Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a highly popular game on iOS and Android. It features tough trick questions and requires creative problem-solving. From finding hidden objects to solving math problems, the game challenges players with each level. It has a sequel called Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers & Solutions for All Levels

In this article, we will explore the Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and unravel the hidden solutions that await. Join us as we decipher the enigmatic riddles, teasing our brains and pushing the boundaries of logic and creativity.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 1 – 50:

Level 1: The Largest Animal

Identify the largest animal among all the options. In this level, the lion stands out as the correct answer. Observing both the image and real-life proportions, the lion is the largest animal depicted, taking up the most space and showcasing its majestic presence. This level encourages players to carefully observe and analyze details to progress successfully in the game.

Level 2: Make the flower blossom

To make the flower blossom, you need to move the clouds out of the way to reveal the sun. There are approximately five clouds that need to be moved in order to expose the sun. This level encourages players to interact with the game environment and think about cause and effect.

Level 3: Elephant in the Fridge

To place the elephant inside the fridge, simply open the fridge by tapping the handle and gently place the elephant inside. There are no tricks involved since the elephant is already small enough to fit comfortably.

Level 4: Which one is closest to us?

The moon is the correct answer for this question. Tapping on the moon is the right choice because it is closest to the word “us” in the question. It appears much closer than the clouds do. This level challenges players to consider spatial relationships and think about perspective.

Level 5: Accurately count the pizza slices

To accurately count the pizza slices, players must use their finger to move the visible slices out of the way, revealing any hidden slices. There are a total of 9 slices of pizza to count. This level tests players’ attention to detail and ability to uncover hidden elements.

Level 6: Overtaking the Second-Place Racer

To solve this level, overtake the second-place racer to claim the second position. By doing so, the racer who was previously in second place will now be in third place, which was your original position.

Level 7: Sliding the Arrow to Unlock

Despite the arrow being drawn in a way that suggests sliding it to the right, the solution is to slide the arrow to the left. Move the arrow out of the box and off the screen to unlock the level.

Level 8: Feeding the “Cat”

To feed the “cat,” place the cat treat/cookie over the word “cat” in the question. Disregard the cat picture and the fence.

Level 9: Creating a Green Ball

Initially, there is no green ball available. You only have red, yellow, and blue balls. However, you can combine the yellow and blue balls together to form a green ball. Merge the yellow ball and the blue ball to discover the green ball.

Level 10: Identifying the Unusual Feature in the Picture

To identify the unusual aspect of the picture, focus on the hands of each character. Specifically, observe the jester on the right side. You will notice that the jester has six fingers on one hand, as depicted in the picture below. This abnormality distinguishes the jester from the other characters.

Level 11: The Longest Month

Identify the longest month based on its word length. In this level, February stands out as the answer. Although it is the shortest month in terms of days, it holds the record for the longest name among all the months. This level challenges players to consider different aspects and not just rely on common assumptions.

Level 12: Catching Falling Apples

Catch the falling apples by tapping only those that are descending. Be careful not to tap the rising apples, as each tap on a rising apple deducts one apple from your count. The objective is to catch a total of 5 falling apples. Pay attention and tap strategically to successfully complete this level.

Level 13: Tom’s Mighty Leap

Help Tom the cat jump to the other side by providing him with a mushroom. Drag the mushroom from the right side of the screen to Tom, causing him to grow in size. Once he has grown, tap the jump button to initiate his leap. Assist Tom in his adventure using this clever solution.

Level 14: Deactivating the Kettle

Turn off the dangerous kettle by tapping the red button located on its front. The cord and scissors are mere distractions, serving no purpose in this level. Focus on the essential task of locating and tapping the on/off button to safely deactivate the kettle.

Level 15: Solving the Math Equation

Solve the math equation by following the order of operations, known as PEMDAS. Perform the multiplication first before addition and subtraction. Applying this rule to the equation 4+5*5-2 yields solution 27. Approach the level with a systematic approach to successfully solve the equation.

Level 16: Tapping in Order

To tap the numbers in the correct order, capture a screenshot of your phone screen when the numbers are displayed. After the numbers disappear, refer back to the screenshot and tap the numbers in the given order. Utilize this visual aid to maintain the required sequence for completing the level.

Level 17: Revealing the Hidden Number

In the equation 5-15-25-(rock)-100, locate the hidden number by tapping the rock. Then, swipe your finger across the screen to move the rock aside, revealing the number hidden behind it. The hidden number in this case is 40. Employ your observational skills and uncover the solution to progress.

Level 18: Counting Months with 28 Days

Determine the number of months that have 28 days. The answer is 12 months. Each month, including February, has a minimum of 28 days. The question does not specify “exactly 28 days” but rather emphasizes that every month contains at least this number of days.

Level 19: Rescuing the Boy

Save the boy by using the shovel to dig on the left side of the grassy area. Insert the shovel into the hill, causing it to dig up and reveal a hidden bone. Offer the bone to the dog, effectively distracting it and ensuring the boy’s safety. Employ this solution to successfully complete the level.

Level 20: Spotting the Black Sheep

To identify the black sheep, simply take the word “black” from the question and place it on any of the sheep, transforming it into a black sheep. You have the flexibility to choose any sheep to successfully complete this level.

Level 21: Last Letter in “Spelling”

To determine the last letter in the word “spelling,” simply identify that the final letter is ‘g.’ The question specifically refers to the word “spelling” itself, rather than the last letter of the alphabet.

Level 22: Spotting the Intruder

The cat party has an uninvited guest! The rat located on the left side of the picture is the intruder. Identify it with the highlighted red circle.

Level 23: Rescuing Her

To save her, combine the two clouds in the sky to create a thunderstorm. The resulting lightning will strike the robber and rescue the girl.

Level 24: Catching the Mouse

To catch the mouse, use the arrow buttons to maneuver the cat around the perimeter of the maze. Since there are no paths inside the maze, the cat can catch the mouse by patrolling its outer edges.

Level 25: Feeding Tom the Cat

Tom the cat is hungry again. Feed him by placing the cat food can on the hot plate to cook it. Once it’s ready, give the cooked food to the cat.

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles 26

Level 26: Igniting Love

To make them fall in love, bring the balloon close to the wedding rings. The sharpness of the diamond will pop the balloon, symbolizing the blossoming of their love.

Level 27: Improving the Dice Roll

To achieve a better dice roll, shake the phone to re-roll the dice. The dice will land with two sixes, giving you an advantageous outcome.

Level 28: Clicking on the Calves

Bring the two cows together, and four calves will emerge. Tap each calf individually to complete the level.

Level 29: Finding the “Right” Cat

To identify the cat on the right, swipe the cats from right to left using one or more fingers. This action will move the cats, allowing you to locate the actual cat positioned on the right.

Level 30: Spotting the Differences

Be prepared to be tricked by the game as there are no differences between the two pictures. They are identical, challenging your perception and attention to detail.

Level 31: Counting the Holes in the Shirt

To determine the number of holes in the shirt, consider the following: two holes for the sleeves, one for the waist opening, one for the neck opening, and two holes in the front and back of the shirt. This totals to eight holes.

Level 32: Evaluating the Equation

Among the given equations, the correct one is 3+8=11. Disregard the other equations and focus on solving this one correctly.

Level 33: Assisting the Car across the Bridge

To help the car cross the bridge, start by tapping the car to initiate its movement. Then, place your finger on the cracked portion of the bridge. The car will be able to cross without breaking the bridge since your finger acts as support, holding everything together.

Level 34: Navigating through Zombies

To help him reach the car while avoiding the zombies, move him to the top right corner of the screen. Lure the zombies to that area, and then maneuver him around the group of zombies to reach the car.

Level 35: Opening the Soda

To open the soda, shake the phone until the soda bottle explodes, allowing access to the drink.

Level 36: Spotting the Cat Above the Text

To locate the cat positioned above the text, simply use your finger to scroll down and move the entire question below the three cats. By doing so, all three cats will then be visually positioned above the text. Apply this solution to successfully identify the cat in this level.

Level 37: Determining the Number

To find the answer, count all the squares and semi-squares but exclude the bottom and left (or top and right) squares. The answer is 4.

Level 38: Illuminating the Dark

In the darkness, locate the cat by grabbing the lightbulb located in the top right corner of the screen with your finger. Drag the lightbulb all over the screen to gradually illuminate the surroundings. Once the screen is fully lit, you will be able to find the cat.

Level 39: Stop the Clock

To finish the level before time runs out, tap the clock repeatedly until it breaks. By doing so, the clock will stop working, and without a functioning stopwatch, time will never run out. Once the clock is broken, tap the car, and when it crosses the finish line, you will successfully pass the stage.

Level 40: Preparing for Guests

To ensure everything is ready before the guests arrive, use your finger to rub the dirty wine glasses until they become clean and start sparkling.

Level 41: Where’s the Rabbit?

To answer the question of where the rabbit is, assemble a vegetable sculpture resembling a rabbit. Place the eyes on the cabbage, use the two carrots as ears, and position the white carrot as the nose below the eyes. When arranged correctly, the vegetables will form a sculpture that resembles a rabbit, indicating the right answer.

Level 42: The Largest Possible Number

The equations provided in the question are irrelevant and only intended to confuse you. Ignore them entirely. The largest possible number is 999.

Level 43: Stop the Crying Baby

To stop the crying of the baby, hold the phone upside down. As you do so, the tears will magically return to the baby’s eyes, and it will stop crying. This action pacifies the baby and brings tranquility.

Level 44: Find the Chocolate Egg

To find the chocolate egg, tap on each one of the eggs multiple times. By doing so, one of the eggs will eventually break, revealing a spill of chocolate hidden within.

Level 45: Timmy’s Oatmeal

Timmy is hungry, but the oatmeal is too hot and unappetizing. Enhance the oatmeal’s flavor and cool it down by adding some salt and ice water. Mix them into the porridge, and Timmy will cheerfully eat the improved oatmeal.

Level 46: Carsick Monkey

To identify the carsick monkey, shake the phone. The movement will cause one of the monkeys to become carsick, helping you distinguish it from the others.

Level 47: Securing Victory for the Blue Car

Ensure blue’s victory in the race against yellow and red by tapping on the protruding nitrous capsule. Once it emerges, deliver it to the blue car, then tap the go button to witness the blue car’s triumph.

Level 48: Help the Turtle

To assist the turtle that is flipped on its back, flip your phone screen face down. The screen orientation change will correspondingly turn the turtle right side up, resolving its predicament.

Level 49: Red Wins the Race

To make the red win the race, drag the word “red” from the question into the race. The question did not specify making the red car itself win the race; it only required the inclusion of the word “red.” By incorporating it into the race, you fulfill the objective.

Level 50: Burn Everything

To burn everything, grab the torch provided and use it to burn the word “everything” in the question. You may also choose to burn the couch, stuffed animal, and other items present, but their destruction is irrelevant to passing the level.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 51 – 100:

Level 51: Help Jack Pass the Exam

Jack did not study for the exam but needs to pass it. Place one finger on Jack’s head, then drag it over to the girl’s paper. By doing so, you help Jack look at the girl’s paper and steal her answers, increasing his chances of passing.

Level 52: The Strongest Building

To identify the strongest building, shake the phone. As a result, all but one of the buildings will collapse. The building that remains standing after the shake is the one that possesses the greatest strength.

Level 53: Flipping the Nine

Flip the nine in the question “we need nine apples” over to transform it into a six. To achieve this, tap the digit 9 and move your finger around until the 9 becomes an upright 6. Once flipped, the six apples will be sufficient to meet the requirement.

Level 54: Order of Taps

To solve this level, follow these steps in order: First, tap on the circle colored red. Then, tap on the circle colored yellow. Finally, tap on the circle with the word “red” inside of it. Pay attention to the fact that in the third question, the color is enclosed in quotes, while in the first two questions, the colors don’t have quotes.

Level 55: Making Way for the Bus

To allow the truck/bus to pass through, use the pinch gesture on the screen to zoom out and shrink the size of the bus. Once it is small enough to fit, slide the bus through the gate, and it will pass through easily.

Level 56: Counting the Eggs

To determine the number of eggs, drag your finger upward on each of the eggs. One of the eggs will reveal a kid with a bald head, indicating that it is not a real egg. Therefore, there are seven real eggs to be counted.

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles 57

Level 57: Scissor vs. Paper and Rock

In this challenge, the scissors must defeat both the paper and the rock. To achieve this, place the two rocks on top of the two papers, causing them to disappear. Then, put the two papers on the pair of scissors, making the papers vanish as well. Now, only the scissors remain, ensuring their victory.

Level 58: Stopping the Alien Invasion

To halt the alien invasion, tap on all of the aliens that appear on the screen. However, be careful not to tap the cats. Focus on eliminating the aliens while sparing the feline creatures.

Level 59: Helping the Narrator

To assist the narrator in achieving victory, tap on the circles that spell out “VIC,” “TO,” and “RY,” in that specific order. By tapping on these circles accordingly, you contribute to the narrator’s success.

Level 60: Assisting the Poor Man

To enable the poor man to use the bathroom, interact with the women’s bathroom sign. Take the skirt off the sign, transforming it into a men’s bathroom sign. This alteration provides the poor man with access to the appropriate restroom.

Level 61: Correcting the Equation

Tap the cannon to reposition it, then tap the wick to shoot the first “X”. Repeat this process to shoot the second “X”. Each shot will rotate the “X” and transform the equation into 15+15+15=45, which is the correct and accurate equation.

Level 62: Twice in a Week, Once in a Year, and Never in a Month

The answer to the riddle “What occurs twice in a week, once in a year, and never in a month?” is the letter “E.” The letter “E” appears twice in the word “week,” once in the word “year,” and does not appear in the word “month.”

Level 63: Removing Sticks to Form “TEN”

To remove six sticks and form the word “TEN” using the remaining matchsticks, focus on removing sticks strategically. By removing the appropriate sticks, the remaining ones will arrange themselves to spell out “TEN” in all capital letters.

Level 64: Helping the Flying Frog

To assist the frog in flying, place your finger over its nose and hold it there for five seconds. This action will cause the frog to inflate and fly away, reminiscent of the scene from the movie Shrek.

Level 65: Feeding the Cat Again

The cat is still hungry in this level. To feed it once more, open the left side of the matchbox lid. Then, take a match and strike it against the rough part of the box to light it. Light the cannon fuse with the match, and as the cannon fires, tilt the platform to drop the mouse into the cat’s mouth, satisfying its hunger.

Level 66: Obtaining Nine Candies

To obtain nine candies, tap the lid of the container to open it. Then, flip the phone over, causing three candies to fall out. Repeat this process three more times to make a total of nine candies fall out of the container.

Level 67: Ordering the Numbers

To click on the numbers from lowest to highest, start by clicking on the number that appears at the bottom, and continue clicking on the numbers in ascending order until you reach the number at the top. In this case, “lowest to highest” refers to the order of the shot height.

Level 68: Remembering the Birthday Present

In this level, you didn’t forget the birthday present. Instead, give the birthday boy the daily gift box, and he will be happy with the surprise gift.

Level 69: Ordering Animals by Size

To click on the animals from smallest to biggest, begin by tapping the mouse, followed by the lion, and finally the elephant. Once you have clicked on these animals in the correct order, submit your response. However, refrain from clicking on the tree since it is not an animal.

Level 70: Adjusting the Equation

To make the equation work, place the number 70 from the level number next to the 50. This will transform the equation into 1000 + 7050 = 8050, which is the correct solution.

Level 71: Assisting the Mother Lion

To help the mother lion, remove the father lion’s mane and place it on the mother. As a result, the lion cubs will all go over to the father lion instead, satisfying the mother lion’s need for a break.

Level 72: Counting the Shapes

In this picture, there are no squares present; all the shapes are triangles. Therefore, you should type “zero” and hit submit to indicate that there are zero squares in the picture.

Level 73: Quickly Pressing the Button

To quickly press the button 100 times, remove the “100” from the question and place it directly on the button. By doing so, you only need to press the button once, as it now represents pressing it 100 times.

Level 74: Helping the Fishermen

To assist the fishermen in catching a fish, tap the apples to split them in half. One of the apples will reveal a worm inside. Take the worm and place it on the hook at the end of the fishing line. By doing this, the fisherman will be able to catch a fish.

Level 75: Cheering Up the Girl

To cheer up the girl, manipulate the clock by winding it backward using the small hand (the hour hand). By reversing the time, the food that she burned will suddenly appear unburned, brightening her mood.

Level 76: Counting the Rectangles

To determine the number of rectangles in the picture, move the rectangles away from each other and count them individually. In total, there are four rectangles present.

Level 77: Revealing the Hidden Balls

Although you may not see them initially, there are a total of ten balls in the picture. Seven of the balls are deep inside the basket and blocked from view, which is why they are not visible at first glance.

Level 78: Thinking in 3D

When considering the cubes in a three-dimensional perspective, there are a total of ten cubes in the picture, including the ones that may not be immediately visible.

Level 79: Turning on the TV

To turn on the TV, place one finger on each end of the charging cable, utilizing two fingers in total. The human body acts as a conductor of electricity, allowing the TV to power on. Note that this method should not be attempted in real life, as it can be dangerous and result in an electric shock.

Level 80: Lighting Two Candles

To light two candles for Jim’s second birthday, start by lighting the middle candle with the match. Then, grab the middle candle and use it to light one of the other candles, ensuring that two candles are lit.

Level 81: Ensuring Victory for the Left Boxer

To secure a win for the boxer on the left, grab an iron ball from one of the corners, place it inside his glove, and then press the fight button.

Level 82: Making the Equation X/Y=4 Correct

In this level, you need to modify the equation “X/Y=4” to make it correct. Drag the “82” from the level counter at the top and replace “X” with 8 and “Y” with 2. This results in the equation “8/2=4,” which is a true statement.

Level 83: Stopping the Fight

To put an end to the fight, use two fingers to grab the cookie and split it in half by pulling your fingers apart. By dividing the cookie, both of the kids involved in the fight will have their fair share, resolving the conflict.

Level 84: Determining the Number of Letters

If ET leaves the word “alphabet,” the result will be a six-letter word.

Level 85: Showing Patience

To demonstrate your patience in this level, all you need to do is refrain from taking any action for approximately 30 seconds. By patiently waiting without tapping or interacting with anything, you will automatically pass the level.

Level 86: Helping the Overslept Birdie

In this level, the birdie has overslept. To shake the tree and wake up the birdie, hold the branch that the bird is perched on with your finger to prevent it from breaking. While keeping the branch stable, shake your phone gently. The movement will simulate shaking the tree and prompt the birdie to wake up.

Level 87: Finding the Mistake

To identify the mistake in this level, tap on the “i” in the word “mistake” in the question itself. The error lies in the fact that the letter “i” does not have a dot, unlike a regular lowercase “i.” By selecting the “i” in “mistake,” you point out the mistake.

Level 88: Determining the Victor

In the confrontation between 100 knights and 100 barbarians, take the number “100” from “100 knights” and place it on top of the “100” in “100 barbarians.” This action signifies that the 100 knights triumph over the 100 barbarians.

Level 89: Letting the Cat In

To allow the cat to enter through the door, tap on the door repeatedly to knock on it. Afterwards, wait for about five to ten seconds, and then shake your phone gently. The combination of knocking and shaking will open the door, granting access to the cat.

Level 90: Illuminating the Room

To turn on all of the lights in the room, start by sliding the right light off the screen. Then, tap the switches until both of the remaining lights are turned on. By following this sequence, all the lights will be illuminated.

Level 91: Completing the “Level”

In this level, you need to complete the word “level” from the given “level” To achieve this, drag the second “L” from the level counter at the top of the screen and place it in the appropriate position to form the word “level.”

Level 92: Clicking the Blue Button

To click the blue button six times, repeatedly tap it until the red button appears. Once the red button is visible, slide it away by dragging it, and then resume tapping the blue button. By following this sequence, you will have clicked the blue button six times.

Level 93: Solving 25 = 10

To solve the equation “25 = 10,” disregard the numbers “35” and “65” present in the question. Instead, focus on reversing the first equation given, which is “10 = 25.” By reversing it, you establish the correct statement that “25 = 10.”

Level 94: Satisfying the Ice Cream Craving

To provide the girl with ice cream, start by spinning the party hat on the boy’s head upside down. Then, take the girl’s hair and place it on top of the hat, resembling an ice cream cone. Finally, hand the transformed hat to the girl, fulfilling her desire for ice cream.

Level 95: Removing Curiosity’s Effect

In this level, curiosity affects the cat, causing it to fall off. You can also make it fall by taking the word “curiosity” from the question and dragging it over the cat. Once the word is placed on top of the cat, it will mimic the effect of curiosity and knock off the cat.

Level 96: Obtaining Mayo

To acquire some mayo, invert your phone or tablet and shake it as if you were trying to pour sauce from a bottle. By shaking the device in this manner, you symbolically simulate the process of obtaining mayo.

Level 97: Assisting in Catching the Rabbit

To help the character catch the rabbit, grab the rabbit trap and position it between the rabbit and the carrots. Then, tap on the box of carrots, attracting the rabbit’s attention. As the rabbit runs toward the carrots, it will be caught in the trap, successfully caught by the character.

Level 98: Relieving the Crying Baby’s Gas

When faced with a crying baby suspected of having gas, soothe the baby by gently rubbing its belly for approximately 5-10 seconds. This action helps alleviate the discomfort caused by gas, making the baby comfortable and happy once again.

Level 99: Calculating Dinner Seating

In order to determine the minimum number of chairs needed for dinner, consider the following: Granny (1 chair) + children (3 chairs) + spouses and their children (6 chairs) + aunt (1 chair) = a total of 11 chairs. The narrator is one of the children’s children, and thus included in the count.

Level 100: The Cat’s Child

In this level, the cat’s child is still considered a cat. Despite being a baby cat, the game only accepts the term “cat” and does not recognize “kitten” or “kitty” as valid answers.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 101 – 150:

Level 101: Sharing Apples

To distribute apples to all the kids without emptying the plate, follow these steps: Tap one apple, then tap the other apple. This action will give apples to two of the kids. Finally, drag the plate with the remaining apple on it and place it in front of the third kid. By doing so, all the kids will have apples without the plate being empty.

Level 102: Finding the Socks

To locate the hidden socks in the picture, zoom out multiple times to widen your view. The socks are positioned far to the left of everything else, making them initially invisible. Once you have zoomed out enough, you will be able to see the socks. Simply tap on them to complete the level.

Level 103: Tom’s Flying Adventure

To help Tom the cat fulfill his desire to fly, place Tom on the right side of the seesaw. Then, take the anvil and position it high above the left side of the seesaw. Release the anvil, causing it to fall and propel Tom into the air, enabling him to “fly.”

Level 104: Feeding Them All

To feed all the characters in this level, follow these steps: Give the leaf to the grasshopper. Then, give the grasshopper to the mouse. Finally, give the mouse to the cat. By feeding each creature in sequence, you will have successfully fed them all.

Level 105: Brothers and Sisters

In this level, each of the brothers has a sister, and since they are all brothers, there is only one sister among them. Therefore, the total number of siblings is six, including the sister.

Level 106: Soup Mishap

To address the soup-related predicament, observe the loose screw on the right side of the shelf where the coffee cup is placed. Tap on the screw to loosen it, causing the coffee cup to fall and hit the person’s foot. While the person is yelling in pain, take the bowl and position it near their mouth.

Level 107: Calculating Total Cost

To determine the total cost, focus on the relevant numbers and ignore the extra zeroes. Add up the following amounts: 0.01 + 0.02 + 0.02 + 0.55 + 0.40 + 0.50, which totals $1.50. Then, add the remaining $10.50 to that amount, resulting in a total cost of $12.

Level 108: Saving the Narrator’s Mom

To catch the mouse before the narrator’s mom suffers a heart attack, tap on the two valves connected to the empty pipes to close them off. Then tap on the mouse to make it retreat inside. Act swiftly and close the third valve to trap and catch the mouse.

Level 109: Creating a Rectangle

In order to construct a rectangle, move the rhombus with one pointed side to the top part of the paper cutter. Then, lower the rhombus down onto the blade. As a result, the blade will cut a rectangular piece from the rhombus, forming a rectangle.

Level 110: Retrieving the Wallet

To assist the man in retrieving his wallet, start by placing one finger inside the alligator’s mouth to hold it open. Then, use another finger to move the man’s hand, guiding it towards the wallet. Ensure you hold the alligator’s mouth open, as releasing it will result in the alligator biting the man’s hand.

Level 111: Crossing the River

To help the car cross the river, locate the cloud positioned behind the tree. Move the cloud over the sun to freeze the river. Once the river is frozen, tap on the car to allow it to safely cross.

Level 112: Feeding the Fish

To feed each fish one donut, begin by giving one donut to a fish. Repeat this action for the other three fish. Remember, you cannot feed two donuts to the same fish.

Level 113: Starting the Video

The narrator is unable to start the video. To assist them, grab the purple “video” button, typically used to watch an ad for lightbulbs, and drag it up to the laptop computer. This action will initiate the video.

Level 114: Warming Up the Coffee

To warm up the cold coffee, position the two mirrors diagonally. The top mirror should face the coffee, while the bottom mirror faces the flashlight. Tap the flashlight to turn it on, directing the light towards the coffee and heating it up.

Level 115: Framing the Colored Objects

To find a frame for all the colored objects, place the red square in the appropriate silhouette that matches its shape. Next, position the green and blue triangles on opposite sides of the same silhouette where the red square is located. Both triangles will fit inside the silhouette, providing a frame for all the colored objects.

Level 116: Making 9 + 3 = 5

To make the equation 9 + 3 = 5 work, move one matchstick from the plus sign (+) to transform it into a minus sign (-). This will change the equation to 8 – 3 = 5, which is mathematically correct.

Level 117: Order of Fruits

To determine the order in which to click on the fruits, consider the number of each fruit in the picture. Start by tapping on the apple (1 fruit), followed by the cherries (2 fruits), then the bananas (3 fruits), and finally the grapes (a bunch). Once you have clicked on the fruits in the correct order, submit your answer.

Level 118: Birthday Age

To determine the correct age of the birthday child, drag the candles upward to reveal a hidden cake. Count the number of candles actually placed in the cake, which is five. Change the number to 5 and select “OK” to provide the true age.

Level 119: Target Practice

To assist the person in hitting the target, perform a zoom-in motion on the target by spreading your fingers outward. This action will make the target larger. Once the target is enlarged, tap on the person to shoot the arrow and successfully hit the target.

Level 120: Rat and Cheese

To help the rat reach the cheese in the maze, tap on the four red gates located in the middle of the maze, from top to bottom. Closing these gates will prevent the cats from reaching the rat. After closing the gates, tap on “Go,” and the rat will safely run to the cheese.

Level 121: Diagram with a Question Mark

In the given diagram: 1 3 5 2 4 ? The pattern resembles a shifter of a car with a manual transmission. Typically, the reverse gear is at the bottom right side, so the missing number is “R” to represent reverse.

Level 122: Slowest Car

To identify the slowest car, tap on the word “car” in the question itself. The reason it is the slowest is because it is not moving at all.

Level 123: Making 7 + 6 + 5 = 5

To make the equation 7 + 6 + 5 = 5 work, grab the 7 + 6 part of the equation and drag it off the screen. This action will transform the equation into 5 = 5, which is mathematically correct.

Level 124: Identifying the Bald Actor

To determine which of the five actors to discard, remove the hair from the blonde guy in the upper left corner of the screen. By doing so, you will discover that he is bald, indicating that he should be discarded.

Level 125: Snowball Fight Advantage

To help the kid on the right win the snowball fight, collect the snowballs lying on the ground and add them to the snowball in the kid’s hand. This action will make the snowball in his hand huge, giving him an advantage in the snowball fight.

Level 126: Navigating the Turn

To assist the narrator in determining where to turn, physically turn your phone until the sign that says “Turn right” is upright and pointing to the right. Aligning the sign with the right direction will provide the correct guidance.

Level 127: Identifying the Longest Blower

To find the longest blower, move the kid’s head to all three of the party blowers. When the kid blows into each blower, observe which one extends the most or is the longest. Tap on that particular blower to identify it as the longest.

Level 128: Source of Bee Honey

The correct answer for the source of bee honey is not provided among the options. In this case, tap on the word “bee” in the question itself because bees are the source of honey.

Level 129: Obtaining the Rest of the Dollars

To acquire the remaining dollars needed to reach $10, swipe upward multiple times on the wallet that is sticking out of the man’s pocket. Then tap the wallet again to open it, causing the rest of the dollars required to fall out.

Level 130: Cooking Five Chickens

If it takes five minutes to cook one chicken, the time required to cook five chickens is still five minutes. The five chickens can be cooked together simultaneously.

Level 131: Discovering Gravity

To simulate the discovery of gravity, shake your phone to make an apple fall down and hit Isaac Newton’s head.

Level 132: Miserable Man to Spider-Man

To help the miserable man, remove the spider from the other man’s shoulder and place it in the vat of radioactive fluid. Then, transfer the spider to the miserable man to transform him into Spider-Man.

Level 133: Completing the Sequence

To complete the sequence “o-t-t-f-f-s-s-e-?”, add the letter “N” at the end. The sequence represents the first letter of the numbers from one to ten (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten).

Level 134: Fish in the Aquarium

Even though six fish have died, there are still 10 fish left in the aquarium. The question asks for the number of fish “left,” implying that the dead fish are still present.

Level 135: Finding the Stolen Diamond

To locate the stolen diamond, remove the hat and hair from the middle guy. The diamond is hidden underneath.

Level 136: Locating the Ball

To find the ball, first, tap on the clown’s nose to distract him. Then, swipe up on all three cups to uncover the ball.

Level 137: Objects in France

Draw lines from France to all four objects, connecting them. This indicates that each of the objects is found in France.

Level 138: Building a Tower

Stack all of the objects on top of each other to construct a tower.

Level 139: Soothing the Baby

To make the baby stop crying, remove the car’s wheels (which resemble googly eyes) and place them on the dad’s face. This action will amuse the baby and stop the crying.

Level 140: Assigning Values to Cats

The cat is worth six, while the upside-down cat is worth nine. Adding the values of the cat, the upside-down cat, and two regular cats (each worth four) results in a total of 17 (6 + 9 + 4 + 4).

Level 141: Assisting the Bodybuilder

Slide all four plates off of the barbell using your fingers to help the bodybuilder.

Level 142: Aiding in Test Thinking

Hold the phone upside down to increase blood flow to the girl’s head, assisting her in thinking of a test answer.

Level 143: Encouraging Healthy Eating

Use the hamburger to entice the person to open their mouth, then use another finger to place the broccoli inside their mouth. This action encourages them to eat the healthier option.

Level 144: Defeating the Wizard

Rearrange your cards to counter fire with water, water with leaf, and leaf with fire. This strategy will allow you to defeat the wizard.

Level 145: Locating the Stolen Diamond

To discover where the stolen diamond is hidden, remove the hat and hair from the middle guy. The diamond will be revealed underneath.

Level 146: Middle of America

The letter “R” is in the middle of the word “America.”

Level 147: Cheering Him Up

Use your finger to move the corners of his mouth upward, forming a smile, to cheer him up.

Level 148: Stopping the Vampire

Swipe the window shade open to the right to stop the vampire.

Level 149: Finding the Triangles

Pull the shape apart with your fingers to reveal a total of five triangles.

Level 150: Feeding the Cat

Drag the cat off the right side of the screen, and it will reappear on the left side. Then, drag it through all the food to feed the cat from left to right.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 151 – 200:

Level 151: Justice for Equal-Sized Ice Cream

Drag the ice cream on the right cone down into the box four times, and drag the ice cream on the left cone down into the box two times to ensure both sides have equal-sized ice cream.

Level 152: Creating a Green Ball

Tap and hold on the yellow ball so that it collides with the blue ball, or vice versa. The collision of blue and yellow creates a green ball.

Level 153: Breaking the Window

Drag the word “stone” from the question and move it over the word “window” in the question to break the window with the stone.

Level 154: Stopping the neighbour’s Party

Tap on the phone to the right side of the girl and dial 911 to stop the crazy neighbor’s party in the middle of the night.

Level 155: Making 1 > 100 True

Drag your finger on the number “1” twice to reveal two more “1’s,” then align them all to turn the equation into 111 > 100.

Level 156: Ensuring Blue Wins

Move the finish line downward so that neither green nor red crosses it, ensuring that blue wins.

Level 157: Saving All the Skydivers

Move all the skydivers until their hands link together, and then tap on the third one from the left to release the parachute and save all of them.

Level 158: Fixing the Clock

Wind the minute hand of the clock until it reaches the 12 to fix the clock.

Level 159: Cheering Him Up Again

Tickle his toes on both feet by rubbing them with your finger until he starts laughing to cheer him up again.

Level 160: Granting Horsy’s Wish

Horsy wants to become a unicorn, and wishes are granted upon a shooting star. Tap or swipe the star to make it shoot off, transforming the horse into a unicorn.

Level 161: Freeing the Guy

To open the door and free the guy, move the floor mat and you’ll discover a key underneath. Use the key to unlock the door by inserting it into the keyhole.

Level 162: Helping the Tortoise Win

The tortoise must win the race. Lift up its shell to reveal rockets hidden underneath. Tap the rockets to launch the tortoise across the finish line and secure its victory.

Level 163: Number Below the Dice

Pick up the dice to see the number on the sheet of paper, and then replicate that number.

Level 164: Choosing a Name for Your Son

To decide on a name for your son, make a slight modification. Drag the word “son” out of the question, transforming “Ja” into “Jason” as a suitable name.

Level 165: Cheering Up the Baby Again

To cheer up the baby once more, remove its hair. There appears to be a bug in the baby’s hair, and removing it will bring joy to the baby.

Level 166: Collecting the Apples

Collect all three apples by moving the basket beneath the right apple, and then shake the phone to make it fall into the basket. Repeat this process for the center apple and the left apple.

Level 167: Getting to Six

Flip the number counter to display 9, and then turn your phone over to make the 9 appear as a 6.

Level 168: Finding All the Animals

Tap the rabbits and the cat, followed by the horse and the snake in the tree. Move the snake over to the horse to scare it, and then tap the rat that falls out.

Level 169: Helping Tom the Cat

To assist Tom the cat in getting the fish, tap the dog to divert its attention towards the fish. Move the cat above the dog and tap the dog again to make it look at where the cat used to be. Finally, place the cat on the fish.

Level 170: Driving to New York

To make the car drive to New York, relocate the door handle from the left side of the car to the right side, and then tap the “go” button to initiate the journey.

Level 171: Feeding the Walnut to the Crow

Pick up the walnut and drop it from the sky onto the rocks to crack it open. Feed the nut inside to the crow, allowing it to enjoy its meal.

Level 172: Building a Snowman

Build a snowman by stacking the two large snowballs on top of each other. Move the cloud aside and place the sun on the head of the snowman. Use a carrot for the nose, two black dots for the eyes, and two sticks for the arms.

Level 173: Completing the Puzzle Image

Complete the puzzle image by dragging the entire lion image on top of the puzzle. Since it’s impossible to solve the puzzle, this action will reveal the complete picture.

Level 174: Love or Not?

To determine her feelings, pluck the petals from the flower one by one, alternating between “She loves him” and “She loves him not.” Afterward, remove the lone petal from her head to reveal her true affection.

Level 175: Hurry with the Blue Car

To create a sense of urgency for the blue car, remove the blue light from the back bumper and place it on the hood to turn it into an emergency signal.

Level 176: Assisting the Ghost Hunter

To aid the ghost hunter with his traps, tap on the ghost hunter to reveal the ghosts. Memorize the positions of the ghosts. Tap on the ghost hunter again to make the traps reappear, and place them where the ghosts were. Tap on the ghost hunter once more to trap the ghosts.

Level 177: Reverse of “Bad”

The reverse of “bad” is “dab.”

Level 178: What Does He See?

He sees the blocks in the following position:





Level 179: Lift Off!

Prepare for takeoff! Rotate the phone sideways so that the rocket is facing upwards. Then, tap on the numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Level 180: Connecting the Dots

To adjust the count, modify the number to 4, considering that there are only spots on the dog, not dots. Locate the period in the question and the ellipsis button, then proceed to click OK.

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Level 181: Calculating 50% of 55

To find 50% of 55, cut the written numbers in half, resulting in 5.

Level 182: Ending the War

End the war by tapping the cannons to aim them at each other. Press the fire button, causing the cannonballs to collide and destroy each other.

Level 183: Carrying the Box to the Dolly

To transport the box to the dolly, flip the phone upward and rotate it twice. This will align the box with the dolly.

Level 184: Caught Speeding!

To please the cop who caught you speeding, tap on the glove box to open it. Then, give the cop the box of donuts found inside.

Level 185: Helping Tom Catch the Mouse

Tilt Tom’s side of the rug downward to create a slope. The mouse will slide down and to the right, directly to Tom (the cat).

Level 186: Choosing a Birthday Gift

To select a gift for your birthday, disregard the gift boxes on the screen. Instead, tap on the word “gift” in the question.

Level 187: Eliminating the Number 1

To remove the number 1, consider the spelling of the word “one.” Drag the letter G to the front of the number 1 to form the word “Gone” and eliminate the number.

Level 188: Completing the Pairs Match Game

To successfully complete the pairs match game, ensure that you make all possible matches with the cards. For the card displaying two carrots, swipe downward through the middle of the card to separate the carrots, resulting in one carrot on each side.

Level 189: Spotting the Bull

To locate the bull, remove the word “red” from “Reddit” and position it in the middle of the question. This action will trigger the bull to charge out since bulls are known to react to the color red. Once the bull appears, tap on it.

Level 190: Correcting 4 + 5 = 19

To rectify the equation 4 + 5 = 19, cover the number 1 with your finger for five seconds, hiding it from view. This adjustment transforms the equation to 4 + 5 = 9, which is the correct answer.

Level 191: Soothing the Sobbing

Infant Calm the crying baby by rearranging the words in the question. Move the letter “I” from the beginning and position it before the word “scream.” This alteration transforms it into “I Scream,” magically turning the phrase into “ice cream” and bringing a smile to the baby’s face.

Level 192: Button Pressing Strategy

Press the green button three times, the blue button ten times, and the red button five times. However, do not rely on the counters displayed on the buttons, as they may skip numbers. Instead, count the presses yourself to ensure accuracy.

Level 193: Age Calculation

When “I” was 6 years old, the siblings were 3 and 12. Five years later, “I” am 11 and the siblings are 8 and 17. To determine the combined age of the siblings, add 8 and 17 together, resulting in a total of 25.

Level 194: Counting the Circles

There are a total of seven circles in the puzzle. Five circles are present in the main picture, and the plus and minus signs are both enclosed within circles, bringing the total count to seven.

Level 195: Rescuing Multiple Pets

You don’t need to choose only one pet to save; you can rescue all three. Simultaneously tap all three pets using three fingers to save each of them.

Level 196: Fixing the Weather

To improve the moody weather, take the picture of the sun and zoom out to enlarge it. Then place the enlarged sun image over the window to bring brightness and clear skies.

Level 197: Quick Equation Solution

To quickly solve the equation, note that the bottom number already contains a 3. The correct answer is 365 + 17 = 382. Alternatively, you can solve it by performing 367 + 15 = 382.

Level 198: Cleaning the Dirty Dog

To clean up the dirty dog, grab the bucket of water and pour it over the dog. Afterward, shake your phone to remove the water and dry off the dog.

Level 199: Providing Warmth for All

All four individuals need warmth, so to fulfill their needs, relocate the campfire to a position between each of them. Keep adjusting its placement until all four individuals stop shivering.

Level 200: Discovering What’s Under the Tree

Move the phrase “the tree” out of the question to reveal a cat hiding underneath. Once the cat is exposed, tap on it.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 201 – 250:

Level 201: Sequential Number Tapping

Tap the numbers in numerical order, starting from 1 and progressing sequentially. However, pay attention when reaching number 6, as numbers 7 and 8 will switch places. Adjust your taps accordingly.

Level 202: Orbs Lighting up Touching Numbers

Illuminate one orb that touches 1, two orbs that touch 2, three orbs that touch 3, and four orbs that touch 4. Ensure that the number of orbs lit up corresponds exactly to the given number, neither more nor less.

Level 203: Scoring a Goal

To score a goal, align the circles around the soccer players by tapping the bottom ones until they face the one above them. Then, tap the top one to face the right corner of the goal. Finally, shoot for the goal.

Level 204: Teaching the Cat to Hunt

To teach the cat how to hunt, cover it with the box and place the cheese on the ground. When the mouse appears, remove the box, and the cat will instinctively chase and catch it.

Level 205: Finding the Treasure

Discover the treasure by dragging and rearranging the rocks until a red X is revealed. Then, take the shovel and dig it into the red X to uncover the hidden treasure.

Level 206: Stopping the Car

Prevent the car, which has lost its brakes, by grabbing a cloud from the sky with your finger and placing it in the car’s path to create an obstacle.

Level 207: Reuniting the Lion Family

Tap the apples above the lion cub’s head to make them fall and hit it. The mother lion will be alerted by the sound and come out to comfort her cub.

Level 208: Helping the Tortoise Win

Give the banana, taken from the monkey’s hand, and place it in front of the rabbit’s feet. As the rabbit stumbles over the banana, the tortoise will seize the opportunity to win the race.

Level 209: Assisting the Boy

In the boy’s dream, drag the sword away from the ninja and give it to the real boy. This will empower him to overcome his fears and face the challenges.

Level 210: Making a Choice with the Genie

Rub your finger on the left choice to erase it, and a new choice, “get rich,” will appear. Tap on the newly revealed choice to make your selection.

Level 211: “Revenge of the Llama”

Llama’s Retribution Unleashed Position the cloud over the man’s head and tap it persistently until rain showers down. As soon as the man raises his umbrella, tap the llama to unleash its vengeance by spitting at him. Witness the fulfillment of the llama’s desire for revenge.

Level 212: Counting the Teeth

Knock out the fake teeth by tapping on each of the boy’s teeth. Count the remaining teeth, as there should be a total of 12.

Level 213: Filling the Grids

Black out all of the grids by tapping on the left 2, top left 4, two 1’s, and right 2. Ensure that all the grids are completely filled.

Level 214: Following the Pattern

Observe the order in which the buttons light up and replicate the pattern by tapping them accordingly.

Level 215: Granting Horsy’s Wish

Grant Horsy’s wish for wings by removing the star from the magician’s wand and placing it up in the sky.

Level 216: Separating Colors

Transfer colors between test tubes by tapping and combining them. Your objective is to have three test tubes with distinct colors.

Level 217: Stopping the Jumping

Resolve the jumping issue by placing the mattress on the left side of the screen beneath the trampoline. Then, move the trampoline to ensure a safer landing for the jumper.

Level 218: Feeding Candy to the Kid

To get the candy into the kid’s mouth, rotate your phone or tablet to utilize gravity. As you tilt the device, the candy will drop through the maze and reach the kid’s mouth.

Level 219: Assisting Tom’s Jump

To allow Tom to jump again, address the shortage of mushrooms. Drag the left hill towards the right hill to close the gap, and then hit the jump button for Tom to continue jumping.

Level 220: Helping the Friend Cross the Street

To aid our friend in crossing the street, drag the crosswalk from the bricks down into the street on their side. This action will provide a safe crossing for them.

Level 221: Making an Omelette

To prepare an omelette, start by popping the balloon. Drag the balloon towards the knife to burst it. Next, pick up the egg and crack it onto the pan to cook, resulting in a delicious omelette.

Level 222: Recovering the Lost Balloon

She has lost her balloon! Scroll the entire screen down to locate it in the sky. Once found, give her the balloon that you discovered up there.

Level 223: Counting the Dogs

To determine the number of dogs, there are a total of 12 dogs present. Some of them may be hiding, so make sure to count them all.

Level 224: Eliminating the Microbes

To eliminate all of the microbes, pick up the white cloth from the ground and wipe up all the microbes with it. Afterward, throw the cloth into the fire to dispose of it.

Level 225: Entering the House

To gain entry to the house, zoom in on the house using two fingers. Then, take the key and insert it into the keyhole on the door.

Level 226: Feeding the Lizard

To assist in feeding the lizard, follow these steps: Swipe up on the serving tray to remove the lid and reveal the chicken. Next, tap on the window to open it. A fly will enter through the window, and the lizard will eat it.

Level 227: Sorting OCD Chaos

Mitigate the distress of “I have OCD, help me” by meticulously organizing the balls. Allocate the red balls to one dish, the yellow balls to another, and the blue balls to a separate dish. Witness the transformation from disorder to order, offering relief to the afflicted individual.

Level 228: Assisting Tom’s Valley Jump

Tom has discovered another valley to jump! Drag the middle cloud down from the sky and position it in the gap. Once the cloud is in place, hit the jump button, and the cat will bounce off the cloud.

Level 229: Finding the Animals

To find all the animals, locate five rabbits, two snakes, and one bird. Additionally, take the acorn and place it in front of the middle tree hole to lure out the squirrel.

Level 230: Determining the Value of X

To determine the value of X, merge answers A and D (5 and -5) together, resulting in 0. Tap on the 0 because X+15 equals 15.

Level 231: Adjusting the Milk and Cookie Numbers

He wants 5 glasses of milk and 3 cookies, so swap the positions of the numbers 3 and 5 to transform the question into 3 glasses of milk and 5 cookies.

Level 232: Helping the Man Escape

The zombie will always mirror the man’s movements. Trap the zombie behind the red wall in the top-left corner, and then navigate your way to the car for a successful escape.

Level 233:Assisting Our Hero

Upside-Down Savior Aid our valiant hero by inverting the phone. Watch as the hero defies gravity, remaining steadfast while the other characters plummet out of sight. Experience the unique perspective that alters the course of the challenge, ensuring the hero’s triumph.

Level 234: Finding the Solution

To find the solution before others see her face, retrieve the handkerchief from the man’s pocket and use it to wipe the chocolate off the woman’s face.

Level 235:Relieving Fatigue

Easing Her Fatigue Revitalize her by opening the dishwasher and cabinet, placing clean dishes inside, and loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

Level 236:Hitting the Target

Aiming for Success Assist her in hitting the target by dragging it into the path of the moving crosshair. Tap her to release an arrow when the crosshair aligns with the target.

Level 237: Supporting the Blue Boxer

Supporting the Blue Boxer Secure victory for the blue boxer by swiping right on the red boxer’s face, causing his head to turn right. Then, unleash a powerful strike to defeat him.

Level 238: Assisting Tom’s Jump

Tom’s Leaping Technique Enable Tom to jump by swiping him to the edge of the platform and then tapping the jump button. This will ensure he successfully clears the obstacle.

Level 239: Stopping the Monster

We must stop this monster! Drag the paint can above the monster to change its health bar from red to green. This transformation will turn the monster green and friendly.

Level 240: Granting Horsy’s Wish

Horsy wants a princess now. Find the hammer hidden behind a piece of grass. Hit the wizard in the head with the hammer, then drag the stars that appear and place them in the sky.

Level 241: Picking the Apples

To gather the apples, tap on all the apples across all three screens. Be careful not to tap the tomato, which resembles an apple but has a smooth bottom. Avoid tapping it.

Level 242: Starting a Fire

To start a fire, remove his hat and move one of the clouds to reveal the sun. The sun will bounce off his head and ignite the firewood.

Level 243: Crafting a Triangle 

Create a triangle by shifting the middle dot downwards and connecting lines between each pair of dots.

Level 244: Uncovering the Oddities

Discover the peculiarities by tapping on the red puffer fish, the pink crab, and the larger of the two green round fish in the center.

Level 245: Providing Help

He needs some help! Drag the word “help” from the question and place it into the text bubble to make him shout for help.

Level 246: Correcting the Equation

How can 8+8=91 be correct? Turn the phone upside down, and it will become 16=8+8, which is indeed correct.

Level 247: Monkey’s Tail Length

The Lengthy Tails Reveal the monkeys’ tail lengths by swiping them upward until they reach the top of the screen.

Level 248: Matching the Burger

He wants the same burger. Simply construct the same burger, using the same ingredients and in the same order as the other person’s burger.

Level 249: Speeding up the Computer

The computer is running too slowly, making him sad. To make him happy again, remove all the dirt from the fan shrouds to allow the fans to blow properly and speed up the computer.

Level 250:Avoiding Late Arrival 

Timely Arrival Prevent his tardiness by swiping the calendar down twice, shifting the day to Saturday, a non-working day.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 251 – 300:

Level 251: Guiding the Man Home

Homeward Bound Guide the man safely to his house by swiping up on the red shape to cross the first gap, and then swiping back down to cross the second gap.

Level 252: Finding the Hidden Dog

Where is the dog hiding? Shine the light around the lower left quadrant of the screen to locate the dog next to the wardrobe.

Level 253: Clearing the Traffic

To clear the traffic, tilt your phone to the right, sliding the traffic downhill and away from the bridge.

Level 254: Mastering Sword Training

Mastering Swordplay Refine your sword skills by swiping across his hands until he executes two precise sword movements.

Level 255: Helping the Judge Escape

To help the judge escape the traps, tap in the following sequence: down, right, right, right, down, down, left, left, down, down, right, right, right, right, right.

Level 256: Reviving the Flower

Oh no, her flower is dying! To revive the flower, take the bucket, fill it with water, and pour it on the flower. Then, give the hay to the cow. When the cow eats it, it will produce manure. Finally, put the manure on the flower to fertilize it.

Level 257: Fixing the Car

To fix the car, drag the word “fix” from the question and place it on the hood of the car. The car will fix itself.

Level 258: Protecting the Town from Meteors

Shielding the Town protects the town from the meteors by swiping upwards on the left mountain to elevate it, forming a barrier that shields the town from the incoming meteors.

Level 259: Defending the Turtles

To help him defend the turtles, tap the head of the large turtle to make it retract. Then, swipe the turtle’s shell like a Koopa shell towards the snake.

Level 260: Reforming the Face

To reshape the face, drag the black line in the middle of the screen down and place it right next to the left half of the face.

Level 261: Winning the Challenge

You must win this somehow. Drag the circle from the top right square and replace it with an X to form a tic-tac-toe.

Level 262: Ensuring the Red Car’s Victory

To make the red car win, drag the 2 out of the “1/2 lap” and move it over the 1. Then, hit “go” to initiate the race.

Level 263: Assisting the Cat in Getting the Fish

Cat and Fish Spin the bone around the dog to make it dizzy, then move the cat to reach the fish.

Level 264: Brightening up his Mundane Monday

Monday Wake-Up Heat the coffee maker, fill the cup with coffee, and bring it to him. Drag the cup to his mouth to help him overcome the boring Monday.

Level 265: Uniting the Lovers

To bring these two lovers together, zoom in on the log with two fingers to enlarge it. Move the log to the middle to create a bridge.

Level 266: Pacifying the Crying Baby

Soothing the Baby Find the remote by moving the teddy bear, then change the TV channel by tapping the remote to calm the baby.

Level 267: Conquering the Castle

Castle Conquest Take the torch from the three troops and ignite the catapult rock. Launch the flaming rock at the castle to conquer it.

Level 268: Knight vs. Dragon

Sir Noobalot needs your assistance to defeat the dragon. Place the water in front of the dragon’s mouth and then move the knight towards the dragon.

Level 269: Exploring Jupiter

What is on Jupiter? Drag the question mark out of the question and place it on Jupiter, indicating that the answer is unknown.

Level 270: Preventing the Accident

Preventing the Accident Alert the sleeping guy on the tracks by pulling the horn string on the train to sound the horn, avoiding the accident.

Level 271:Calming Him Down 

Anger Calming Make him take a nap by placing your phone screen-side down to help him calm down and relax.

Level 272:Opening the Vault

Opening the Vault Uncover a T-shaped paper by moving the books, then use it as a guide to illuminate numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 to open the vault.

Level 273: Defeating the Troll

Sir Noobalot must defeat a troll this time. To defeat the troll, approach him and then quickly move away when he raises his club. Repeat this action a second time, causing the bridge to break and the troll to fall into the water.

Level 274:Awakening the Sleeping Driver

Unblocking the Traffic Discover the sleeping guy inside the cars by scrolling them to the left, then tap on the driver to wake him up and get the car in front moving.

Level 275:Solving the Multiplication

Solving the Multiplication Achieve the answer 20 by placing 13 on top of 7 to make the sum, then tap on the number 20 as the final solution to 4×5=20.

Level 276: Time for School

It’s time for school. To wake him up, open both of his eyes simultaneously using two fingers.

Level 277: Satisfying the Customer

To satisfy the customer, place all the food on the tray at the same time, and then give it to him.

Level 278:Finding the Missing Value

Unveiling the Question Mark Determine the unknown value by summing up the three numbers together to reveal the answer.

Level 279: Eliminating Mosquitoes

Eliminating the Mosquitoes Lower the temperature on the thermometer by dragging it all the way down to effectively get rid of the mosquitoes.

Level 280: Picking the Right Colors

To pick the right colors, follow the cords and then tap the top squares to change their colors. The left and middle squares share the same cord, so they should have the same color.

Level 281: Finding Home

Help us, we can’t find our home! Scroll the screen to the left to reveal Earth on the right side, then tap on Earth.

Level 282: Identifying the Largest Fish

King of the Sea Who is the largest fish? Tap on the red puffer fish and drag it to the hook to witness its inflation, making it the biggest fish.

Level 283: The Number Above 4

What is the number above 4? The real answer is 5 because it’s one more than 4.

Level 284: Preventing a Ticket

Ticket Saver To help the man avoid a ticket, grab the lightbulb from the top right corner and place it onto his burnt-out headlight, restoring its functionality.

Level 285:Aligning the Side View

Aligning Perspectives Align the side view with the top view by matching the left side of each shape at the bottom with their corresponding colored shapes on top.

Level 286:Continuing the Pattern

Pattern Completion To complete the pattern, darken the center-left and center circles, ensuring the sixth shape follows the established pattern.

Level 287: Defeating the Virus

Defeating the Virus Defeat the malicious virus by individually tearing off each of its tentacles with your finger.

Level 288: Tom’s Fish Feast

Tom’s Feeding Frenzy Satisfy Tom’s appetite by dragging him to the smallest fish first, then proceed to the next largest until he devours the largest fish.

Level 289: Healthy Eating

It’s time to eat and drink healthily. Move the kid around and weigh all the unhealthy foods, only eating the healthy ones.

Level 290:Resolving Conflict

Conflict Resolution To resolve conflicts, strategically position the trash can in front of the girl and the stone in front of one of the guys. Then, allow one person at a time, adjusting objects as necessary.

Level 291: Identifying the False Bear

Spot the Fake Bear Identify the imposter among the bears by dragging the jar of honey in front of each bear’s face, exposing the real one.

Level 292:Cleaning Him Up

Freshening Up Restore cleanliness by wiping one side of his face with a tissue, then swipe to turn his head and clean the other side with the tissue.

Level 293: Unveiling the Ghost

There is a ghost somewhere. To find it, drag the bag of flour onto the floor, and the ghost’s footprints will appear.

Level 294: Fixing the Problem

Something is very wrong here. To fix it, lower platforms two and three until they are lower than one, and make sure that platform two is higher than platform three.

Level 295: Discovering the Exit

Finding the Exit Determine the correct path to the exit by dragging the torch to each potential exit. The exit will be revealed when the flame size increases.

Level 296:Identifying the Real Mother

Identify the real mother by taking away the teddy bear from the baby and observing the authentic mother’s reaction of anger.

Level 297: Diagnosing and Fixing Issues

To figure out what is wrong and fix them, give the bow to the archer, the pickaxe to the miner, and the wand to the wizard.

Level 298: Identifying the Culprit

The Culprit Unmasked Exposes the culprit by dragging the alarm clock down to the sleeping guy, awakening him and revealing the guilty party.

Level 299: Creating a Meal

Culinary Creations Prepare a delicious dish by breaking the glasses in half to form a frying pan. Place the ghost’s body on the pan, then position the sun on top, resembling a fried egg.

Level 300: Discovering the Ice Cream Thief

Ice Cream Mystery Who stole my ice cream? Rotate each girl until you find the one with chocolate on her mouth, exposing the ice cream thief.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers Level 301 – 304:

Level 301: Rescuing Her

Lifesaver Rescue her by holding the trampoline with two fingers, then tapping the jump button to launch her to safety.

Level 302: Uncovering the Milk Spiller

Milk Mishap Identify the milk spiller by moving the cereal box, revealing the cat as the culprit. Tap the cat to acknowledge its actions.

Level 303: Eliminating the Monkey’s Odor

Freshening the Monkey Eliminate the monkey’s odor by placing three stones into the water tank, rejuvenating its freshness.

Level 304: Identifying the True Superhero

Real Superhero Distinguish the real superhero by pushing the boy off the cliff. The true hero will save him from danger.


These levels presented a variety of challenges and puzzles to solve, ranging from finding hidden ghosts to identifying culprits and saving characters. Each level required logical thinking and problem-solving skills, making the gameplay engaging and entertaining.

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