Best Albion Online Beginners Guide with Everything you need to know

Albion Online is a popular MMO RPG game played by thousands of people worldwide and recently becoming even more popular after its mobile version game. The Albion Online is an open world sandbox simulator in which players can do anything from farming, crafting, gathering to fighting in PVP battles. If you are a new player in Albion Online’s World, then this is the perfect guide for you as with this guide, you will be ready to crush the competition and grow faster. 

Before we begin with the guide, Let’s first understand some basic concepts in Albion Online. The Experience or you know it as an “XP”, is called a “Fame” in Albion Online. You can earn the “Fame” for every skill available in the game, although you will only get the Fame for the equipment you are wearing. The other most important term in Albion Online is “Tier”, as Tier represent the level. There are tiers for almost everything in Albion Online like Gear, Zones, Enemies, Buildings, Mounts etc. The other term is “Quality and enhancement” the quality and enhancement spells are used to upgrade Gears, Mounts and Items. 

The Albion Online zone is divide into parts by zones as there are multiple zones on the map like blue, red, yellow and Black world / Openword. The blue zone is the safest place for the new player, and Balck and Red Zones will be the most dangerous place for a beginner. You will lose all your loot if you die in a Red or Black zone, so only carry the items you can afford to lose before entering these zones. So, now, as you know about the basics of Albion Online, let’s begin with the guide, 

Best Albion Online Beginners Guide with Everything you need to know

1. Buy your own Personal Island

In Albion Online, the most efficient way to get sliver is farming. You will get a Farming plot on your private Island, so make sure to use it efficiently. Farming is a very underrated way of gaining silver in Albion Online, but I have seen many players earning lots of money doing farming alone. Some players even have bought one year of premium from their farming money alone.


Before you start farming, make sure to the market research to find out what is the most profitable thing you should farm. In Albion Online, the prices of items and gears keep changing based on the market demand, so make sure to the market price analysis to find out the most profitable item. 

Secret Tip: In your free time, create two-three characters and permit them to enter your Island and place them in the farming. By doing this, you can generate even more money from farming. 

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2. Buy a Premium for character


If you are a new player in Albion Online, then you will get three days of free premium for your character after complete the tutorial. Now you have to earn the sliver in-game to buy the premium for the next 30 days. In Albion Online, premium status is assigned to your character, not on your account. If you create more than one character, you have to buy the premium individual on every character. There are many benefits of premium in Albion Online like, 

  1. Increased Skill Progression with 50% bonus fame.
  2. 20 Learning points every day
  3. Ability to buy personal Island or Player’s Island
  4. 50% increased Gathering yield
  5. Collect 50% sliver and loot from mobs
  6. 50% reduction in the market tax
  7. 100% farming yield and animal growth time on the Personal Island
  8. The player can claim the reward from the Adventurer’s challenge

We have an amazing guide that will help you to get a 30-day free premium in Albion Online. So, Make sure to check it out if you want to make your journey to the premium quick and easy. 

3. Buy a Mount for your character

In Albion Online, you can use various mounts to travel like horse, ox, bear and many more. But, if you are a beginner, then you will have a very basic mount. The first thing you need to do is buy a Mount like OX, which improves your mobility and helps you carry items from one to another. There are two ways to get a Mount in Albion Online First, you can buy them from the market, and another one is you can raise them on your Island. 


Yes, you can raise your Mount in Albion online, but you will need to have a private island for that. You can also use your friend’s Island to raise your mount. We have a detailed guide, “How to get a Mount in Albion Online?” so make sure to check it out for some amazing tips and tricks. 

4. Join a Guild and Alliance 

In Albion Online the most of the open World is covered and ruled by the Guilds and Alliance. So, if you want to grow in Albion Online, you should join a guild or create a guild and recruit other players, but as you are a beginner joining a guild will be much easier for you. There are many benefits for joining a Guilds like guild members and cannot attack each other in PVP, and many guilds own territory or personal Island where you build your house and store your loot. It’s like the quote “There is strength in unity” is made for Albion Online. The bigger your Guild or alliance is, the stronger you become. 

Guilds often form alliances with other guilds, so you will find large set players, which can help you complete complex tasks. Thus it is not compulsory to join a guild in Albion Online, but playing solo will require a lot more skills and a solid build to pass through the red and black zone (Open World). 

So, there are numerous benefits of joining a Guild in Albion Online, like the ability to crat on a Guild station, open-world hideout, protection in the open-world, chance to participate and guild battles. So, quickly find a guild and explore the dungeons and Pvp with your Guild members for more loot. 

Note: Beware of the scammers trying to recruit a new player on a starting zone with 100% tax. Any guild with 15% to 20% tax may be worth joining depending on the Guild’s focus and goals. 

5. Find a Perfect playstyle for your character

Albion Online is an open-world sandbox RPG game, so you can do anything in Albion Online world from crafting, gathering to fighting. In Albion Online, you can collect silver by doing anything like fighting in Pvp, Crating, Gathering items, Refining, farming, trading, transporting, dungeons and many more. 

So, it becomes essential that you select the playstyle based on your liking and buy the gears and items required for that profession. The beautiful thing about Albion online is that you can grow in the game by anything, so you can do only one thing, one thing or all of them you can grow in Albion Online. But, as a beginner, if you select one profession, you will learn the game faster by doing it, and later you can expand yourself in other professions. You can use the auction house to buy the item needed to start the profession and focus on the one thing you enjoy the most, whether it’s is crafting, dungeons or PVP battles. 

6. Prepare for Combat in Albion Online

In Albion Online, there is a famous quote that you are as strong as your items which means your strength is determined by your gear, boots, helmet, armour and weapon. There are commonly three standard fighting classes for dungeons like Tanks, DPS and Healers.


Many things in Albion Online will help you during the combat like there are combat enhancing foods and different types of armour like cloth, leather, and plate, so make sure to select your build carefully before going in the combats.

You can start the dungeons by entering the solo player dungeons in the starting area to gain ExperienceExperience. After that, you can go to blue portal dungeons which lot more challenging. But you will need a team of five players, but the loot and FameFame you will get in them will be pretty good. If you are playing as gather, I recommend buying a bloodletter once you reach level 5. Bloodletter provides the two dashing abilities his help you escape from the attackers.

7. Save money in city bank

In Albion Online, players can store the money in the city banks. It is better to keep the money in the city bank rather than carrying it by yourself as if you get killed you lose your money. When you save the money, make sure to keep one month of premium money aside as often new players don’t save for their premium renewal, and they lose their premium status. So, make sure to keep your premium money aside before buying anything. I know many players who have purchased 12 months of premium by saving in-game currency and never invested their real money in buying the premium.

8. Don’t be scared of Red Zone and Black Zone

In Albion Online, it is recommended to not go in a Red or Black zone if you are a new player, but it is not entirely true. You can go to the Red or Black zone but make sure only to carry the items you need in these zones as you can lose all or some of your things if you die in them. As a new player, visit the red or black zone with your guild members or friends to reduce the risk.

That’s it for this guide. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the guide, then please use the comment section below. 

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