Wild Rift Champions Tier List Patch 2..3A

League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the best MOBA game out there. If you want to grind your way to the top leaderboard on the Rift, you need to know which champions are strong in a recent patch. Here we are with the champion tier list for the latest patch, which helps you select the best champion for each role.

Wild Rift Champions Tier List Patch 2.3A (Riven and Irelia release)

We have rated champion in six tiers starting from S+ to D in descending order, which S+ tier champions are the best champion you can pick in the recent patch.

Tiers Representation: 

S+ : Broken S: Very Good A: Good
B: Ok C: Not Recommended  D: Niche/Bad

Note: You can win games with any champions, but lower-tier champion picks will struggle vs better players with high-tier champion picks. 

Now, Let’s start with the baron lane first, 

Wild Rift Baron Lane Champion Tier List

Baron Lane tier List 1

In Patch 2.3A, the baron lane is still dominated by the champions like Garen, Akali, Fiora, and Gragas. Wukong received a minor buff in the patch 2.3A as it can heal more when hitting minions, which makes Wukong baron Lane a good choice. In this patch, Riven and Irelia have found their way to the summoner’s rift. But they were released just a couple of days ago. So, we don’t have enough data for the Irelia and Riven, but we can say Irelia and Riven are either S or A tier pick for baron lane from the players’ feedback.

Now, Let’s look at the tier list for the Mid-lane,

Wild Rift Mid – Lane Champion Tier List

Wild Rift Mid Tier List Patch 2.3

In the Wild Rift Patch 2.3A, the Mid-lane is dominated by the Mid-lane queen Diana, Irelia, Akali, Fizz, and Twisted fate. Ahri received an Armor nerf in Patch 2.3A, But she is still very good for Mid lane as armor nerf does not hit much on Ahri. The newly added champions Irelia and Riven can also be played in Mid-lane, but we don’t have enough data for them now. We believe Irelia can be an S tier, and Riven can be an A or B tier pick or Mid-lane.

Wild Rift  ADC (Dragon-Lane)Tier List

Wild Rift ADC tier List Patch 2.3

We can say ADC has remained unaffected in the Wild Rift patch 2.3A as no new ADC is added to the game or no changes are made to the current champions.

Wild Rift Supports Tier List

Support Tier List Patch 2.3

In the Wild Rift Patch 2.3A, just like the ADC, no new support is added, or no big buffs and nerfs are given to any support except Jana and Leona. Leona received a minor buff as her second ability’s range is increased from 7.5 to 8, and Jana received a minor nerf in Patch 2.3A as Jana’s second abilities damage is reduced significantly, but this does not affect that much Jana’s effectiveness in the game. So, Braum and Jana remain the best pick for the support role.

Wild Rift Jungler Tier List

Jungle Tier List Patch 2.3

In patch 2.3A, Jungle meta is now changing as Xin Zhao received a consecutive buff in two patches. Evelynn finally received the damage nerf on her ultimate when used on non-champions, so now it will be hard for her Evelynn to steal the objective and run away safely. The new champion, Riven, can also be played in the Jungle, and we considered it an A or B tier pick for the Jungle.

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