How To Increase Character Power in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

In Ni No Kuni cross worlds, CP ( character power) defines how strong your character is in the game. The stronger you get, the more exciting challenges will come your way. You can kill monsters and complete missions easily if you have high cp, so if you are looking to increase your character power faster than anyone else, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on “How To Increase Character Power in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?“. So, Let’s begin,

How To Increase Character Power in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

Ni No Kuni is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) launched by Netmarble Inc. Ever since its release. The game is seeing a massive increase in the player base. It was then published by Level 5, the original creators of the Ni No Kuni Franchise. on May 27th.

Just like the other titles in the Ni No Kuni series, the cross worlds also feature two distinct worlds, the “Real-world” and the “Fantasy worlds”, where players will spend most of their time. Let’s start with the guide, 

1. Level up your equipment

In Ni No Kuni, it is very important to level up your equipment and the skills to be able to fight against the strong and corrupted monsters. In Ni NO Kuni Crossworld, You can’t avoid fighting the monsters or your enemies because most of the missions are about fighting against these monsters.


Just make sure to level up your weapon and upgrade them after they reach level 30. The stronger your equipment is, the more character power you will get, so the key to becoming strong in Ni No Kuni is having the strongest equipment. 

If you are confused or don’t know anything about levelling up your equipment, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

How to level up your equipment?

To level up your equipment, first, you need to open the menu, and then you can spot the “equipment” option click on that, then open the “polish” option, and from there, you can level up your equipment or upgrade them and make your equipment the strongest weapon against your enemies. 

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2. Training and evolving familiars.

Familiars play a very important role in increasing your character power, so always use your strongest familiars since they will have more damage and advantages against your enemies and monsters. Always use 4-star and 3-star familiars because they are the strongest.


We recommend you level up your 4-star familiars first and evolve them, adding another star to your familiars. You can evolve your familiars only when they reach level 30, so keep that in mind and level up your strongest familiar so you can evolve it first as you will gain more cp this way.

How to level up your familiar?

To level up your familiar, open your menu. Now, Find the “familiar” option, click on it, and open the “train” option. From there, you can train and evolve your familiar.

3. Mount training.

Mount training is one of the easiest ways to increase your cp ( character power ). You will get the mount training item very easily, and you can level up your mount and even evolve it to increase your CP. Since you use your mount to travel around in Ni No Kuni, it’s really important to level up your mount as you level up everything else.


How to train your mounts?

To train/level up your mount, you will need to go to the menu and open the “character” option. After that, find the “mounts” click on it, and from there, you can train and evolve your mounts.

4. Heart stars.

In Ni No Kuni, your familiars will gift you many important in-game items, one of which is “sparkling hearts” this specific token is used to unlock and level up your heart stars. Unlocking the different star patterns and completing them will add extra power to your character, increasing your overall CP.

heart stars

To unlock your heart stars, you need first to open the menu as you will spot the option “power up” click on that option, and you will find the “Heart stars” option, open the option and unlock your stars to gain some extra CP.

5. Tetro puzzle.

While you are playing the game, you will get the tetro puzzle as a gift for completing your missions in the main story missions. Once you unlock your tetro puzzle option, you will need to complete the puzzles to gain extra character power, and it’s really easy to fill up the puzzles as it won’t take much time and give you a really good amount of cp. So make sure to fill up the puzzles.


To complete your tetro puzzle, go to the menu and open the “power-up” option. After that, you will need to open the “tetro puzzle” option, and from there, you can complete your puzzles and gain a lot of character power.

To read more interesting facts about Ni No Kuni and to get the best tips and tricks, check out our other articles and leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

Download: Ni No Kuni Cross worlds (Play Store)

Download: Ni No Kuni Cross worlds (App Store)

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