How to get a Horse in Albion Online?

If you are looking for the Horse in Albion Online, we have some tips and tricks that might help you. There are two ways you can get a Horse in Albion online, either you can raise it, or you can buy it. But then you might be wondering which is the best way from either of these two. So, Let’s find “Best Way to Get a Horse in Albion Online”,

How to Get a Horse in Albion Online?

In this guide will see both ways to get a Horse in Albion online with their pros and cons and how much time and sliver you have to spend to get it. So, you can decide which way you want to follow to get your Horse in the game.

1. By Raising the Horse

If you want to raise your Horse in Albion Online, then you need to have Island, and you need to upgrade the Island to at least tier 2. But, I suggest investing in the Horse after you upgrade your Island to at least tier 3 because you only get one farming plot on tier 2, and you will get 2 farming plots on tier 3 as you can use one farming plot to farm food and another one for Raising animals.

You can buy a personal Island from the Island merchant in your city. Now, I am assuming you already own an island in Albion online, then let’s look at steps to raise a horse in Albion online,

Steps to Raise a Horse in Albion Online:

1. The Farming Merchant will spawn on an Island, Once you buy an Island from the merchant. 

Farming Merchant in Albion Online


2. Go to the Farming Merchant and then search for the Horse you want to buy. I recommend you to go with a tier 3 horse for the beginning as all other horses will cost much more. You can buy another horse after you have more sliver so, just start with the tier 3 or tier 4 horse. 

3. After you have bought the Horse from the farming merchant, you need to go to the Pasture (The place where you can raise your animals) and check your inventory to find out your Foal and place it inside the Pasture. There are 9 divisions inside the Pasture where you can place your animals which means you can place 9 animals inside the Pasture. 

Pasture in Albion Online


4. Now, you need to give Food to the Foal, and it will take some to grow in a horse. You can check the time it will take to grow into a horse by clicking on the Foal.

Note: That’s why I have insisted that you should buy a horse after you have upgraded your Island to tier 3, as you can have 2 farm fields on the tier 3 island. So, you can use one as Pasture and another one as a farm where you can grow your Food. 

Foal purchased for the farming merchant

5. You can deposit the Food for 24 hours by tapping on the Foal, and then you have to come again after 24 hours to re-supply the Food.

6. Now, you have created a saddle for your Horse. To create a saddle, visit the saddler, and it will ask for tier 3 lather and will create the saddle for your Horse (Lather level will depend on the horse level).  

Saddler in Albion Online

That’s it. Now, after your Foal is tuned to a Horse, drag it inside the active inventory, and you will be able to ride the Horse. 

Note: You need to have a journeyman Adeventurer unlock on a destiny board to ride a tier 3 Horse in Albion Online. Journey Man Adventure online requires 9000 fame to reach it, so it is effortless to get. If you want to ride a tier 4 or tier 5 horse, then you need to unlock further adventure titles on the destiny board.

Now, Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Raising the Horse.


1. IF you don’t have much gold, then it is the easy way to get a horse. 


1. If you Raise the Horse, often time you end up paying more gold than it’s worth. 

2. The process requires lots of work and patience as you need to wait at least 2 to 3 days before your Foal grows into a horse. 

Now, Let’s look at the other way to get the Horse in Albion Online, 

Buy a Horse from the Market in Albion Online

If you don’t want to wait for too much to get a horse, then this a perfect way for you. So, Let’s see the way to buy a Horse in Albion Online, 

Steps to buying a Horse in Albion Online:

1. Go to the Market. 

Albion Online Marketplace

2. Now, you will first see a unsaddle horse in the list. Just type the “Raiding” in the search bar. Now you can see all the horses available for buy. 

3. Buy the Horse from the Market and place it inside your active inventory slot to ride it. 


1. You will get a Horse instantly, which you can ride. 

2. No need to wait, and sometimes it is cheap compare to raising the Horse. 


1. You will need to collect a lot more gold before buying the Horse. When you Raise the Horse, you pay the amount in parts first when purchasing the Foal, then for the Food and saddle at last. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best way to get a Horse in Albion online by Raising it or Purchasing it?

The Best way to get a Horse is by purchasing it from the market, as raising the horse will require lots of gold and time.

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That’s it for this guide. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the post, then feel free to use the comment section below.  

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