Should you use Crossbow in Albion Online?

Albion Online is an MMO RPG (Massively Multiplayer Online) game loved by thousands of players worldwide. Its popularity reaching new heights after its mobile version is released for iOS and Android.

In Every RPG, players have their favourite weapons like Gun, Crossbows, or Sword, so in Albion Online, my favourite weapon is a crossbow. In this guide, I will show why you should also use a crossbow as your primary weapon and the benefits of using a crossbow in Albion Online. So, Let’s begin,

Should you use Crossbow in Albion Online?

Unlike every RPG, there is no class system in Albion Online, so you can switch between weapons anytime as you don’t need to change a character class every time you want to change your weapon. When I first started playing Albion Online, I was overwhelmed by the so many options for weapons, and I cannot select any one weapon as my primary weapon. So, I decided to go back to strength and selected my favourite weapons, which I have already used in other RPG games. Yes, you have guessed it right. It is a crossbow.

In Albion Online, you can use a crossbow in any situation except the PVE environment. That’s why I only switched to the staff of fire for the PVE environment expect that Crossbow remains my primary weapon of choice in every situation. Many players think that the Crossbow is more suitable for long-range fights and it is not very effective in close-range combats, then yes, it is somewhat right but not entirely true as a crossbow comes with lots of special skills which make up for its weak short-range combat potential. Now, Let’s look at some benefits of using a Crossbow, and the reason’s why should you consider using a Crossbow in Albion Online,

Benefits of using a Crossbow in Albion Online

1. faster movement speed while attacking

2. Invisibility with special skills

3. Brust damage with healing power.

4. Ability to reduce target’s armour and magic resist to deal a lot of damage.

4. A Magical Barrier around the player which reflects the incoming damage. 

Note: The Stats and abilities for crossbow will differ from one to another. 

Types of Crossbows with Stats

Light Cross: 

The Light Cross is one of the best crossbows available in Albion Online as it is suitable for both PVE and PVP battles. You can switch between direct damage and area damage mode on Light Crossbow. In area damage mode, it drops the bomb on an area that damages the enemies inside the area, and one of the coolest thing about this Crossbow is you can use it from off-hand. 

Energy Shaper:

 It is one of the coolest looking Crossbow available in Albion Online. It is more suitable for PVE than a PVP. The only problem with this Crossbow is it is a bit costlier for the damage output and ability it provides, and that’s why it is not suitable for new players and beginners. 

Relevant Reads: 

Bolt caster: Boltcaster is one of the best weapon when it comes to 1V1. It is an extremely good weapon for Avalonian dungeons and PVP fights.

Siege Blow: Siege Blow is one of the best weapons for ZvZ for its special perks. It can also be used in PVE and PVP, although it is not designed for it. 

Weeping Repeater: It is an extremely good weapon for ZvsZ because of its great area damage. Weeping Repeater can change the fate of the ZVZ fight if it is in the right hand. It can also be used in a PVE because of its great area damage. 

Name Tier Item Power
Journeyman’s Crossbow 3 500
Adept’s Crossbow 4 700
Adept’s Heavy Crossbow 4 700
Adept’s Light Crossbow 4 700
Adept’s Weeping Repeater 4 725
Adept’s Boltcasters 4 750
Adept’s Siegebow 4 775
Adept’s Energy Shaper 4 800
Expert’s Light Crossbow 5 800
Expert’s Crossbow 5 800
Expert’s Heavy Crossbow 5 800
Expert’s Weeping Repeater 5 825
Expert’s Boltcasters 5 850
Expert’s Siegebow 5 875
Expert’s Energy Shaper 5 900
Master’s Light Crossbow 6 900
Master’s Crossbow 6 900
Master’s Heavy Crossbow 6 900
Master’s Weeping Repeater 6 925
Master’s Boltcasters 6 950
Master’s Siegebow 6 975
Master’s Energy Shaper 6 1,000
Grandmaster’s Heavy Crossbow 7 1,000
Grandmaster’s Crossbow 7 1,000
Grandmaster’s Light Crossbow 7 1,000
Grandmaster’s Weeping Repeater 7 1,025
Grandmaster’s Boltcasters 7 1,050
Grandmaster’s Siegebow 7 1,075
Grandmaster’s Energy Shaper 7 1,100
Elder’s Crossbow 8 1,100
Elder’s Heavy Crossbow 8 1,100
Elder’s Light Crossbow 8 1,100
Elder’s Weeping Repeater 8 1,125
Elder’s Boltcasters 8 1,150
Elder’s Siegebow 8 1,175
Elder’s Energy Shaper 8 1,200

Best Crossbow Builds in Albion Online:

So, now I will show you the crossbow build I use in Albion Online to play PVE, PVP, and sometimes a ZVZ. So, let’s begin,

BoltCaster Build:

  1. Elder’s Assasin Shoes
  2. Major Resistance Potion
  3. Beef Stew (Food)
  4. Elder’s Mage Cowl
  5. Elder’s Mage Robe
  6. Elder’s Boltcaster

Light CrossBow Build:

  1. Expert Soldier Boots
  2. Monior Poison Potion
  3. Goat Stew (Food)
  4. Expert’s Assassin’s Jacket
  5. Expert’s Torch
  6. Expert’s Light Crossbow

This build works for both PVE and PVP as you can deal lots of burst damage with these builds. 

So, That’s it for this article. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the article, please use the comment section below.

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