Best Tips and Tricks to Gather Resources fast in Albion Online

Albion Online is recently gaining so much popularity after its mobile version release on Android and iOS. In Albion Online, players have to gather resources, items, and silvers to grow their level in the game. There are many ways to collect resources in Albion Online like you can buy them from the market, craft them, or get them by defeating the player in PVP, and the one that is my favourite is by gathering them. In this guide, I will share some Best Tips and Tricks to Gather Resources fast in Albion Online.

In Albion Online, the gathering is underlooked way of collecting the resources and sliver as many players hate to go to the open world and collect the material and craft them. But, as a beginner, you can earn so much silver by just gathering the resources and selling them in a market. 

How to Gather Resources fast in Albion Online? 

Before we begin with the tip and tricks, let’s first understand what is gathering in Albion Online? In Albion Online, when you collect the resources like clothes, wood, leather, and many more from the open-world instead of buying them from the market is called gathering. 

Why should you gather resources instead of buying in Albion Online? 

In Albion Online, you can buy the resources from the market in exchange for silver. But, when you are a new player, it is better to gather these resources for free from the open-world as lots of players do not like gathering resources. There is very little competition you will face when you go out to collect a resource. So, it is very beneficial for beginners and new players to gather resources instead of buying them as you don’t have to spend silver on the resources. You can use that silver for more important tasks like buying the Premium or Personal Island

In Albion Online, even some tier resources can also generate good profit if you know where to sell them. So, Let’s begin with the tips and tricks,

Best Tips and Tricks to Gather Resources fast in Albion Online

1. Focus on only one resource at a time

Before starting gathering resources:

  • Visit a market in each city.
  • Check every resource’s price on the market.
  • Select the city where you can find those resources more quickly.

When players start gathering resources, they choose an area or zone in an open world and start collecting all the resources available in that zone to sell them for silver later or use them to craft their items. But, trust me to buy doing this, you are slowing down your progress as when you focus on collecting only one resource, you can collect much more resources in less time, and you can level much faster.

I am not saying that you should not collect other resources, but first, focus on gathering only one resource as a beginner. Once you got the money by selling the resources, buy the gears that are helping to gather other resources. 

When you start your journey as a gatherer, make sure to buy a mount first as the mount increases your movement speed, and you can carry much more items with a Mount. 

2. Buy a gathering gear

The biggest mistake new players make when they start gathering the resources is they don’t buy the right gear built to gather that resources. New players often overspend on their outfits, mounts, and building the home. Still, when it comes to gear, they don’t buy the right gears, as when you try to gather resources without perfect gear, you cannot collect a resource at all, or it will take an eternity to gather a resource. 

When you gather a resource with the right resources, you will be able to collect that resource faster, and on top of that, you will also get more fame points on gathering that resource. I know it feels unsafe when you go in a red or yellow zone to collect a resource without your combat suit and gears, but if you only take your gathering resources, then you can level up faster. It is a bit unsafe, but it is much quicker for beginners when you don’t have high-tier gathering gears. 

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3. Don’t go in higher tier node

Another big mistake that new players make is that they go in tier 5 node with level 3 pickaxe. If you try to gather higher-tier resources with low-tier gear, it will take a lot more time, so it is better to collect resources from the same tier node. 

You should go in the higher tier node if only you are gathering a resource to create your next tier gear. Otherwise, it is always more profitable and efficient to gather resources in the same tier node. 

4. Always select the right amount


When you go on gathering resources, always select your mount very carefully. As a beginner, you can start with a horse or ox. The horse is much faster than the OX, but the ox can carry more weight than a horse. When you go into the Red or black zone, it is better to take a fast mount like horse or stag as you might encounter with the Gankers in the red or black zone then, this mount will help you outrun them and get you to the safety. If you are going in a PVP zone, take your lowest tier mount with you and only bring the necessary gears with you, as if you get killed in a PVP zone, you won’t lose much. 

5. Pick the right food

In Albion Online, there are different types of foods as some food can increase your combat ability, and some can increase your carrying capacity. So, make sure to pick a right with you when you go on a long gathering journey. My favourite gathering food in Albion online is pie, and as it increases your carrying capacity and provides you with a gathering bonus. So, make sure to pick the right food based on your budget and tier before going on a gathering journey. 

6. Learn about the biome 

If you want to gather the resources more efficiently, then you have to learn about the resources available in each biome. In Albion Online, resources are distributed between the different biomes. So, make sure you are looking for the resources at the right places. Resources availability according to the biome is, 

Biome Resources Allocation in Albion Online:

Biome Resource
  • 1 Wood
  • 2 Hide
  • 3 rock
  • 1 Ore
  • 2 Rock
  • 3 Fiber
  • 1 Rock
  • 2 Ore
  • 3 Wood
  • 1 Hide
  • 2 Fiber
  • 3 Ore
  • 1 Fiber
  • 2 Wood
  • 3 Hide

That’s it for this guide. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the guide, feel free to use the comment section below. 

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