12 thoughts on “How to get VIP account in Coin Master?”

  1. I need to get my vip status off I hate it and I get no clear time frame of when I will be removed from vip and back to a regular account so can u please remove me

    1. You have to change ntqct cojn master and ask them the delete the vip status I did read it but few people don’t like their vip status

  2. I spent a lot in a game more than $500 since i start the game why I’m still not VIP??? I’m started not to like this game ! I’m going to give up soon…

  3. Anjela Simpson

    You cant just get a link to counmaster vip they choose who the give it too ,there is no other way around it spend money or you won’t get it its at least £100+ per month highest spenders will get first ,its that simplec

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