How to get VIP account in Coin Master?

If you love playing Coin Master as I do, you must have heard about the Coin Master VIP account. The VIP account in Coin Master comes with many benefits for members like premium status and many exciting perks. 

I have seen many people searching about the Coin Master VIP account, getting a VIP account in Coin master, and the advantages of a VIP account in Coin Master. So, if you also want to know everything about the Coin Master VIP account, then hang on with us. This article will know everything about the VIP account in Coin master and how to get one.

What is the VIP account in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, the VIP account gives premium status to the player and adds lots of exciting perks, making the game more exciting and fun to play. The VIP account helps you get many exciting rewards like free spins, free pet food, rare cards, and many other exciting prizes. 

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If you are wondering how you can get a VIP account in Coin Master, it is very simple, but it will cost you some real money. 

How to get a VIP account in Coin Master?

The only way to get a VIP account in Coin Master is by buying it from the Coin Master’s officials. The Price of the Coin Master VIP account ranges from $100 to $5000 depending on the country you live in. If you are lucky, then you can get the Coin Master VIP account for just $100. 

Coin Master VIP Account

But if you are from a country like the US and Uk, you might have to spend over $1000 to get a VIP account in Coin Master. The Price of the Coin Master VIP account depends on the popularity of the Coin Master in the country. If you live in a Country where Coin Master is not much popular, you might get a VIP account for just $100. 

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Advantages of VIP account in Coin Master?

Undoubtedly Coin Master VIP account comes with many exciting rewards. The VIP account brings an enormous amount of benefits for the player like,

1. Free Spins and Coins

Premium or VIP members of the Coin Master receive many free spins and Coins every week. So, VIP members can progress faster in-game.

2. Increase Event Price

In Coin Master, VIP members receive extra bonuses during the events.

3. Permanent ID

One of the core benefits of a VIP account is members will get a permanent ID for the coin Master. This id will never get resets. 

4. More Social Engagement 

The VIP members in Coin Master receives exclusive invite to the premium groups sponsored by Coin Master itself. Premium members can participate in many different contests and many exciting rewards. 

Download: Coin Master

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Where and how can I become a vip account holder

Lache Valentin

please give me Vip coin master account?


मैंने अभी तक $200 up खर्च किए हैं।तब भी में vip member nahi bana

Imran ansari


Albert Blanco

I need to get my vip status off I hate it and I get no clear time frame of when I will be removed from vip and back to a regular account so can u please remove me

Kevin Vance

Seriously u r a VIP? , Why then would you want back into regular status?


You have to change ntqct cojn master and ask them the delete the vip status I did read it but few people don’t like their vip status


You have to contact coin master and ask them the take it off sorry keyboard messed up

Marie VAlera

I spent a lot in a game more than $500 since i start the game why I’m still not VIP??? I’m started not to like this game ! I’m going to give up soon…

Tirupati puyad

Please give me link vip account

Irfan Khan

Spin khatam ho gai card bhi nhi he kya karu


How to become a vip account in coinaster

Anjela Simpson

You cant just get a link to counmaster vip they choose who the give it too ,there is no other way around it spend money or you won’t get it its at least £100+ per month highest spenders will get first ,its that simplec