How to Get Free Gems in Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever is a game that has captivated millions of players around the world. It is a game that is both exciting and challenging, allowing players to test their culinary skills by cooking a variety of dishes in different types of restaurants. From fast food to seafood, and from Italian to Chinese, the game offers a wide range of cuisines for players to master. With over 1000 levels and 30 restaurants to unlock, the game keeps players engaged for hours on end.

How to Get Free Gems in Cooking Fever?

In Cooking Fever, gems are an important currency that players need to progress and unlock new levels. Gems can be used to upgrade kitchen equipment, purchase new restaurants, and even buy VIP tickets that give players exclusive bonuses. However, gems can also be quite expensive to purchase with real money, which is why many players are looking for ways to get free gems. Fortunately, there are several methods that players can use to get free gems in Cooking Fever, and we will discuss them in detail in this article.

1. Daily Login Bonus

The first way to get free gems is by logging into the game every day. Cooking Fever offers a daily login bonus that rewards players with gems, coins, and other useful items. The rewards increase in value each consecutive day you log in, so make sure to log in every day to get the maximum reward.

2. Complete Restaurant Challenges

Each restaurant in Cooking Fever has its own set of challenges that players can complete to earn gems and other rewards. These challenges range from cooking a certain number of dishes to earning a specific amount of coins. Completing these challenges not only helps you earn gems but also helps you improve your skills in the game.

3. Participate in Time-limited Events

Cooking Fever often hosts time-limited events that offer players a chance to earn gems by completing certain tasks. These events are usually themed around holidays or special occasions and offer unique rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. Keep an eye out for these events and participate in them to earn free gems.

5. Watch Ads

Another way to earn free gems in Cooking Fever is by watching ads. The game offers players the option to watch short ads in exchange for gems or other rewards. While this method may not yield a large number of gems, it is an easy way to accumulate them over time.

6. Connect with Facebook

Finally, players can connect their Facebook account to Cooking Fever to earn free gems. By connecting with Facebook, players can invite friends to play the game and receive gems as a reward. Additionally, some events and challenges in the game offer extra rewards for players who have connected their Facebook accounts.

7. Increase your XP level

Players can earn up to 7 gems for each level by increasing their XP or Experience points. Replaying already completed levels twice a day is one way to increase XP.

8. Participate in Facebook contests

The Cooking Fever game is active on its Facebook page and offers contests with rewards including different amounts of gems and other items.

9. Complete Achievements and Tasks

Players can earn free rewards such as coins, gems, and XPs by completing achievements and tasks.

10. Participate in Tournaments

Tournaments offer a chance to win big prizes in the game. Some tournaments have costs to participate in while others are free.

11. Play the game regularly

By playing the game daily, players can earn a Welcome Back reward and discover hidden free gem rewards. After day 7, players can receive 2 gems per day on a daily basis for consecutive gameplay.

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In conclusion, getting free gems in Cooking Fever requires a little bit of effort, but it’s definitely possible without spending real money. By taking advantage of the daily login bonus, completing restaurant challenges, participating in time-limited events, watching ads, and connecting with Facebook, players can accumulate gems and progress through the game without breaking the bank.

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