Coin Master Rare Card List with Cost

In Coin Master, players have to build a village to progress in the game, and for building a village, they have to collect coins. There are many ways to collect coins in the Coin Master, like from Free Coins and Spins reward link, By participating in events, By Inviting a Friend, and By Completing a card set.

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In Coin Master, players get a different card from the chest like Golden Card, Rare Card and Sliver Card, and when players collect the set of Card, they receive rewards. The Reward for completing the card set depends on the player’s village level and the card set. Players can get Free Spins, Coins, XP and Pet Food as a Reward for completing the card set. So, Let’s look at the different types of cards in the Coin Master,

Coin Master Rare Card List with Cost

Let’s first start with Rare Card List, 

Coin Master Rare Cards List


1. Very High Rare Cards: 

  1. Armstrong
  2. Blizz
  3. Barrel tank
  4. Cosmic Carl
  5. Crusader
  6. Farmer Feng
  7. Martian Lettuce
  8. Jollu Jasper
  9. The Beast
  10. Torero
  11. Top Knut

2. High Tier Rare Cards:

  1. Aztec Princess
  2. Andromeda
  3. Elder Elk
  4. Creaky Crow
  5. Hotrod
  6. Hobby Horse
  7. Mythical Tunes
  8. Kettle
  9. Santa
  10. Punky
  11. Smoking Pipe
  12. Satyr

3. Mid Tier Rare Card

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Baby Triss
  3. Fighting Fred
  4. Excalibur
  5. Gentle Delphi
  6. Fighting Monk
  7. Kingsfoil
  8. Nessie
  9. Protly Pete
  10. Tall Tim

4. Low Tier Rare Card

  1. Evidence
  2. Cheerful Chad
  3. Flamur
  4. Flamingo
  5. Frida
  6. Fondue
  7. Gnome House
  8. Genie
  9. Jelly Fish
  10. Holy Monk
  11. Medusa
  12. Little Lenya
  13. Mighty Wizard
  14. Merry Matilda
  15. Phantom 
  16. Mythical Dome
  17. Santa’s Sled
  18. Santa’s Helper
  19. Scarecrow
  20. Silverback

5. Very Low tier Rare Cards

  1. Builder Beaver
  2. African Warrior
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Caring Cathy
  5. El tiger
  6. Diablo
  7. Kettle
  8. Holy Monk
  9. Martian Wine
  10. Magic Tree
  11. Olympias 
  12. Mastership
  13. Sneaky Jaguar
  14. Toto
  15. Pink Eddy

Coin Master Rare Card Cost List with Card Sets


Card NameCard Set NameRarityValue
ArmstrongVery High Rare
BlizzVery High Rare2 Lettuce
Barrel tankGoblinsVery High Rare2 Lettuce
Cosmic CarlVery High Rare4 Lettuce
CrusaderVery High Rare5 Lettuce
Farmer FengChinaVery High Rare1 Excalibur
Martian LettuceSandlandVery High Rare3 Excalibur
Jollu JasperVery High Rare
The BeastVery High Rare2 Lettuce
ToreroVery High Rare
Top KnutVery High Rare
Aztec PrincessAztecsHigh Tier Rare1 Excalibur
AndromedaSpaceHigh Tier Rare2 Lettuce
Elder ElkForestHigh Tier Rare1 Santa
Creaky CrowBaba YagaHigh Tier Rare1 Excalibur
HotrodHigh Tier Rare10 Lettuce
Hobby HorseToysHigh Tier Rare1 Santa
Mythical TunesHigh Tier Rare
KettleMongoliaHigh Tier Rare1 Excalibur
SantaHigh Tier Rare
PunkyHigh Tier Rare4 Lettuce
Smoking PipeSherlockHigh Tier Rare1 Excalibur
SatyrMythicalHigh Tier Rare1 Santa
CleopatraEgyptMid Tier Rare1 Excalibur
Baby TrissMid Tier Rare
Fighting FredMid Tier Rare
ExcaliburMid Tier Rare
Gentle DelphiMid Tier Rare
Fighting MonkRobin HoodMid Tier Rare1 Excalibur
KingsfoilMid Tier Rare
NessieScotlandMid Tier Rare
Protly PeteMid Tier Rare
Tall TimMid Tier Rare
EvidenceLow Tier Rare Card
Cheerful ChadLow Tier Rare Card
FlamurSwitzerlandLow Tier Rare Card1 Excalibur
FlamingoLow Tier Rare Card
FridaMexicoLow Tier Rare Card1 Excalibur
FondueSwitzerlandLow Tier Rare Card1 Lettuce
Gnome HouseLow Tier Rare Card
GenieLow Tier Rare Card
Jelly FishOceanLow Tier Rare Card1 Excalibur
Holy MonkLegendsLow Tier Rare Card1 Excalibur
MedusaLow Tier Rare Card
Little LenyaGoblinsLow Tier Rare Card1 Santa
Mighty WizardLegendsLow Tier Rare Card1 Excalibur
Merry MatildaLow Tier Rare Card
PhantomLow Tier Rare Card
Mythical DomeLow Tier Rare Card
Santa’s SledLow Tier Rare Card
Santa’s HelperLow Tier Rare Card
ScarecrowLow Tier Rare Card
SilverbackLow Tier Rare Card
Builder BeaverVery Low tier Rare
African WarriorVery Low tier Rare
CleopatraEgyptVery Low tier Rare1 Excalibur
Caring CathyVery Low tier Rare
El tigerVery Low tier Rare
DiabloVery Low tier Rare
KettleVery Low tier Rare
Holy MonkMongoliaVery Low tier Rare1 Excalibur
Martian WineVery Low tier Rare
Magic TreeVery Low tier Rare
OlympiasVery Low tier Rare
MastershipVery Low tier Rare
Sneaky JaguarVery Low tier Rare
TotoVery Low tier Rare
Pink EddyVery Low tier Rare

Note: We update the sets regularly, but Coin Master keep updating every day, so it might be possible that some details are not updated. If you have any details related to the Card Set or Cards, then Feel free to use the Comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Question about Coin Master Cards

What is the rare card in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, some cards are very difficult to get than others. So, rareness represents the probability of getting the card.

How to Get rare card in Coin Master?

There are many ways to get rare cards in Coin Master. The most popular ways to get a rare card is either from the chest or by trading the card with someone. But, check the value of your card before trading, so you don't get scammed.

I have buildI have built my village too fast and missed the important cards set, now how can I get them?d my village too fast and missed the important cards set, now how can i get them?

If you built your village too fast, then you might have missed out on some important card set. The cards you get on the Coin Master are depended on your village, so you will not get some basic cards after you reach a certain village level. So, stop building a village and buy as many chests as possible to get the cards.

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