How to win Big in Coin Master Coin Craze Event?

Coin Master has various amazing events like Viking Quest, Village Mania, Village Master, Attack Madness, Raid Madness, and many more. But, there are many small events also like Coin Master Coin Craze and many others.

In Coin Master, most of the players primarily focus on the big events in which they can win lots of free spins, Coins, XP, and other rewards in the events and ignores the mini Event or side quests like Coin Craze. But, these mini-events also provide a good opportunity to increase your Coins, Spins, and other Reward Stacks. So, in this article, let’s look at the Coin Craze event in Coin Master and how to win big in it. So, Let’s begin,

Coin Master Coin Craze Event: Stack Coins

Coin Master Coin Craze

Coin Craze events reward you with a 150% or 200% reward for Raids, Attacks, and Spins, which is a great opportunity to stack Coins for upcoming big events or build your village. You will mostly get a Coin Craze as a reward during the events or sometimes from the Daily free Spins reward links. You can recognize the Coin Craze event from the little gold icon.

How to win Big in Coin Master Coin Craze event

The Coin Craze event gives you a bonus reward for every raid, attack, or spins. So, When you get the Coin Craze event, make sure only activate it when you have enough time to play as the duration of the Coin Craze event is very low as sometimes you will get it for 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Coin Craze rewards

If you got the Coin Craze from the Free Spins reward link, then make sure to use it before the link get expired as these links only work for a couple of days or hours.

When you get the Coin Craze event, start spinning the wheel while betting the maximum until you get a Raid option. Then after doing a Raid, start spinning the wheel with a minimum bet 10-20 times and if you don’t get the Raid option, then change your Bet to maximum and start spinning.

That’s it for this article. Let us know your strategy to play events in Coin Master and if you have any questions or feedback regarding the article, then Feel free to use the comment section below.

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