How to use Laborers on your personal Island in Albion Online?

In Albion Online, players have to gather resources and sliver to grow in the game. If you are a new player, then the first thing you should do is collect some silver to buy a Mount for your character. After that, you should consider buying a personal Island for your character by collecting more silver and gathering resources. As there are many benefits of owning a private Island in Albion online, like you will get a farming plot and construction plot on your Island, you can place your mounts inside the pasture, grow your food on the farm and store your loot and items in your house. Yes, you can build your house on your Island. 


So, Once you have bought the private Island in Albion online, the first thing you should do after purchasing the personal island is to build a house and hire some laborers. If you are not familiar with the laborers, then laborers are NPC (non-player character) you can place inside your house, and they do some repeated work for you. So, Let’s start the guide on “The best way to use Laborers on your personal Island“,

How to use Laborers on your personal Island in Albion Online?

Before we begin with how to use laborers, let’s first understand what is laborers are in Albion Online?

In Albion Online, laborers are NPCs (nonplayer characters) you can place inside your house. They can generate a passive income for you without doing anything. Many players think that Laborers do not do much and do not worth your time but trust me, laborers can earn you a big chunk of passive income without even lifting your finger. So, in this guide, we will see the “Best way to use Laborers in Albion Online to generate a big amount of passive income”,

How to use Laborers on your Island? 

In Albion Online, you can use laborers to do many things automatically, like refining or selling items. Once you set them to do some work, they will do that work repeatedly without any error. So, you can assign your repeated tedious work to the Laborer. 

If you want to hire a laborer in Albion Online, you need to own a house as each Laborer demands the house. You can hire a Laborer by building your house on your private Island, but I will advise you to hire a laborer once you tier 5 house as you can place three laborers inside the tier 5 house. 

If you don’t have a tier 5 house, follow your gathering guide and upgrade your house to tier 5 before hiring the Laborers. 

Note: It is not mandatory to have a tier 5 house to hire a laborer, but it is recommended that to hire a laborer after upgrading your house to tier 5. 

Type of Laborers in Albion Online

Once you have upgraded your house to tier 5, make sure you hire the right Laborer for the right work. Otherwise, you just waste time filling the journals. So, make sure to select the Laborer carefully that works on the same goal as you. Once you have selected which Laborer you want to hire, fill your house with the maximum number of Laborer to maximize the gain.

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In Albion Online, you have to fill the Laborer’s journal to get them working. There are different types of journals for every kind of Laborer, like a fishing journal for fishermen. Let’s look at the All types of Laborers in Albion Online, 

Profession Laborer Activity to fill the journal Resources Collected
Gathering Lumberjack Gathering wood wood
Stonecutter Gathering stone stone
Prospector Gathering Ore Ore
Cropper Gathering fiber Fiber
Gamekeeper Gathering hide Hide
Fisherman catching fish Fish
Crafting Laborer Blacksmith Crafting at warrior’s Lodge Metalbars
Fletcher Crafting at hunter’s Lodge Leather
Imbuer Crafting at mage’s tower Cloth
Tinker Crafting at toolmaker Planks
Mercenary Mercenary Killing mobs silver

Best way to increase your Laborer’s productive

Let’s take an example that, you have hired three gathering laborers in your tier 5 house. They will take around 30 minutes to settle down inside then house meanwhile you can work on filling the Journal. Suppose you want to use a laborer for fishing, then you have to fill the Journal by doing fishing and acquiring the fame point, and you have to give that Journal to each Laborer. Now, they will also do the same task repeatedly without any input.

How to fill the Journal?

To fill the Journal, you have to do that task and earn the fame points. If you want to fill the tier 2 fishing journal, you have to do fishing and earn at least 300 fame points by fishing. If you’re going to fill the Tier 4 or Tier 5 journal, you have to earn more fame points. Like you will need 600 fame points to fill the tier 3 fishing journal. Once your Laborers reach tier 5, they will bring the resources they specialize in.

Keep your Laborers happy:

In Albion Online, you need to keep your Laborer happy to increase their productivity. You need to fill the house with sufficient beds, food, and trophies to make them happy. You can place the trophies related to their profession to increase their happiness. If you have fishing laborers, feel your house with the fishing trophies to increase their happiness.

That’s it for this article. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this article, please use the comment section below.

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