How to get a Mount in Albion Online?

In Albion Online, every player starts with the mule, but you need to upgrade your Mount as the game progresses. There are many ways to get a Mount in Albion Online like you can buy it from the marketplace, craft one by yourself, or get it crafted by the saddler. So, In this guide, we will see every way to get a Mount in Albion online and which is best for you. So, Let’s begin,

How to get a Mount in Albion Online? 

Mounts are your companions to go through the vast Albion online world. So, be careful when selecting your Mount as each has its own merits and demerits like some mounts are good at gathering whereas some are good in PVP. So, Let’s look at the ways to a Mount in Albion Online,

1. Buy a Mount from a Market Place

You can found a marketplace in every city on Albion Online. In Market place, you can buy any Mount you want, select the Mount you want to buy from the menu, and select the Tier. Make sure you have plenty of slivers ready as some Mounts are very costly. If you are a new player, start with the Horse or OX and buy other Mounts as you progress through the game and gather more slivers. 

Albion Online Marketplace

In Albion Online, Markets are run by the players, so prices of the gears and mounts can vary from city to city. So, if you want to save some money, then it is better to travel one to the city and compare the prices before buying the Mount.

2. Raise your own Mount

If you want to Raise your Mount, you need to have a personal Island upgrade to at least tier 3. You will get two farming plots on a tier 3 island, so you can use one to grow food and another one as a Pasture. 

Pasture in Albion Online

To raise your own Mount, you have to purchase a baby mount from a farming merchant and place them inside the Mount. After that, you have to give food to baby mount every 24 hours, and you will get an estimated time of when your Mount gets ready. Now, you will need a saddle to ride your Mount for that, and you have to take it to the saddler to create a saddle for your Mount. Now, swipe your Mount to your active inventory slot and then press “A” to ride it. On a mobile device, you can tap on Mount to ride it.

If all of this is too complicated or confusing for you. In that case, we have a detailed article on “How to get your first Personal island in Albion Online?” which help you get your first Island in Albion online with everything you need to know and “How to get your first horse in Albion Online?” this guide will help you to get your first mount in the game, we know the guide is about getting a horse, but it is exactly the same for acquiring any other mount in Albion online.

Requirements to ride a Mount

To ride a Horse or OX, players need to unlock a journeyman adventure license on the destiny board. When you unlock more achievements on the destiny board, more mounts will unlock for you. So, make sure you have at least a Journeyman adventure license unlock before getting a Mount. 

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So, that’s it for this guide. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the article, please use the comment section below.

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