Top 5 Legendary Arena Decks in Clash Royale

Are you looking for a deck that can help you climb higher in the Legendary arena? Well, don’t you worry, as we have got your back with not 1 or 2 but 5 best decks for Legendary Arena. In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Legendary Arena Decks in Clash Royale, and yes, I have used and gained trophies with all of them.

Clash Royale is not a new game to anyone, nor does it requires any introduction. The game was developed and launched by the world-famous American-based company Supercell Inc. Ever since its release on 2nd March 2016. The game has seen exponential growth in the player base and its popularity. 

The game Clash Royale offers you a fast-paced 3-5 minutes of competitive experience along with the card games’ satisfaction. Now that we have done with the game’s introduction, let’s move on to the original topic, which is “Top 5 Decks For Legendary Arena in Clash Royale”. So, Let’s begin, 

Top 5 Legendary Arena Decks in Clash Royale

Before we begin with the decks, let’s look at the what is legendary Arena in Clash Royale. 

The Legendary Arena

In Clash Royale, Arena 15 is called the Legendary Arena, and the arena is unlocked at 5000 trophies right after your climb from the Serenity Peak. Keep on reading as we will break down the best decks you can make and play with to climb higher in the Legendary Arena. 

Every clash royale player has the dream to reach this arena once in their life, and trust us when we say your journey in clash royale is not complete until you really reach the Legendary Arens. So listed below are the top 5 decks that can win you the way to the legendary arena and beyond.

Deck 1: Pekka Ram Bridge Spam

Do you like to see the opponent desperately try to defend and spam the crying emoji in your battles, then this deck is for you. The Pekka is a very strong unit the only thing that he lacks is speed. Well, the battle ram can be used to push Pekka quickly to the opponent’s tower, and with the zap, no one can really counter the Pekka. Meanwhile, as your opponent is desperately trying to defend on the Pekka side, you can deploy royal ghost on the other side bride and watch him chip away the tower’s HP.

Clash royale Pekka bridge spam

The defensive cards of this deck are your skeleton army, electro wizard, and firecracker. Yes, it might look like the deck lacks in defence, but we assure you it is not the case. This deck is best when used to split push and force the opponent to split their defensive power.

Deck 2: Double Elixir Lava Clone

The clone decks are always notorious for their damaging swarm units, and the best cards to use clone on are all present in this deck. The lava hound may not seem like a threatening damage unit; try putting lumberjack and minions in the combo, which turns into a hell of a combo to deal with. 

Clash Royale double elixir clone

To utilize this deck to its fullest, we highly recommend you to clone minions, lava hound, and lumberjack together, as their clones can be very devastating to play against.

The defensive cards of this deck are the skeleton army, inferno dragon, minions, baby dragon, and fireball. You should focus more on phishing with this, and trust me. You will get great hits with this deck as most of the units in this deck are air troops.

Deck 3: Loon Freeze Control

The Ballon with Freeze spell is the best control type deck in the Legendary Arena, with an outstanding win rate. The loon freeze control is a very versatile deck that has all the aspects of the battle covered. The deck works on the condition that you can get your loon to the enemy tower as quickly as possible while using the freeze to control the enemy’s defensive troops. 

Clash Royale loon freeze control


The bowler in this deck works as a hybrid tank support unit that can counter a lot of pushes while he can easily tank for your loon. And when you put lumberjack in the mix, you are unstoppable at the offence.

The defensive cards of this deck are your inferno dragon, Lumberjack, Bowler, baby dragon, Tornado, and log. When defending against ground units, use a bowler with a tornado to quickly end them and while facing against air units, use Tornado with a baby dragon.

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Deck 4: Mega Knight Graveyard Firecracker Freeze Combo

This deck has a fairly high win rate and suits players with an aggressive play style in the game. This deck is hard to build as it requires the graveyard card, which is a legendary card, and on top of that, you also require the legendary card mega knight, which is hard to acquire. But this is one of those decks that can guarantee a win if you learn how to execute it properly. 

Clash Royale mega knight freeze firecracker

Use the mega knight to tank for the other cards and the graveyard and drop the freeze just in time to freeze the opponent’s defensive units. At the same time, the firecracker’s insane damage will take care of the opponent’s defensive troops and swarm units.

The defensive cards of this deck are your firecracker, inferno dragon, skeleton army, and tombstone. This deck focus on aggressive plays and pushing rather than counter-pushing, so be sure to go for full combo commitments rather than playing half. You can also replace mega knight with goblin giant if you do not get him.

Deck 5: Lava Loon Firecracker Rage Combo

This is one of the most overpowered deck in the game. The lava loon works exactly like the giant loon or the goblin giant loon combo. The advantage that the lava loon has over the other decks is that the lava loon is an air combo which makes it harder for the enemy to counter. You can also use different spells like the rage or the clone so that you can get extra damage out of the lava pups and the balloon bomb.

Clash Royale lava loon rage

The pure defensive units of this deck are your Lumber Jack, Firecracker, skeleton army and inferno dragon. This deck is pushing-based, so if you want to play aggressively, start by deploying the lava hound behind the crown tower, wait for the elixir to build up, and then push with a balloon while keeping the arrows in the backup. You can also go for counter pushes by deploying the balloon in the rage after the lumberjack dies for some great quick damage.

We hope that the decks provided in the article helped you get beyond the legendary arena in the game Clash Royale. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below. 

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