Where should you use your candies in Elemental Dungeons?

So, you’ve gathered a bunch of candies in Elemental Dungeons, following the tips and tricks outlined in our previous article on “How to Get Candy in Elemental Dungeons“. Now, it’s time to put those candies to good use and unlock some fantastic rewards in the game.

Where should you use your candies in Elemental Dungeons to unlock the best rewards?

The Halloween update has introduced various exciting items and features you can acquire with your hard-earned candies. Let’s explore where to spend your candies for the best rewards:

1. Mystery Case: A Sweet Surprise

One of the first places you can use your candies is at the Mystery Case stand in the Halloween event area. For 1,500 candies, you can purchase a Mystery Case, and the contents are always a delightful surprise. These cases may contain new skins, different weapons, and even stylish armor pieces. It’s a bit like opening a Halloween treat bag – you never know what you’ll find!

2. Halloween Pass: Exclusive Rewards

The Halloween Pass is another tempting option for candy expenditure. Spend your candies here for a chance to receive gems, an exclusive armor set, and some seriously cool-looking weapons. This pass opens up opportunities for additional rewards beyond the Mystery Cases.

3. Event Shop: Golden Wings and More

The real treasure trove awaits in the Event Shop. Here, you’ll discover various valuable items you can purchase with your candies:

1. Golden Wings: These wings provide a 10% XP multiplier boost, making them a highly sought-after item for leveling up your character. To acquire these wings, you’ll need to save up 10,000 candies, so start collecting!

2. Elements and Consumables: The Event Shop also offers different elemental items and consumables that can aid you in your adventures. These can be useful for enhancing your gameplay and surviving tougher challenges.

3. Summon an Extra Boss: If you’re up for a real challenge and looking for extra rewards, you can spend your candies to summon an extra boss in Elemental Dungeons. Defeating this formidable foe can yield substantial rewards.

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4. Phantom Element

For the most dedicated players with a substantial candy collection, there’s the Phantom Element. Priced at a hefty 25,000 candies, this item guarantees you the Phantom element, which you can summon to aid you in battles. While the cost is high, it offers a 100% chance of obtaining this powerful element, unlike the randomness of summoning.


In conclusion, the Halloween update in Elemental Dungeons offers a wide array of options for spending your hard-earned candies. Whether you’re aiming for Mystery Cases, the Halloween Pass, Golden Wings, elemental items, or even the elusive Phantom Element, your candies can unlock these exciting rewards.

For detailed insights on how to collect candies quickly in Elemental Dungeons, be sure to check out our previous article on “How to Get Candy in Elemental Dungeons”. With these strategies in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your candy collection and enhance your Elemental Dungeons experience.

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