How to Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

Curious what is Ghost mode in Coin Master? Want to know everything about the Ghost Mode? Then you landed in the right place. So, stay with us to know everything about the Ghost Mode.

If you want to play Coin Master like a pro, then you surely need to know everything about the Ghost Mode. The Coin Master comes with many features, but apart from the official functions, the Coin Master community had founded many tips and tricks. Like Coin Master Free Spin, Free pet food, and Ghost is one of them. So if you want to become a pro in Coin Master, then these tips and tricks are essential for you.

Before we jump into how you can use user Ghost mode and it’s advantages, let’s take a moment to understand what Ghost Mode?

What is Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

The official developer of the Coin Master does not recognize the Ghost mode as the function, but the many players around the world use it.

Ghost Mode is the trick in Coin Master. It allows users to take the Coin Master account off the track so it can’t be searched or traced by friends anywhere. So, it is like playing a game like Ghost where no one can track you.

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Advantages of Coin Master?

Ghost allows you to go off the track in coin Master so your friend can’t trace or search you. That’s the most significant advantage of the ghost mode.

Ghost Mode can be helpful when you are playing Coin Master with your friend, and you are saving billions of coins for the next event. Then there is a slight chance that anyone from your friend list might raid your village and loot billions of coins that you have saved.

That’s quite frustrating and heartbreaking. That’s is where ghost mode comes into the play; it allows you to play Coin Master without getting noticed by anyone. So, you can play and save coins for the next event without worrying about the raid.

How to Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master

How to activate ghost mode in Coin Master?

Here’s your guide on “How to activate Ghost Mode or how to hide a village in Coin Master,”

  1. Close the Coin Master Game and open the Facebook app.
  2. Go to the settings of the Facebook app.
  3. In settings, tap on the App and website.
  4. Now, click on the logged in with Facebook.
  5. Remove Coin Master by selecting it and then clicking on the remove button.
  6. Now, open Coin Master.
  7. If the game asks for the login page, then instead of Facebook login, use guest mode.
  8. Now, enjoy Coin Master without worrying about the big raids by your friends.

Congratulation!! You have successfully activated the Ghost Mode. After starting the ghost mode, you can still see your friends on the friend list, but that doesn’t mean that they can see you. If you interact with any of your friends, then you will be kicked out of the ghost mode.

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Note: If you login in the Coin Master again with the Facebook then you will be no longer in the ghost mode.

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