Top 5 Tips To Create a Perfect Deck in Clash Royale

Are you looking to build your best deck in the game of Clash Royale? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. As in this article, we will teach you everything that you need to know to create a perfect deck in Clash Royale.

Top 5 Tips To Create a Perfect Deck in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is not a new game to anyone, nor does it requires any introduction. The game was developed and launched by the world-famous American-based company Supercell Inc. Ever since its release on 2nd March 2016; it has seen exponential growth in its player base and popularity. It offers you a fast-paced 3-5 minutes of competitive experience along with the card game’s satisfaction.

Decks play a huge part when deciding the outcome of a battle in clash royale, so having a properly balanced deck will always give you an edge over your opponents. Having stronger cards are not always better as they need to be balanced and should complement and cover for tier strengths and weakness. So let us have a look through the top 5 things to keep in mind while making your deck in Clash Royale.

Steps To Follow While Creating a Deck

Having a good deck to play with certainly gives you an edge over others in the game; follow the steps given below to create a perfect deck in clash royale.

Step 1: Choose the Main Card

It is important to have the main card in the deck, which will be your win condition; you cannot just win by defending or spamming random cards. You should have a good win condition in your deck, and all the other cards in your deck should support or help that card reach its maximum potential.

Clash royale win condition

Some examples of the main card or win conditions are Balloon, Hog Rider, Ram Rider, X-bow, Mortar, Mega Knight., Prince, Pekka, and Three Musketeers.

Step 2: Choose A Battle Style

There are different types of decks and player styles in the game, also known as the archetypes. They define how you will ideally play your deck and how you will win the game. Archetypes can be divided into eight types they are Beatdown, Split Push, Bait decks, Control decks, Bridge Spam, Siege, Hybrid, and Cycle decks. So having one strategy that you use to win the games better in the long run.

Step 3: Think About The Momentum Of the Game

Do you want a fast-paced battle? Then you can spam on the bridge with very fast troops like the hog rider and the royal hogs? Or do you want to take the fight to the last minute of the game and build up undefendable pushes in the game? Well, it’s up to you, but it is advised that you have your game plan ready for the game. 

Clash royale type of deck

For fast decks, you might prefer units like the hogs, the hog rider, mini Pekka, and the dark goblin. But for hard push decks, you might want to look into more traditional tanks like the Giant, Goblin, Lava Hound, or the Royal Giant.

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Step 4: Manage The Average Elixir Cost

Having a good average elixir cost is always better in the game as it gives you more flexibility in all scenarios in the game. For example, if you have a very high average elixir cost, you will probably suffer at the beginning of the game as your deck cards have a very high elixir cost, and so you won’t be able to push or defend properly.

Clash royale avarage elixir cost

Having an average elixir cost of between 2.5 to 4.5 elixir is where you would want to be in the game, as this range gives you the perfect flexibility in all the rounds of the game.

Step 5: Having A Good Defence

Having a good defence is the key to winning the games in Clash Royale. Some great defensive cards can counter a large sum of cards in the game, and your defence should be made up of cards that can help you defend in almost any scenario, no matter what. You should have at least one flying defensive unit, one tank killer, one building, and a swarm unit as defensive cards in your deck.

Clash royale defence

Some examples of great defensive cards are Lumberjack, Magical Archer, Inferno Dragon, Valkyrie, Mini Pekka, Tombstone, Tesla, Inferno Tower, Arrows, Zap, minions, Mega Minion, Musketeer, and Wizard, to count a few. Obbvesly, there are many more cards that you can play around and experiment with in your deck.

We hope that the article provided in this article helped you in making your perfect deck in the game Clash Royale. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below. 

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