Clash of Clans Shield Guide with Cooldowns Explained

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular real-time strategy games played by millions of people worldwide. In this guide, we will look at the “Clash of Clans Shield Guide with its Cooldown“, 

Clash of Clans Shield Guide with Cooldowns Explained

Before we start with shields cooldown, first let’s understand what it is Shield,

What is Shield in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, Shield is like strong armour for your village, which gives your village temporary safety from attacks. When your village is under shield protection, enemies cannot attack your village which makes the Shield extremely important for the village if you have tons of gold in your storage and don’t want to give it away to the attacker. 

Every player in Clash of Clans starts the game with the 3-day free Shield. After the beginner’s Shield gets expired, players can purchase the Shield in two ways:

  1. Purchase using Gems
  2. Automatic Shield after the attack that damage is your village for at least 30 percent or more 

In Clash of Clans, the Shield protects your village from attacks, but if you try to attack while your Shield is active, then some duration will be deducted from a shield. In Case, if you search for the target to attack in a multiplayer battle, but you do not start the battle, then the shield duration will remain undeducted.

But, if you attack in a multiplayer battle while your Shield is active, then some duration will be deducted from your Shield. If you keep attacking the village during the Shield, the shield duration will decrease by 3 hours for the first time. After that, 4,5,6,8,10,12,16,20, and 23 hours will be deducted from your Shield if you keep attacking the villages in a multiplayer battle. The 23 hours is the maximum duration which can be deducted from your shield duration if you keep attacking.

It also applies for the revenge attack, as if you attack the village for revenge during the shield duration, then the same amount of time will be deducted from your shield duration as you have made an attack. The shield duration is only deducted if you lunch the attack, which means it will be only deducted if you start the battle and when your first troop or spell hits the ground. So, you can still check the attacker’s village and attack it later once the Shield is over.

During the shield duration, you can still attack in a single-player campaign, friendly challenge, clan wars and practice wars as it will not be deducted time from your shield duration. Once the Shield is expired, you will be given the village guard, whose duration depends on your league.

When do you get Automatic Shield in Clash of Clans?

The automatic Shield will be awarded to your village after the attack if it follows certain criteria as if your village is 30% or more destroyed or your town hall is destroyed from the attack. The shield time varies based on the percentage of your village destroyed by the attacker like,

  1. You will get 12 hours shield for 30% destruction
  2. You will get 14 hours shield for 60 destruction
  3. You will get 24 hours of Shield for 90% destruction

The shield duration will be reduced if you are a titan or above player like you will get 1 hour shorter Shield in titan 1, you will get 2 hours shorter Shield in titan 2, and you will get 3 hours reduced Shield in titan 3.

Note: You will get a free shield for the village before and after the Server maintenance break from supercell for a short time.

When you are a beginner, you will also get 3 days free Shield. So, utilize these 3 days to upgrade your buildings. 

Clash of Clans Shield Cooldown time explained

In Clash of Clans, you can buy a shield from the shop using gems. 

1 day shield en  2 days shield en 1 week shield en

If you purchase the shield when you already have the shield, then its duration will be added to your existing shield. If you purchase all shields simultaneously, you will be able to re-purchase a 1-day shield and 2-day shield before the 7-day shield expires. This way, you can keep your village shield continuously for 18 days. Let’s look at each Shields cooldown so you can understand this better.

Clash of Clans Shields Cooldowns:

  1. The Village Guard will shield your village for 2 hours, has 23 hours cooldown
  2. The 1 Days Shield has a 4 day of cooldown
  3. The 2 Days shield has a 7 day of cooldown
  4. The 3 days shield has a 35 day of cooldown

The cooldown is added to prevent the people from purchasing the shield over and over again. The longer the shield duration is, the longer cooldown it will have. 

So, if you purchase each shield on the same days and keep purchasing the 1-day and 2-day shield before the 7-day shield end and even after that, you can shield your village continuously for at least 18 days. Let’s understand this using the table, 

Day Shield Purchased 
1 1 Day + 2 Day + 7 Day
5 1 Day
8 2 Day
9 1 Day
13 1 Day
 15 2 Day
17 1 Day

So, you have to re-purchase the shield as soon as its cooldown ends, and by doing this, you can get continuously 18 days shield for your village. 

Note: You cannot buy a 7 Days shield and Village guard in Titan league. 

Village Guard: 

Village Guard is auto-applied to the village once the shield is ended. Players can attack in the multiplayer battle during the village guard as there is no penalty if you attack during the village guard duration. 

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