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The Boom Beach is a widely popular MMORT (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy) game loved by millions of people worldwide. It is available on android and ios, but you can also play it on a pc using Emulators. In this article, we will look at one of the most asked questions about Boom Beach, which is “HOW CAN I CHANGE MY NAME IN BOOM BEACH?” So, Let’s begin, 


When you start playing the game for the first time, your IGN (in-game name) will be set to “Commander”, as every player in Boom Beach begins with the default name “Commander”. You can change your name two times for free.

1. First, You Change your name once when you upgrade the Radar to level 2.

2. Second, you can change your name by going to Settings > Change Name.

Note: You cannot change your name if you have used both chances, so make sure to select your name carefully. 

When creating your In-game name, make sure to follow some fundamental rules to maximize your gaming fun while maintaining your privacy and security. Like, 

  1. Never use your full real name as your IGN (in-game name) to protect your privacy unless you play the game on a Pro level. 
  2. Create your unique name. You can use a site like Generate My IGN to generate some unusual names. 
  3. Don’t use an offensive word in your name as many games as a policy that punishes players for the offensive IGN.
  4. Avoid using Emoji in your name, as many old devices do not fully support emojis, so your friends might face trouble when reading your name if they are using an old device. 

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How to Create/ Change your name on Boom Beach?

In Boom Beach, you change your name when you upgrade the Radar to level 2 and by going in Settings > Change the name. You can only change your name two times in Boom Beach.

What is a good name for Boom Beach?

Any name which you like you can pick as your IGN (in-game name) in Boom Beach. If you want to create a unique IGN, then you should try websites like generate my IGN to generate some cool IGN.

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