How to get Free Rare and Golden card in Coin Master?

Coin Master offers many free rewards to its users like Free Spins, Free Pet Food, Coins, Cards, etc. If you are looking for ways to get “Free Rare and the golden card in Coin Master”, then you landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to share the “Best ways to get Free Rare and Golden Card in the Coin Master“.

If you want to keep winning in the Coin Master, you need to collect golden and rare cards as you will get a big bonus when you finish the card collection. Here is your guide for “Coin Master cards and how to get free Rare and Golden cards” in the Coin Master. Let’s start with what golden cards are first, and let’s see why are they are so important.

Rare and Golden Card in Coin Master, and why are they important?

You will need rare and golden cards to finish the card collection in the coin master. When you complete the card collection in the coin master, you will receive free spins and coins.

Rare cards help you finish some rare card collections, and on top of that, they will give many bonuses like coin master free spin, free pet food, and XP.



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  • Items
  • Beasts
  • Status
  • Creatures
  • Sweets
  • Pets

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How to get Free Rare Card and Golden Card in Coin Master?

As per the name, the Rare Card is very Rare in Coin Master, and chances of getting a rare card are pretty low. The Rare Card is tough to get in the coin master. In comparison to rare cards, you can collect golden cards more easily. Here are some Best ways you can use to get Rare cards and golden cards for free.

1. Buy Chest

There is a very slight chance of getting a golden and rare card from the Chest. But you can increase your chances by buying as many chests as possible in every village. Even if you don’t get the rare or golden card from the Chest, there much other exciting bonuses like spins, coins, cards, and many others.

So, if you need a Rare or Golden Card desperately, then buying a chest seems to be the only best option.

2. Trade Chests

If buying a chest is doesn’t work for you, then trading might! Trade chests with the coin master community or tell your friends to gift them. You can also gift chests to your friends. 

3. Trade Cards on the Facebook group

Coin Master trade Cards

Coin Master has a vast community on social media. You can trade cards with the coin master community on social media. There are many card trading groups on Facebook for Coin Master. Some of the coin master trading group has more than 1 million members. The group members help each other by gifting coins and cards, which they don’t need anymore.

4. Participate in the social media giveaway

Groups and pages on social media are not only used for trading the cards, but they also frequently organize the giveaway. You can find these types of groups on Facebook and Reddit.

Do join these giveaways to increase the chance of getting Rare and Golden Card.

5. Wait for the Card Boom

You can get Rare and Gold cards more easily during the Coin Master Card Boom event from chests. So, spend the coins on buying the card chests during the card boom event to get the rare and gold cards. 

6. Collect the daily reward

Coin Master rewards their users with daily free rewards. You can collect many exciting rewards from Coin Master Daily Free Rewards like Free Spins, Coins, Cards, XP, and Free Pet food. So, don’t forget to collect the daily reward to grow fast in Coin Master.

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Sarah Price

I keep tried buy chest card for golden cant do it for long time aint win golden 🥲 well what i can do golden card


Golden card




Painters plattee


You didn’t mention winning a tournament. Lately each tournament usually offers a gold card that will finish your lowest open set often. Or sometimes a middle open set. This means it is a rarest gold card. Or you missed it in a lower level not buying enough chests and playing long enough to get raid chests. I’ve gotten rare gold cards in wooden chests in raids. In boom levels.

Also level 5 of viking quest is offering a normal gold card not usually rare but often helpful. And winning viking quest is giving a rare that usually completes a set. I have found my card in the middle of a tournament and had the tournament change to a new one making it still worth going after

Play one tournament hard as you can! Complete it and get the card.

Place top 3 and get a special chest with usually about a 1 in 40-50 chance of having a joker, and 1-20 of having a good new gold card in it. Plus way bigger spin bonus and more xp… You don’t have to place top 3 to get the grand prize and often won’t . Usually need to keep playing for the event to get the top 3


been buying a lot of chest for last three week not even a single new card..discouraging though..


What are the boom villages after 184?

Stacey Albright

What levels are boom in the 200’s. I’m on 206 and don’t know which level is a boom and not sure where I should focus. It’s very frustrating.

Amy Colley

What does boom villages and which levels is it on???

Anil rout

Need help to get whale party golden card





How do you trade chest?