free? Well, the answer is through the daily log-in system. Azur Lane gives its regular new players a magnificent gift in the form of a free 6-star hero. To receive the gift, all you need to do is to log in for eight days straight in the game.

Tip 4: Do Not Reroll

Azur lane might seem like a standard gacha game from the outside, and players might be yearning to use rerolling to get their desired start. But let me tell you why rerolling might not work out in your favor in this game. Rerolling is a standard method of restarting your progress in gacha games until players get their desired character or heroes at the start. However, this strategy is utterly useless in the game Azur lane, as the chances of getting a super rare (SR) ship in the game are rather shallow. 

So you might have to reroll for days or even weeks to get a super rare ship in the game; that is why we recommend players to play the game with what they got instead. The game system is very generous to regular players, and you might receive a mighty ship if you keep playing the game.

Tip 5: Retire Ships But Be Careful

Retirement is a system through which players can dismantle their old and unused ships to get glory medals, and then they can exchange the glory medals for better ships. Retiring ships can be a great way to collect glory medals which later on you can exchange for a 4-star or even a 5-star ship.

But there is a specific card in the game known as the Bulins. The prototype bulins cards are made with one specific goal: to limit breaking your existing cards. So even though you can earn 10 glory medals for each bulin we do not recommend you dismantle them, as they can provide a much better overall value when used to limit break characters.

Tip 6: Upgrade Academy Buildings

The academy buildings might not seem like a big deal for new players, but it would be a grave mistake if you keep ignoring them. The cost of oil (Currency) to participate in battles keeps increasing as you keep climbing up the ladder. So it is crucial to keep upgrading the academy buildings like the canteen building, for example, as they are a great source of oil in the game. Different academy buildings in the game provide different types of buffs and advantages in the game for you. 

Azur lane academy buildings

You should regularly check up on the buildings and constantly upgrade them, as upgrading each building takes time, so it is wise for you to plan out their construction. 

Some Of The buildings that we recommend you to upgrade early on in the game are:

  • Canteen- For extra oil
  • Merchant- For extra coins

And rest of the buildings will unlock as you progress in the game.

Tip 7: Getting Free Skin

Getting skins in the game Azur Lane is pretty expensive, as you will have to spend real-life currency for them. But do not worry if you do not wish to spend gems or money to buy skins; there is another way to get skins. There is always a monthly limited-time event that has skin; by completing this event and its missions, you can quickly get free skin.

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Tip 8: Upgrade Your Gear

Most players who play the game know that they can upgrade the ships, but only a few know about gears and how to upgrade them. Just like you upgrade your ships to make them stronger, upgrading the equipment in the game can help you increase your ship’s overall damage and attack speed. You can collect all the necessary materials required to upgrade your ship’s gear through different missions and events in the game.

Azur lane upgrade your gear

Steps to upgrade gear in Azure Lane:

  1. To Find the Gear section, go to the depot and choose the ship with the specific gear. 
  2. You will find the gear option at the left side panel of the ship’s detail menu.
  3. After that, you can choose which equipment you want to upgrade. 

Tip 9: Do Events

Some new players prioritize the level rewards over the events that might be going on in the game while they are starting out. Let us tell you why doing this is wrong and what you can do to get stronger in the game. 

Azur lane do events

The level rewards are permanent stage rewards in the game, so they will stay there for life or until you complete them and collect them. On the other hand, the limited-time events are there for a specified time period. We recommend you grind these first and complete the missions, as the guns and ships that you will receive from them will be worth your time.

Tip 10: Never Quit

Many new players are often disheartened by the process, grind, and not getting great ships as a reward. But the best thing you can do is keep learning new things by reading the guide like this or from the top players, it might take some time, but you will eventually get to the top spot. Remember that grinding is just another part of the gameplay.


Does the affinity of ships matter in battle in Azur lane?

Yes, the affinity/ happiness of your ship can play a vital role on the battlefield. As the affinity level can affect the damage output and reload speed of your fleet.

Is rerolling worth it in the game Azur Lane?

No rerolling is not worth it in the game. Instead, you can just play the game for 8 days to get a free 6- star ship.

Is repeating missions worth it in Azur lane?

If you are short on certain resources, then yes, repeating missions is totally worth it, and many veteran players do this to farm material.


We hope that you liked our article on Azur Lane Beginner Guide With Tips And Tricks. And hopefully, through the information provided in this article, you were able to learn everything that you need to know as a beginner in Azure Lane.

That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page, and Twitter handle for the latest updates about games. 

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