How To Turn off Auto Battle in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

Are you frustrated that your character in the game Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds uses up all the attacks and skills without you even pressing a single button? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you “How To Turn Off Auto Battle In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?”.

How To Turn off Auto Battle In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

Ni No Kuni is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) launched by Netmarble Inc. It was then published by Level 5, the original creators of the Ni No Kuni Franchise, on May 27th.

Just like the other titles in the Ni No Kuni series, the cross worlds also feature two distinct worlds, the “Real-world” and the “Fantasy worlds”, where players will spend most of their time. Now, Let’s begin with the guide, 

Auto-Battle in Ni No Kuni

Auto battle is an in-game function provided to you by the game so that you can farm effectively without wasting your time spamming skills to kill monsters. This function keeps spamming them for you, so you can just put the game on auto-battle, and the game will do the rest.

But the game keeps attacking monsters automatically without you even pressing anything when they come in a certain proximity. And it forces all your skills on cooldown, which can be frustrating.

How To Disable Auto Battle?

steps on how to disable auto battle

To disable auto-battle in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, follow the steps given below:

Steps To Disable Auto-Battle

  1. First, you need to open your gameplay screen, i.e. where all your attack icons, familiar attack icons and the joystick is located.
  2. Then Look for a circular icon with swords in it at the bottom of your screen right beside the mount option.
  3. Now press and hold it until a new settings menu pops up.
  4. Then select “Auto-skill and Familiar Auto Use Settings.
  5. After that, Deselect all the attacks and skills.

We recommend you deselect all of your character attacks and skills, but keep the familiar attacks on auto-use when doing the quests, as many people forget to use their familiars constantly.

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Semi-Auto Batlle Mode In Ni No Kuni

The semi-Auto battle feature is a feature which allows you to battle but without having to worry about the system using up your skills and putting them on cooldowns. In this mode, the game only uses your basic attacks to fight monsters. You can use this mode to fight in the labyrinth of dreams and chaos gates when you intend to play and fight.

When should you use Auto-Battle?

Well, auto-battle is not at all a useless function as it’s intended for you to farm or fight monsters who are not stronger than you effortlessly. So when should you use the auto-battle in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds? We recommend using this function when you are farming in the open world or while doing chaos dungeons. But always remember that the monsters should be weaker than you as you can die if you are too careless.

when to use auto battle

That is it for this article. I hope you were able to learn how to disable auto battle in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. To read more interesting facts about Ni No Kuni and to get the best tips and tricks, check out our other articles and leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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