Coin Master Rare Card List with Cost

In Coin Master, players have to build a village to progress in the game, and for building a village, they have to collect coins. There are many ways to collect coins in the Coin Master, like from Free Spins and Coins reward link, By participating in events, By Inviting a Friend, and By Completing a card set.

Coin Master Village level and Boom Villages

In Coin Master, players get a different card from the chest like Golden Card, Rare Card and Sliver Card, and when players collect the set of Card, they receive rewards. The Reward for completing the card set depends on the player’s village level and the card set. Players can get Free Spins, Coins, XP and Pet Food as a Reward for completing the card set. So, Let’s look at the different types of cards in the Coin Master,

Coin Master Rare Card List with Cost

Let’s first start with Rare Card List, 

Coin Master Rare Cards List


1. Very High Rare Cards: 

  1. Armstrong
  2. Blizz
  3. Barrel tank
  4. Cosmic Carl
  5. Crusader
  6. Farmer Feng
  7. Martian Lettuce
  8. Jollu Jasper
  9. The Beast
  10. Torero
  11. Top Knut

2. High Tier Rare Cards:

  1. Aztec Princess
  2. Andromeda
  3. Elder Elk
  4. Creaky Crow
  5. Hotrod
  6. Hobby Horse
  7. Mythical Tunes
  8. Kettle
  9. Santa
  10. Punky
  11. Smoking Pipe
  12. Satyr

3. Mid Tier Rare Card

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Baby Triss
  3. Fighting Fred
  4. Excalibur
  5. Gentle Delphi
  6. Fighting Monk
  7. Kingsfoil
  8. Nessie
  9. Protly Pete
  10. Tall Tim

4. Low Tier Rare Card

  1. Evidence
  2. Cheerful Chad
  3. Flamur
  4. Flamingo
  5. Frida
  6. Fondue
  7. Gnome House
  8. Genie
  9. Jelly Fish
  10. Holy Monk
  11. Medusa
  12. Little Lenya
  13. Mighty Wizard
  14. Merry Matilda
  15. Phantom 
  16. Mythical Dome
  17. Santa’s Sled
  18. Santa’s Helper
  19. Scarecrow
  20. Silverback

5. Very Low tier Rare Cards

  1. Builder Beaver
  2. African Warrior
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Caring Cathy
  5. El tiger
  6. Diablo
  7. Kettle
  8. Holy Monk
  9. Martian Wine
  10. Magic Tree
  11. Olympias 
  12. Mastership
  13. Sneaky Jaguar
  14. Toto
  15. Pink Eddy

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Coin Master Rare Card Cost List with Card Sets


Card Name Card Set Name Rarity Value
Armstrong Very High Rare
Blizz Very High Rare 2 Lettuce
Barrel tank Goblins Very High Rare 2 Lettuce
Cosmic Carl Very High Rare 4 Lettuce
Crusader Very High Rare 5 Lettuce
Farmer Feng China Very High Rare 1 Excalibur
Martian Lettuce Sandland Very High Rare 3 Excalibur
Jollu Jasper Very High Rare
The Beast Very High Rare 2 Lettuce
Torero Very High Rare
Top Knut Very High Rare
Aztec Princess Aztecs High Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Andromeda Space High Tier Rare 2 Lettuce
Elder Elk Forest High Tier Rare 1 Santa
Creaky Crow Baba Yaga High Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Hotrod High Tier Rare 10 Lettuce
Hobby Horse Toys High Tier Rare 1 Santa
Mythical Tunes High Tier Rare
Kettle Mongolia High Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Santa High Tier Rare
Punky High Tier Rare 4 Lettuce
Smoking Pipe Sherlock High Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Satyr Mythical High Tier Rare 1 Santa
Cleopatra Egypt Mid Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Baby Triss Mid Tier Rare
Fighting Fred Mid Tier Rare
Excalibur Mid Tier Rare
Gentle Delphi Mid Tier Rare
Fighting Monk Robin Hood Mid Tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Kingsfoil Mid Tier Rare
Nessie Scotland Mid Tier Rare
Protly Pete Mid Tier Rare
Tall Tim Mid Tier Rare
Evidence Low Tier Rare Card
Cheerful Chad Low Tier Rare Card
Flamur Switzerland Low Tier Rare Card 1 Excalibur
Flamingo Low Tier Rare Card
Frida Mexico Low Tier Rare Card 1 Excalibur
Fondue Switzerland Low Tier Rare Card 1 Lettuce
Gnome House Low Tier Rare Card
Genie Low Tier Rare Card
Jelly Fish Ocean Low Tier Rare Card 1 Excalibur
Holy Monk Legends Low Tier Rare Card 1 Excalibur
Medusa Low Tier Rare Card
Little Lenya Goblins Low Tier Rare Card 1 Santa
Mighty Wizard Legends Low Tier Rare Card 1 Excalibur
Merry Matilda Low Tier Rare Card
Phantom Low Tier Rare Card
Mythical Dome Low Tier Rare Card
Santa’s Sled Low Tier Rare Card
Santa’s Helper Low Tier Rare Card
Scarecrow Low Tier Rare Card
Silverback Low Tier Rare Card
Builder Beaver Very Low tier Rare
African Warrior Very Low tier Rare
Cleopatra Egypt Very Low tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Caring Cathy Very Low tier Rare
El tiger Very Low tier Rare
Diablo Very Low tier Rare
Kettle Very Low tier Rare
Holy Monk Mongolia Very Low tier Rare 1 Excalibur
Martian Wine Very Low tier Rare
Magic Tree Very Low tier Rare
Olympias Very Low tier Rare
Mastership Very Low tier Rare
Sneaky Jaguar Very Low tier Rare
Toto Very Low tier Rare
Pink Eddy Very Low tier Rare

Note: We update the sets regularly, but Coin Master keep updating every day, so it might be possible that some details are not updated. If you have any details related to the Card Set or Cards, then Feel free to use the Comment section below.

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Carroll Morning

I have spent over 80,000,000,000 in the last 5 days . All I get is junk white cards and and gold cards that I have. I never get new gold cards never I try different ways they say and nothing works for me. What’s the best way to get new gold and rare cards.


hi Carroll … I’m not sure how up to date this site is. My group are finding that certain cards are rare that aren’t even mentioned in this list (Lenny the Lefty, Painter’s Palette, Marble Man) and I have no idea what he’s talking about when he mentions the value (lettuce, excalibur.) As far as getting cards I try to use all options available (quests, trades, buying chests, etc.) Less than a week ago when I was around village 140 something I was able to close 3 sets in less than 24 hours: one via a quest which cost me 66 Billion just for the last quest to get the card; one via a 75 card trade (got Spain for 5000 spins!); and buying chests – I only spent 800 Million (not Billion) and got a needed Gold card! Since then I’ve spent over 30 Billion on chests and got nothing.

Vr suthar

Golden card nhi mill rhe yrr

Amor Lara

Play viking quest


Flamingo , mighty wizard , holy monk