Diamond Heist in Coin Master: Get Free Spins, Coins and XP

Coin Master is constantly looking for ways to get free spins and coins to grow their village faster. If you are also looking for ways to get free spins and coins, you should use a diamond heist event to get free spins and coins. The Diamond Heist in Coin Master is the easiest way to get free spins and coins.

The Diamond Heist is not an event in Coin Master, but it is more like a gift or a Paid way to increase your Spins and Coins stacks faster. Sometimes you will need to spend real money to collect an offer, and sometimes offers will be free or require you to spend coins to unlock.

Diamond Heist in Coin Master: Get Free Spins, Coins and XP

The Diamond Heist offer appears with a different name in Coin Master. Sometimes, it is called under attack or safe to fly or under attack. You will find diamond heist offers with the three offers included in one. In the Diamond Heist deal, you can reveal the next deal once you finish the existing deal. You might be wondering then, “how this diamond heist works”?

Coin Master Diamond Heist

As discussed earlier, the heist reward consists of the three offers, and you have to unlock the first offer to claim the second and consecutively, you have to open the second offer to claim the third offer. The cost of each offer will be different, and you will be getting one offer or all for free. The first offer will be free to claim most of the time, but it changes from time to time.

How to Get more rewards from the Diamond Heist in Coin Master?

The best way to play Diamond Heist in Coin Master is to claim the free offer and leave. As all others will cost you real money, and it is not worth it. Most of the time first offer will be free, so claim it and leave and if the first offer is not free, then one offer from then one of the other two will be free but don’t spend money to get to the free offer as the free spins you can get from these offers are too low and does not worth spending real money. There are many other ways to get Free Spins and Coins in Coin Master, which do not require you to spend money and reward you with lots of Spins and Coins.

Note: If it requires you to spend Coins to unlock an offer, then you can collect offers as it is worth spending coins to collect some extra spins. 

You can use daily Free spins and Coins reward links to collect your daily Free Spins and Coins. That’s it for this article. If you can any questions or feedback regarding this post, then feel to use the comment section below.

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