Why Coin Master is Consistently in the top grossing list of Google Play Store?

Coin Master is Consistently in the top grossing list:

The mobile gaming industry is growing with rapid speed nowadays. Many games like Pubg Mobile, Call of duty Mobile and the free-fire are booming on another level and games like Pubg mobile and call of duty mobile has taken the Mobile Gaming Esport to another level. Some of the most prominent E-sport organization like Fanatic, TSM and Cloud 9 has formed their lineups for Mobile Esport. But there is one game which consistently stays in the Google play’s top-grossing list from past 2 years. In the Era of Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and MOBA Coin Master is a Drak Horse which stays consistently in the top-grossing list of play store and app store. According to the sensor tower report, the Coin Master has been on the top-grossing chart of both the App Store and play store for consecutively past two years. Coin Master has gained 6 Million downloads and $56 million in revenue in August 2020 alone. So, in this post, we are going to find the secret behind the Coin master Sucess and what makes Coin Master stand out against the competition. 

Like some popular games, Coin Master does not gain popularity in a short time. The game was launched in the year 2010 by moon active. But the game starts growing when the developer changed their marketing strategy in 2016. Form 2016 the popularity of Coin Master surged and it has been in the top-grossing chart of UK and US. Now, let’s understand what is Coin Master first, then we move on to the Reason behind the Coin master success. 

The gameplay of Coin Master

The Coin Master is very simple yet fun to play game. Like every other casino game, Coin master has tradition slot machine, one animated village which you can upgrade as play, you can raid other players village, and you have to defend your village from the attacker. The thing that makes Coin Master exciting and fun to play are events in the Coin Master. In short, in Coin Master, all players have to collect coins from the slot machine and have built their village. The player can raid other player and have to defend their village from the attacker. Coin Master is a simple yet exciting game which is consistently topping the top-grossing chart of play store and App store. 

The Reason behind Coin Master is Consistently in the top grossing list? 

Ther are many factors responsible for the Coin Master success. But in this article, we are going to focus the main three reasons which have played a vital role in the Coin Master’s success. 

Coin Master is Consistently in the top grossing list? 

1. Events 

Coin Master is a simple yet exciting game and on the top of that, there are many events in Coin Master. The events make the game more exciting and fun to play. Coin Master has events like Viking quest, Balloon frenzy, Attack madness and many more. 

Players can win a massive amount of free spins and coins from a slot machine during these events. The events increase the excitement and thrill in the game. The Coin Master developer know this very well, so they add many different events in Coin Master. 

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2. Genre of the Game

The Coin Master comes with classic slot machine gameplay which is loved by millions of people. Just like the casino generates huge money in Mobile gaming, the game-related casino genre always generates top revenue in the Mobile Gaming industry. 

When you first start playing Coin Master, you will be rewarded with the Couple of free spins. You can use these spins at the slot machine to earn a reward. In Coin Master, you have to build a village and when you complete the village you level up in the game and a higher level of the villages gets unlocked for you. So, to win in the Coin Master you have to build the Village as fast as you can to proceed to the next level. And after building the village you have to protect it from attackers. 

Note: Coin Master is not a gambling game. It is a strategy based game, and it uses a slot machine as part of the game. 

3. Marketing

In the success of every game, marketing plays a vital role. In the case of Coin Master success, the credit undoubtedly goes to their marketing and promotion team. After Coin Master gained popularity developer does not sit down and take everything for granted. Instead, they have put their constant efforts to make Coin master more entering and fun to play. The team also reached out to some popular celebrities in the US, UK and Australia to promote their game. So, their game can reach to a mass audience. You can see the spikes in the Coin Master downloads and popularity just after the advertisement campaign. 

So, these are some few reasons which made the Coin Master a top-grossing game for consistently two years. That all we have for Coin Master success story. If you have any question or feedback, then fill free to contact us through the comment section below. 

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