Clash of Kings Dragon Soul Treasure Guide with Tips and Tricks

Clash of Kings is a widely popular strategy game on a mobile platform with over 50 million downloads, and millions of people play it every day worldwide. In this article, we will look at the “How you can get Dragon Soul Treasure in Clash of Kings?“, 

Clash of Kings Dragon Soul Treasure Guide with Tips and Tricks

When you first login into the Clash of Kings, you will get the Black dragon egg for free. To get more dragons, You will need dragon crystals to synthesis more dragons like you will need a Red crystal for a Red Dragon and a Blue crystal for a Blue Dragon. You can obtain crystals by competing in world tower events from Ancient Dragon tower or buying them from a shop. The dragon shell requires 22 hours of incubation before you can get a dragon.

The dragon will not come out from the shell automatically as you have to tap on the shell multiple times in order to break the shell. Once you tap on the shell multiple times, the shell will break with the beautiful animation, and you will get your dragon.

If you want to unlock the Dragon civilization, then you need to collect popularity of +3 or higher. Once you have gained popularity, go to the dragon cave and click on the activate button.

Clash of Kings Dragon categories:

Major Dragon-types: Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Black Dragon: 

Dragon Civilization Types: White Dragon: Yukine (Yamato Civilization), Sea Monster: Kraken (Viking Civilization), Harbinger of Good: Qilin (Qin Civilization), Ice Dragon: Stingray (Dragon Boran Civilization)  

Now, let’s jump on to our main topic, “How to get Dragon Soul Treasure?”

Steps to get Dragon Soul Treasure in Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

To collect the treasure, enter the dragon cave, and you will find the button for dragon soul treasure tap on it to enter. Now, after you entered the quest, follow the below steps to collect treasure, 

1. Once you enter the quest, you will find an area where you can dig treasure. Players consume a dragon soul to dig and find out the treasure. You will get one dragon skill every time you dig. 

2. You can big only one block at a time. You can dig for free the first time, and after that, every time you dig, it will cost you a dragon soul. The amount of consumption of dragon soul increases with the number of digs. So, it is better to stop digging after some souls and change the treasure map to reset the soul consumption. 

3. You can change the treasure map for free the first time. After that, it will cost you gold to change the map, and every time you keep changing the map, it will cost more map. So, if you want a new treasure map to dig, then wait for the next day as you can change it for free once each day. 

4. Each time you dig, it is guaranteed that you will get one dragon skill. So, always remember to use at least your one free dig every day if you don’t have dragon souls. 

The Dragon Soul Treasure contains many skills like All Soldier Units Attack, Offensive Damage, Defensive Damage, Damage Taken Reduction, Researching Speedup, Hospital Capacity, gathering speed, marching speed, troop load, Rally troop upper limit, All Soldier Units Defense, Offensive Damage Taken, Defensive Damage Taken, building speedup, training Speedup, Max March Size, resource income, troop load, etc.

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That’s it for this guide. If you have any suggestions or feedback, then feel free to use the comment section below.

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