Boom Village Levels in Coin Master (January 2023)

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You might have heard about the Boom Village levels in Coin Master. I have seen many people searching about the “boom level in coin master and are they exist?”.

Because the coin master’s official developer moon active never recognized boom levels in the coin master. But now, it is the perfect time to solve this confusion going on for years. So yes, Boom levels exist in Coin Master.

Let’s clear out another confusion between boom-level villages and typical villages. To understand it first, you need to understand what are boom village levels in Coin Master.

Boom Village Levels in Coin Master [Update]

Coin Master boom levels are very similar to the normal village levels, but what makes the boom village level different from the ordinary village is their enriched bonus like cards and chests.

You can find many amazing things at the Boom village level that are rare on a standard village level, like the Rare and Golden cards and many more exciting rewards. The probability of getting a rare card and golden card from the chest increases in the boom level compared to the typical village level.

Coin Master Boom Village Level list:

Boom Village Levels Village Name
5 Far east
7 Sunny Hawaii
10 Atlantis
13 Arabian nights
15 Wild west
17 Jungle
20 The arctic (Boom)
22 Candy land
27 Columbus (Big Boom)
30 India
34 Dragon Lair
35 Greek island
37 the wizard
40 Area 51
45 Musketeers (Boom)
47 Theme park
49 Hell
50 Easter
51 Japan (Big Boom)
55 Jurassic ville
57 Mongolia
60 Robin hood
61 Deep-sea
62 don Quixote
65 Olympus (Boom)
75 Unicorn (Boom)
79 Tin Soldier
83 Car Racing
87 Baba Yaga (Big Boom)
90 King Arthur (Boom)
93 Caribbean Resort
95 Egyptian Pyramids
98 Milky Way
102 Goblin Ghetto
105 Circus
107 Golf Course
110 Rice Farmer
112 Irish Craic (Boom)
115 Aztec
117 Ice Queen
122 Tennis
125 Witches
127 Zanzibar (Big Boom)
130 Argentina
135 Gymnastics
136 New York
138 Punk rock
140 Rio
141 Space pirate
142 Mech workshop
143  Jocke & Jonna
146 Monkey Kingdom (Big Boom)
149 Hercules (Boom)
151 Baker Shop
152 Billiard
153 Noah’s Ark
157 Ice Age (Big Boom)
168 Centaure
175 Babylon (Big Boom)

We will add more Boom Village levels to the list in the future. You can use this list to identify the upcoming boom village levels so you can spend your resources accordingly. In the Boom Village Levels, there is a high probability of getting rare and exciting rewards like Rare and Golden Cards, Pet’s XP, Pat Food, and Free Spins.

Why is it important to identify the Boom Village level?

As we know, the probability of getting rare rewards increases at the Boom village level. So if you already know that you are in the boom level, then it is advised to buy as many chests as possible and spend as many coins as possible to collect rare and valuable rewards like the rare and golden card, free pet food, and free spins before moving to the next village level.

So, If you know you are at the Boom village level, you can stay in the village a little longer to buy more chests and collect some exciting rewards. 

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What are the boom village levels in Coin Master?

The Boom Village Levels are the levels on which probablity of getting the rare rewards like rare card, lots of spins and pet food is pretty high.

Why boom village levels are important?

You will get good rewards on a boom village level in Coin Master. So if you know you are on a boom village level, then you can stay a little bit longer to collect the resources.


I hope you are able to identify the boom village levels in Coin Master with the help of this article and use them to your advantage. That’s it for this article. If you have any questions regarding the article then, please let us know through the comment section below.

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