How to Get Candy in Elemental Dungeons Halloween Event?

Hello, fellow gamers! The latest buzz in the world of Elemental Dungeons is something truly exciting – you can now collect candies. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on these sweet treats, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how you can earn these candies.

Best Ways to Get Candy in the Elemental Dungeons Halloween Event

First things first, simply tap on the Halloween event inside Elemental Dungeons. This new feature brings up a bunch of options like “Mystic Case”, “Event Pass”, and “Dungeons”. But what’s got everyone talking is the brand-new addition – the event shop.

1. From the Event Shop

Once you’re inside the event shop, there’s a tempting offer waiting for you – candies, and they’re absolutely free! Just tap and see the magic – the candies are all yours. In 2023, the shop is feeling quite generous, letting players pick up 25 candies every hour. And guess what? I’ve managed to grab 25 candies myself using this method.

2. The Abandoned Castle Dungeon

The next tip is a simple one: when you enter the Halloween dungeon, create a dungeon in the brand-new abandoned castle. The first time you complete this dungeon, you’ll receive a whopping 1,500 candies. After that, you’ll earn 50 candies each time you complete it.

On average, this dungeon takes about 20 minutes if you’re going solo, which is a bit long. However, that initial 1,500 candy reward is a significant boost to your collection. If you prefer, team up with friends and keep running this dungeon to earn hundreds of candies quickly.

3. By Talking to NPCs

You can also earn candies by simply having a chat with NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the game. As you explore the game’s map, some friendly NPCs will be more than happy to offer you candies. For example, I’ve received five candies from one NPC and another five from a different one. You can repeat this process every hour to earn even more.

Here’s a handy tip – not every NPC is in the mood to give candies. How can you tell? Check if they’re carrying a candy bucket. If they are, you’re in for a treat.

4. Completing Quests

The last tip revolves around completing quests. You’ll find various quest categories, including special, weekly, Halloween, and daily quests. Each of these quests offers gems and a specific amount of candy as rewards. Completing these quests can earn you a total of 200 candies.

Daily quests, in particular, are usually straightforward, involving tasks like clearing dungeons or defeating enemies. These can be completed easily and offer candy rewards. The weekly and special quests provide additional opportunities to collect more candy.

Now that you know how to collect those tasty candies in Elemental Dungeons, you might be wondering how you can use them for more fun in the game. In our next article, “Using Your Candies in Elemental Dungeons“, we’ll talk about all the cool things you can do with these candies inside the game. From making your character stronger to getting cool stuff, there are lots of surprises waiting for you in Elemental Dungeons. So, don’t miss it!


With this update, Elemental Dungeons has added a fun twist to the gameplay. Whether you’re visiting the event shop, chatting with NPCs, or taking on quests, there are plenty of ways to fill your pockets with candies.

I hope this guide helps you on your journey through Elemental Dungeons. Jump into the game, have a great time, and may your adventure be filled with lots of candies!

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