Fix Clash Royale Keeps Crashing on Android Smartphone?

Clash Royale is a very optimized game that can run smoothly on most smartphones. But, many users have reported that sometimes Clash Royale keeps crashing on their device, which can be very frustrating if it happens in the middle of the match. 

This issue might be caused by the outdated game version, low device specification, junk files stored on the device, or network errors. There are multiple ways to fix this issue, like updating the game, checking your network connection, updating your smartphone software, and many more. So, In this article, we will look at “How to Fix Clash Royale Keeps Crashing on Android Smartphone”. So, Let’s begin, 

How to Fix Clash Royale Keeps Crashing on Android Smartphones?

If a Clash Royale Keeps Crashing on your Android Smartphone, then it might be caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. Software Glitch
  2. Outdated game Version
  3. Junk Files
  4. No Storage
  5. Outdated Android Version

It does not matter why you are facing this issue; the tips and tricks we shared in this article will help you fix it, so keep on reading. 

Solution 1: Reboot Your Android Device

The first step to fixing every smartphone issue is restarting or rebooting your device. Restarting your device helps your device to solve and update any firmware error that may have been causing it not to work properly.

Restart your device

Follow the steps given below to restart your device:

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. When a pop-up appears on the screen, select the option to restart.
  3. Let your device restart and leave it for 2 minutes so that it can solve all its startup processes. 

Solution 2: Update Your Game

If You have not updated your game for a long time, then it is possible that you might miss out on an important update for your game, so go to the Google Play Store and search for Clash Royale. Check for newly available updates, and if you find one, download and install them. But let’s say this method did not help, then do not worry; we have also listed some other fixes below, which you can try. 

Solution 3: Clear Cache Data for the Clash Royale

Cache data is a kind of temporary data that your system uses to load your game and search fast. But sometimes, some apps can overload the system with useless cache data, which can cause some issues while running the app or game.

Clearing the data of that specific app or game which kept closing or crashing should fix everything if the problem is related to the cache data.

Clear Cache in Clash Royale

Follow the steps given below to clear the cache data:

  1. Launch the Settings Menu.
  2. Go to the Apps Option.
  3. Select Clash Royale Game.
  4. Navigate to the Storage option.
  5. Tap Clear Cache. 

Note: There are multiple methods to clear the cache data on android devices. You can use any method to based on your device model and specification. 

Solution 5: Check If You Have Enough Storage Space in Your Device

To avoid the Clash Royale Game from crashing, you must first check your device’s storage capacity. Make sure you have enough space left in your phone for the game to run and function properly. To check the storage, you can open your file manager app on your device. You can also check your device settings by visiting the settings menu. 

Check your storage

Steps to check your device storage:

  1. Go to the device’s SETTINGS option.
  2. Open STORAGE and ensure your device has at least 1.18 GB free for the Clash Royale App.

If you are still facing the issue, then don’t worry, as we have a few more solutions left that you can try. 

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Solution 5: Log out and Log in again to Your Account

Log out and Log in again in Clash Royale

In some cases, the game might not be able to read your in-game data properly, which causes it to crash. So if your Clash Royale keeps crashing, we suggest you log out from the game, re-login, and restart your game. It might fix the issue.

Solution 6: Make Sure That Your Phone’s Date and Time are in Sync

The sync between your device’s time and date is important for any app to run properly. So make sure your device is running on the correct date and time, which sometimes help in fixing the app crashing issues.

SOLUTION 7: Try Reinstalling Clash Royale

Uninstalling and Reinstalling Clash Royale

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then the only option we are left with is uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your device. As the game keeps crashing frequently on your device, it might be possible that there is some problem with the game itself, like corrupted files or a bug that occurred when you installed the game. Such issues fix themselves when you freshly install the program or app on your device. Therefore sometimes reinstallations work like a charm.

Before reinstalling the game, save your supercell id and password somewhere safe and copy your in-game id as you will need them to log in again in your game. 

We hope that the information provided in this article helped you fix and prevent your Clash Royale from crashing on your smartphone. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below. 

Download: Clash Royale (Play Store)

Download: Clash Royale (App Store)

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