How to Play Coin Master Like a Pro?

If you love playing Coin Master as I do and you want to play Coin Master like a pro, then you are landed in the right place.

Coin Master is a fun casual game loved by millions of people all over the world. But, if you want to become a pro in Coin Master, then you should need to know some tips and tricks used by the pro players. So, here is a guide on “How to play Coin Master like a pro”.

Let’s first start with the basic introduction of the game,

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a casual mobile game, and it is currently available for iOS and Android for free. The game is free to play, but you have to pay if you want to buy something in-game through in-app purchases. Coin Master was launched on the android and ios stores in 2016, and the game has gained popularity like a storm. As a result, Coin Master is still a top-grossing game in many countries.

Coin Master is one of the most interactive game currently available on the market. It has over 50 million downloads and still growing. The Coin Master is also crowned as the top-grossing game in Germany and the united kingdom.

Now, let’s move on to the main topic, “How to play Coin Master like a pro“,

How to Play Coin Master Like a Pro?

When you download the Coin Master for the first time, you will be introduced to the village in Coin Master. Your primary task in the Coin Master is to build your village completely. Once you build the village entirely so will be upgraded to the new village.

To build a village in Coin Master, you have to buy required items from the in-game shop. You can buy items from the shop using in-game virtual currency coins. So to become a pro in Coin Master, you have to learn how to earn maximum coins in Coin Master and efficiently utilize them.

Initially, you will be rewarded with some free spins and coins at the start of the game. It will help you to build your first building in the Coin Master and a few other stuff.

Now, let’s move on to the vital part of the game, “Slot Machine”. The slot machine is an essential aspect of the game. If you swipe down on the screen slot machine will appear. The slot machine in Coin Master is very well designed as it is the reflection of the real slot machine. The slot machine is the only way to progress in the Coin Master.

At the start of the game, you will be rewarded with some free spins, and Once you finish these spins, you will only receive 5 free spins per hour. This means if you finish all your spins, you have to wait another hour to receive free spins.

There is another way to receive free spins and coins in the coin master by using the free spins and coins link. The Coin master posts free spins and coins link daily on their social media platform as a reward. You can collect a good amount of spins and coins using these links. To make it even simple and easy for you, many websites collect the links from different places and make them available at one.

Daily Coin Master Free Spin and Coin Link

Coin Master

Now, let’s see the reward you can get from the slot machine:

1. Coins:

The in-game virtual currency in the Coin Master is called coins, and you can use coins to purchase different items in Coin Master.

2. Attack:

It allows you to attack any player in the coin master, including your friends.

3. Raid:

You can collect loot from different players using raid.

4. Extra spins:

As you might have guessed from the name, it will re-fill your empty spins.

5. Shields:

You can use shields to protect your village from the raids by other players.

Now, let’s move to our next topic, which is, “Most important features and elements in the Coin Master”,

The most important features and elements in the Coin Master are:

1. Village Building

After the Slot machine, the second most crucial element in Coin Master is a village. A village where you are going to use your coins. You can use your coins to buy different items in the village. Therefore, to increase your level in Coin Master, you have to increase your village level in Coin Master.

You need to keep building and keep upgrading your village to qualify for the next village level. Thus, the village building in Coin Master is a very crucial part of your success in the game.

2. Raid 

When you Spin the Slot machine, and you get a raid as your reward, then you will get the chance to raid other players. In a raid, you get the option to collect the loot from other players.

3. Coin and Stars 

Coins are the in-game virtual currency in Coin Master. The coin is used to purchase different items in the Coin Master. If you want to become a pro at the Coin Master, then you have to collect as many coins as possible. You can collect a good amount of coins from spins, daily rewards, completing the card, and raiding someone.

Star is used to determine the rank of the player. You will collect stars throughout the game.

4. Pets 

Coin Master has adorable pets. Besides cuteness, pets help the player through the game in Coin Master. If you want to know more about the Pets in Coin Master and how you get free pet food in Coin Master, then read our detailed article on it.

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5. Character 

The Coin Master offers a wide range of characters from wizards, warriors, kings, queens, humans, and animals. The character keeps changing at every village level. 

Now, let’s move on to our final tip that is, “How to stop someone from attacking your village in Coin Master”,

How to stop someone from attacking your village in Coin Master

This trick will be helpful when you have collected lots of coins and want to save these coins for future events. By using this trick, you can make sure your coins are secured.

We have two tips that you can use to save your village from the attacks one is ghost mode, and another one is building your whole village at once. Let’s start with the first one,

1. Ghost mode

Ghost is a trick which you invisible in Coin Master. It is beneficial to save your village from attackers. We have a detailed article on the ghost mode in Coin Master, how to use it, and its advantages.

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What is Ghost Mode in Coin Master, how is it to used it, and its advantages?

2. Building your whole village at once 

This technique is very crucial if you want to grow fast in Coin Master. In this technique, you are advised to build your village whole at once. So you have to collect as many Coins as possible then build the whole village at once.

If you use this technique and someone attacks your village, then they will find an empty village.

Most important Tips and tricks to play Coin Master like a Pro

Now, let’s start with the Coin Master most important Tips and tricks to become a pro in Coin Master,

1. Viking quest 

Viking Quest is an event in Coin Master. In Viking quest, you can win many big and exciting rewards like spins, coins, cards, and many more. If you want to know more about the Viking quest, then read the article linked below. The article includes tips and tricks that will help you to win the Viking quest every time.

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Coin Master Viking Quest tips and tricks 

2. Get Rare and Golden Card 

In Coin Master, completing the card set will give you big exciting rewards. Unfortunately, many cards are tough to get, like Rare and Golden cards.

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Types of cards in Coin Master

How to Get a rare and golden card for free in Coin Master

That’s all. Use these tips and tricks to play coin master like a pro. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, then feel free to reach us through the comment section.

Download: Coin Master


How to hide your village in Coin Master?

You coin master your village in Coin Master by using ghost mode. Ghost mode is a trick, used by many players to hide their villages in Coin Master.

How to deactivate Ghost mode in Coin Master?

Deactivating the ghost mode in Coin Master is very easy. Just restart the game and log in again with your Coin Master account.

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Coin master team
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Love the game but getting rid of people that play differently than me is a huge problem. Some so called friends you cant delete from game why is that. This is one thing CM needs to work on. Ty😊 Suzanne