Coin Master Set Blast Event Tips and Tricks 

Coin Master Set Blast Event: 

The Coin Master has many exciting events like Viking Quest, Attack Madness, Village Master, Gift Master, Village Master, Raid Madness, and Set Blast. The Set Blast is the Ultimate Card event in the Coin Master. If you are asking why? Because you will get 30% more reward for your card sets. This means you can collect more free spins, coins, and pet food during this event.

So, if you are about complete a card set and the Set Blast event is coming, then you should wait until the event begins to complete the card set. It sounds fascinating, just complete the card set during the event, and you will get more bonus rewards. But, before you get too excited, let me clarify, it is not that easy. To win big during the set Blast event, you have to complete a card during the event period, which means you have to collect the last card of the card set during the event. I have some tips and tricks for you that you can use to complete card sets during the Set Blast Event. So, let’s begin, 

Coin Master Set Blast Event Tips and Tricks 

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We have found four ways you can use to win big during the Coin Master Set Blast event. So, let’s begin,

1. Viking Quest

Viking Quest is also an event in Coin Master. In Viking Quest, you can win big rewards like lots of free spins and Coins, Free pet Food, Golden Card. You can use Viking Quest to secure a large number of free spins and coins, which you can use during the Set Blast event, and the best thing is both events Viking Quest and Set blast will never in the same time. So, secure big wins in the Viking Quest and use this reward to win even more during the set blast event. If you have difficulties winning rewards during the Viking Quest, then you can check out our post on Viking Quest tips and tricks to win Rewards.

2. Buy Chests

When the Set Blast event is on, you can start buying a chest like crazy. In this method, you might have to buy lots of chests to get the card you need. It is helpful if you have stacked lots of Coins before the Set Blast event begins. You can use Viking Quest to win lots of coins before the event. If you know you’re on the Boom Village level, then this will increase the chances of your winning. If your wondering whats is boom village in the Coin Master, then it is the same village level, but you get more reward on them. In Coin Master, many village levels like 5, 7, 10, 13, and many more. If you are on one of the Boom Village, then it increases the odds of your winning.

3. Trade Cards 

Yes, you can trade cards to complete the card set. If your card collection lacks one or two cards, you can trade the card you don’t need with the other players to get the card you want. There are many groups and pages on social media where you can trade cards with the other players. You can find many people who are willing to trade cards during the set blast event on the groups and pages on social media. 

Before trading the card with other players, check out the rare and golden card list. Why is it important? Because when you trade your card with other players, you don’t end up paying more cards. So, before trading your card, just check your cards’ value, so you don’t end up paying for more cards. 

4. Use Joker Card 

Yes, you can use your joker card to complete the card collection. But, it is not recommended to use a joker card, but if you have tried all the possible ways but still cannot find the card you want, then you can use a joker card to complete the card collection. 

Note: Only use the joker card to complete the card collection that hard to complete, like the card collection, which requires a rare and golden card. 

What is the Best time to use Set Blast in Coin Master?

In Coin Master Set Blast event comes as a gift. When you open the gift, you will get 30 minutes to complete the card collection. So, many players wonder what is the right time to use set blast event in Coin Master? The right time to use the Set Blast event is when you are low on spins. To be specific, when you have less than 10,000 spins, and you are losing lots of spins, then you can set a blast event to boost your spins. As after completing the card set in the set blast event, you will get lots of free spins and coins. 


How do I know Set Blast event is Coming in Coin Master?

The simple answer is you can't. But the set Blast event comes serval times when during other main events. So, when you about to complete the card event, then you can wait for the Set blast event to win more rewards.

Is Set Blast event bonus is fixed at 30%?

No, it is not. But, generally, set blast offers a 30% bonus when you complete the card set. In some rare cases, you will get a 50% reward bonus.

What to do if you need rare card to complete the card set?

If you require a rare card to complete the card set, then it is challenging to get one. But you can use various ways to try like buy chest or trade cards with other players.

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