Wild Rift Ashe Guide with item build, Runes and Skills

In League of Legends Wild Rift, Ashe is a marksman and commonly played in dragon lane with support. For Dragon lane ADC (Attack Damage Carry), marksman Ashe is considered as an A-tier Pick. Ashe mostly deals physical damage and has lots of crowd control, so if your team lacks crowd control, you can pick Ashe to support them. Based on the played style and her ability Ashe is considered easy to play champion.

In this post, we look at the best Item Builds, Runes, Spells and Skill guide for Ashe, including some tips and tricks we have found especially for you.

Wild Rift Ashe Guide with Item Build, Runes, Spells and Skill Analysis

Let’s start with the Runes first, 

Best Runes for Ashe in Wild Rift

Name Stats


Gain Stacks of adaptive force when hitting a champion with a separate attack or abilities. It stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, deals bonus adaptive damage to and champion.

Per Stack: (2-6) bonus AD or (4-12) AP for 8%

Fully Stacked Bonus: 10% Bonus adaptive damage to champions.


AD/AP, Penetration

Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration, or 14 AP and 2% Magic penetration (Adaptive). 

Spirit Walker

Health, Slow resist 

Gain 50 max health and 20% slow resistance.

Sweet Tooth

Honey fruit, Gold

Increases honey fruit healing by 25. Each fruit also provides 20 gold.

Note: In Wild Rift, Ashe is a Scaling champion like Vyne and Jinx, so you can also pick Gathering Strom instead of Spirit Walker. If your playing Ashe against high AD Champions like Miss fortune or Draven, choose regeneration instead of Spirit walker to stay longer in a lane. 

Gathering Storm


Now, Let’s look at the best Summoners Spells for Ashe in Wild Rift,

Best Summoners Spell for Ashe in Wild Rift

Name  Stats


Flash undoubtedly the best spell for any champion you play. Flash is used to teleport your champion forward for any aimed direction. (Cooldown: 150 seconds)


Gain a shield that absorbs 115-465 (based on the level) damage for 2 seconds (Cooldown: 90 Seconds).

You can also pick Heal instead of Barrier if your support has picked an Exhaust. 

Now, Let’s look at Best Item Builds for Ashe in Wild Rift, 

Best Item Builds for Ashe in League of Legends in Wild Rift

You can use various adaptive for Ashe based on the enemy champions you are facing. So, Let’s start with the Builds, 

1. Ashe Item Build (Dragon Lane ADC)

Blade of the Ruined King

Gluttonous Greaves

Runaan’s Hurricane

Infinity Edge

Mortal Reminder

Guardian Angle

Quick Sliver


When playing as an Ashe in Wild Rift, Build Blade of the Ruined King as your first item as it will grant you +30 attack damage, +30% attack speed and physical vamp. After the Blade of the ruined king, build Glutonous Greaves as your second item for more movement speed and physical vamp. 

In Wild Rift, Ashe mostly relies on his basic attacks for her damage output. So, build a Runaan’s Hurricane as your third item as it will grant you +45% attacks speed and +25% critical rate so you can attack much quicker. The Infinity Edge is going to be your last core item for this build. Infinity Edge will grant you +55 attack damage with a +25% critical rate. After Ashe gets his three core items, she gets a power spike, so try to be part of every team fight after you get your three core items.

2. Ashe’s Item Builds vs Tanks 

Blade of the Ruined King

Gluttonous Greaves

Mortal Reminder

Infinity Edge

Runaan’s Hurricane

Guardian Angle

Quick Sliver


If you are playing against too many tanky champions, then you have to change your build path. Build Blade of the ruined king and Gluttonous greaves as your first and second item but for your third item, build Mortal reminder Instead of Infinity edge. The Mortal reminder will grant you +45 attack damage with +30% armor penetration. In Wild Rift, Mortal Reminder is the best AD (Attack Damage) item you can buy to counter tanks.

3. Ashe Item build vs AD, AP Assassin Champions

Blade of the Ruined King

Gluttonous Greaves

Wild Rift Items: Stasis Enchant | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Stasis Enchant

Phantom Dancer

Infinity Edge

Guardian Angle

Runaan’s Hurricane


When your enemy team has assassin champions like Fizz, Zed or Akali, you have to play very carefully as you will be their primary target as an AD Carry. The best item you can build to counter assassin champions like Zed or Fizz is Stasis enchant boots. When you are playing against the assassin champion, build Stasis Enchant boots as your second or third item. You can also build Phantom dancer as your third item as it will give you +35% attack speed, +25 critical rate, and grant you a shield when your hp falls below 35%.

Now, Let’s move on the Ashe’s Skill analysis with the Best attack combos you can use.

Wild Rift Ashe Skill analysis with the Best attack Combos

Let’s start with skill analysis first, 

Wild Rift Ashe’s Skill analysis with Stats

1. Passive Skill

Ashe Frost Shot Ability LoL Wild Rift

Frost Shot

Attacks and damaging abilities slow the targets hit by 15% for 2 seconds. Attacks against the enemies slowed by frost shot deal 210% bonus damage (10% + 100%). Ashe’s critical strike do not deal extra damage. Instead, they increase the frost shot slow to 30%, decaying over time.

2. Ranger’s Focus (First Ability)

Ashe Ranger's Focus Ability LoL Wild Rift

Ranger’s Focus

Passive: Store 2 focus while ranger’s focus is not active. Attacks grant an additional stack of focus (Up to 6). Stacks fall of one at a time. 

Active: For the next 6 seconds, attacks consume a stack of focus to fire with 25% attack speed and barrage the target with a flurry of arrows for 115% damage.

Cooldown: 8 Second

Mana: 50

3. Volley (Second Ability)

Ashe Volley Ability LoL Wild Rift


Fires 5 arrows in a cone, dealing 78 physical damage (20 + 110% bonus AD). Enemies block multiple arrows but take damage once. Volley applies a critical slow from frost shot. 

Cooldown: 14 Second

Mana: 50

4. Hawk shot (Third ability)

Ashe Hawkshot Ability LoL Wild Rift

Hawk Shot

Ashe fires a hawk spirit that travels infinitely far and briefly revivals the units it files over. 

Re-cast: Explodes the hawk, granting vision of the area around it for 5 seconds. Units caught in the initial explosion are revealed for 3 seconds. 

5. Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ultimate)

Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow Ability LoL Wild Rift

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Launches a crystal arrow of ice that stuns the first champion hit and deals 200 Magic damage (200 +100% AP) to all nearby enemies. The stun lasts between 1.5 to 3.5 seconds, increasing with the distance of the arrow’s flight.

Re-cast: Hold and drag to steer the arrow’s flight path. The arrow can only deviate from its original launch angle by a fixed amount. Tap the cancel button to stop steering. Ashe can still move while the arrow’s flight path is being controlled but will automatically stop steering if she is struck with a cast, impairing crowd control effects.

Which Ashe ability you should upgrade first? 

When playing as an Ashe, first unlock his all three abilities, then upgrade the first ability until it maxed out. After the first ability, upgrade the second to the max level and then the third.

Note: Don’t forget to unlock and upgrade your ultimate ability whenever available. 

Ashe Ranger's Focus Ability LoL Wild Rift

Ranger’s Focus

1 4 6 7
Ashe Volley Ability LoL Wild Rift


2 8 10 11
Ashe Hawkshot Ability LoL Wild Rift

Hawk Shot

3 12 14 15
Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow Ability LoL Wild Rift

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

5 9 13

Best attacks combos for Ashe in Wild Rift? 

When it comes to the combos, Ashe does not have any specific combos in a wild rift. Ashe is a marksman in Wild Rift and deals maximum damage with his basic attacks. But for the starting, you can use this basic combo,

Enchanted Crystal (Ultimate) > Basic Attacks > Volley (Second Ability) > Ranger Focus (First Ability) > Basic Attacks 

Ashe’s Counter in Wild Rift


Miss Fortune



Let’s look at some Ashe gameplay tips and tricks we have found for you,

Wild Rift Ashe Gameplay Tips and Tricks 

Wild Rift Ashe Guide

In Wild Rift, Ashe in a very utility heavy champion. She has everything in her kit, slows, stuns, burst damage almost everything. Only a few players can utilize her kit perfectly in Wild Rift. Let’s begin with tips and tricks that will help you to become a better Ashe player,

  1. Ashe has long-range basic attacks, so don’t hold back in the early game. Always use your basic attacks to poke enemies. Landing the basic attacks on the enemies also help you to gain the stacks of Ranger’s focus (Ability 1).
  2. If you are playing against strong early game champions like Miss fortune or draven, then unlock and upgrade your second ability (Volley) first. Use your second ability to poke enemies.
  3. When playing as Ashe, use your ultimate to help the other lanes also.
  4. User your third ability Hawk shot to gain a vision of enemies jungle so your jungler can gank easily.


How strong Ashe in Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift, Ashe is considered as a B-tier pick for dragon lane AD Carry.

Which Skill should I level up first as an Ashe?

Level up volley (second ability) until it maxed, then Ranger's Focus (First Ability) followed by the Hawk shot (Third ability).

What role do I play as an Ashe in Wild Rift?

Ashe is a marksman in Wild Rift and commonly played in a dragon lane with support.

That’s all. If you any feedback or query regarding this post, please contact us through the comment section below and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about the Wild Rift.

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